Exposing Pentagon and CIA Corruption: SueAnn Arrigo's Explosive Revelations

June 11, 2008

Part of her job involved intelligence gathering on Iraq and Afghanistan - until August 2004 when she refused to spread propaganda about a non-existant Iranian nuclear weapons program and left. She followed in the footsteps of others at CIA who resigned for reasons of conscience and became critics - most notably Ray McGovern, Ralph McGehee, and Phil Agee.

On May 16, 2008, Arrigo sent extensive government corruption and cover-up information to Henry Waxman, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee - in 12 separate cases. This article covers four of them or about one-third of what Congress got. The 12 are explosive and revealing but just the tip of the iceberg:

-- of government corruption and war profiteering;

-- sweetheart deals and kickbacks;

-- high-level types on the take;

-- trillions of missing dollars;

-- on September 10, 2001, Rumsfeld admitting "According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions;"

-- imagine the current amount;

-- its corrosive effect on the nation; and people should

-- demand accountability - who profits, who pays and what are the consequences of militarism gone mad.

...SueAnn Arrigo offers a glimpse and at great personal risk. In August 2001, DCI George Tenet told her to assemble "a moving van full of Pentagon documents showing Defense Contractor kickbacks to Pentagon officials." She did as instructed but not to expose corruption as she learned - to conceal it and in her judgment so CIA could divert defense business to Halliburton and "Carlyle-related contractors." She stated: "The mood at the CIA and Pentagon was 'war is coming' because the Bush Family stands to make billions from it -- so get ready."


This is a good piece,

This is a good piece, well-worth reading.

Quote: First off, it's pure myth that Dick Cheney stopped running the company. "He called in orders to the man I worked for almost every day and sometimes two or more times a day. He remained (Halliburton's) functional head in all but name. No one....had the power to override his orders." Second, Cheney never divested himself of Halliburton profits. "He merely hid how (he got them) through a series of shell companies."

JFK on secrecy and the press

Awesome post!

......... I can see why our major media would'nt want to cover this VERY important issue. After all their camped out ready to get the big story on Brittney Spears.

Just found this: Return from

Just found this: Return from Spookyville


This piece totally trashes her, and her claims are large. If anyone knows more please let me know.

JFK on secrecy and the press

Did you read the original

Did you read the original piece from the same blog? A Short Trip To Spookyville, found here:


If you read it right through there's a couple of long comments from Dr. Arrigo herself at the bottom. She even links to a page showing her supposed torture injuries! Laid out like a comic strip.


Completely bizarre. I wouldn't be surprised if her and her sister were one and the same, but then I never looked any further into it. Or maybe she's hijacked the identities of two real sisters? I think it's safe to say that she's not a reliable source of information unless it could be verified somehow. I don't think the CIA would allow her to be kicking about right now if the stories were true. But, who knows, in this mad world everything's back-to-front.

One thing I've noticed that's odd

about the people who were killed in the Army Budget Office, is that there were very few, if any CPA's. I don't think they hired people for brains, but instead for blind faith and loyalty. That's how they're able to get away with 'losing' so much money.

So this may explain...

...why the Congress & the media don't do anything or report on a fraud of this proportion. They're ALL in on it!! The Congressmen & Senators have money tied up in the stocks of these companies that are profiting from these occupations of the Middle East. The corporately owned media has business ties to the people who make the weapons of mass destruction, why else does the news choose to report on Britney Spears, or Obama's Pastor, or Mccains daily faux pas. And the way it's set up is, we just need to keep slavin' away to pay for gas, food, our houses, our electricity, etc,etc! We don't even have time to properly raise our kids, so we send them to a doctor who says the problem is they're ADD & perscribe some kinda medication to drug 'em up to be dumbed down in schools that don't teach but rather baby-sit & wipe the drool off their mouths!!
The matter in ths article NEEDS to be addressed, (if it's true), & ALL these criminals MUST be put on trial!!
What in the world makes people act like this? Once they own everything, what else is there to own or have POWER over? The universe? HA! Good luck!! There's ALWAYS someone or something bigger & badder than them!

Whether Arrigo's claims are

Whether Arrigo's claims are factually true or not (I just don't know), what she says sounds very plausible in its main outline. Think Sibel Edmonds, the lost Pentagon money, the sleaze behind military procurements, Haliburton, war profiteering, removal of 9/11 evidence, and much more. There is so much rot, it will be near impossible to clear it out. The one issue that has the right leverage, focus, and significance is of course 9/11.

JFK on secrecy and the press

And therein lies...

...the problem. The military industrial complex did such a bang up job of poisioning the minds of the majority with their propaganda of selling 9/11, that it's dang near impossible to get the mass majority to take the "red pill" & understand that there ARE people in power that lie,cheat, steal, & murder to get what they want. There's gotta be some way to wake up the masses to what's REALLY goin' on!! And it's gotta be SOON! Do you really think that all this evidence that's being linked together to expose these criminals is going to be brushed aside? HELL NO!!! Those with the power & money know that there are ALOT of GREAT AMERICANS on the case & times runnin' out for them. Why do you think all those executive orders have been & are being rammed thru before the next "election"?
They want a world where their own kind can romp & frolic over the poisioned land. You remember Hitlers "master race"? Only this is the sloooooow way of going about it!