Press Release: Phoenix 9/11 Truth Activist to Start Hunger Strike at McCain's Office

Phoenix 911 Truth
Tim King

Hunger strike for 9/11 truth, Memorial Day, 5:00PM,
May 26, 2008 at the office of Senator John McCain,
5353 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix 9/11 Truth Activist to Start Hunger Strike at McCain's Office

Contact: Tim King


Phoenix, AZ, May 21, 2008 - In an effort to bring national attention to the 9/11 truth issue, Phoenix activist, Blair Gadsby, a professor of Religious Studies, plans to start a hunger strike on Memorial Day, at the Phoenix office of Senator John McCain. Gadsby is putting the spotlight on McCain because of McCain's avowed support for the official account of 9/11. McCain is the author of the foreword to the 2006 Popular Mechanics book, Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts.

Gadsby, an Arizonan who is represented by McCain, stated for the record, "I believe Mr. McCain is a man of deep integrity. He has stood up to corporate influence in campaigns and to the very powerful Military Industrial Complex in the past, and he has a record of being a maverick. That's why I've chosen to offer him this opportunity to face the issues head-on publicly. He may be one of the very, very few who have the integrity and stature to keep the military loyal and find the broad-based political support to bring about a change in our great country. But today, he is in a perilous position. By writing the Foreword to the official cover-up story, he has sided with the corrupt and war-mongering elements in our society and government. But if he can be made to see that he has been lied to, like the rest of the American people, he may be able to pull us back from the brink of an America perpetually at war. In the end, that's what this is all about - a wartime economy that is out of control. We need someone to rein it in, and I'm pinning my hopes that Senator McCain will do the right thing, and not be so desperate to become President that he will sell himself out. I only hope it's not too late."

Gadsby says he will fast until McCain agrees to give him and the Phoenix 9/11 Truth group two hours of time: one hour for presentation of evidence and facts followed by one hour of debate between leading investigators and scientists on both sides of the issue. Other 9/11 truth groups in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Mexico are organizing events in solidarity with Gadsby's hunger strike. More information about Professor Gadsby is available at:

"What would Jesus do?" He'd stand up for truth!

Blair Gadsby is a true patriot and a real American!

Good Luck

That would be a huge breakthrough if you can turn McCain around. If you do get a chance to meet with him, the ideas in this book might be be useful:

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serious sh*t

A hunger strike is serious business. Takes a lot more guts and resolve than shouting into a bullhorn.


Will the mainstream media be able to ignore this?

I am sorry to say....

they won't. It will be reported as a consipracy nut, and just brushed over. I hope i am wrong.....We'll see.

well, at least thus far...

Our free press did not disappoint - in the best traditions of corporate coverup, they have managed to maintain complete silence.

Boris Epstein

Hunger Strike

I admire Blair Gadsby for taking on such a brave task. He is to be supported and commended for his effort.


seems to be expolding with 9.11 truth etc!!

This takes a lot of guts

I wish this guy well and will be wondering what msm will do with the story, if anything. McMain, is a dirt bag.

This is EXACTLY what we need.

Congragulations on doing what is needed to get done. Hands need to be forced in a non-violent way, and history tells us that Hunger Strikes work. This is the level of committment that is needed

On September 11th this year, here in Canada we are planning a March on Ottawa to support our submitted Parliamentary Petition for a Canadian 9/11 Investigation:

For our event in Ottawa I personally have been brainstorming the idea of holding a fast on the Hill until we get some MP's to look into the 9/11 as well. I have been thinking about this for over a year now and truly believe that the time for such action is now. It worked in the past - Gandhi - Beijing 1989 etc, and it can work here now. I am very interested in Mr. Gadsby's action and hope that I can receive daily updates on his situation. He may be able to set precedence for us all.

I will be spreading the word of his action everywhere I can.