The First Amendment is First, so Lets Agree...

I listened with great interest to Alex Jones' interview with Ray McGovern just posted on this site, and two things jumped out to me.

First, Ray McGovern noted that the head of the US Military fish is rotted.

These are soild words to one who believes that the USofA has been subject to a "creeping white collar military coup" that started just after the US Military was shamed and began to SHRINK due to the Vietnam War. A war in which they even lost control of their own soldiers [See: "Sir!, No Sir"].

The USofA has a militarized congress, a militarized White House, a militarized Attorney General, many militarized "think tanks", a militarized economy, and some of those considered the top VP selections for Obama are generals and admirals, and of course, a militarized presidential candidate in McCain who is a poster child for PTSD.

Many think that military service is a PLUS for consideration for high office but I think that it is a disqualifier because the military needs to be overseen by civilians as was the case many decades ago. Yet, most citizens in the good ole USofA now think differently because they are scared silly, and I think this actually starts from Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting. Talk about product placement! You might remember that Hitler got into some deep trouble about his militarized "youth corps"...but not here in the good ole USofA where you can get some awful cookies WHILE militarizing our youth! [an attempt at dark humor my friends...]

Second, Alex has CORRECTLY noted that there seems to be more notice from authorities regarding the small public CI...Civil Informationing that is springing up all over the place. CI... is where citizens just get a sign or banner, a few handouts and DVDs, find a busy public property to stand upon, and where they make sure that they are not interfering with anyone else's rights to co-exist. This additional scrutiny by authorities is true, and I'm out there every week. Since about three weeks ago, when all the bad news about The Bush Crime Family's lies and corruption became more public, I ALSO have drawn some "extra attention". Thankfully, I'm cooperative, and the authorities know how to read documents that I hand them whose title starts with: ACLU, and has words within it defining a citizens FIRST AMENDMET RIGHTS OF FREE SPEECH...and where and how they can and cannot use such rights. Such documents are available at most state ACLU organizations and are downloadable, they are also a really good read, and they are very useful in planning CI activities.

Jones ALSO made the points that he is not talking about violence, but IS talking about finding out the specific rights that exist for such "public activism". If you do CI...[Civil Informationing] correctly, and the authorities disallow this activity, well, when the groups of people who are standing in public holding signs for Mayor Smith's election will have to be carted off also. Let's see how far EITHER of those first amendment rights restrictions goes. Game-Set-Match to 9/11 Truthers and CI.

Additionally, Ray gave some "deserved props" to Sibel Edmonds for her bannering and other acts of her performing CI in public. He may or may not be aware of We Are Change-LA's HERCULEAN bannering, nor the work that is going on in the skies with aerial bannering, nor the work that is going on every week from Portland, Oregon, and through the Puget Sound, Vancouver, and Edmonton Canada. [I'd include NYC, but there is the issue of the concept of being "civil" that still being worked on by some groups.] BUT, both Alex and Ray are becoming more aware that such activities are happening all over the world.

Look gang, CI is unstoppable because being nice and lawful while expressing our opinions in public places [where adjucated] is a big principal in our democracy. Additionally, if you take ten minutes to read some stuff at:

www.9/ will see that CI...Civil Informationing is the BEST innoculator to cointelpro that ever existed. Our dishonorable opposition does not have enough agents to disrupt this activity, and even if they try, their 60s style "disinfo...agent provocatuer...cointelpro" tactics become VERY OBVIOUS...

Additionally, this is the best way to grow the 9/11 Truth Movement at the moment...from the grassroots on upward, by becoming our own media, and by being our own educators. Our information is infectious, and BTW, its much better delivered with a kiss! [again, only being metaphorical...]

Finally, the one point that REALLY sticks out to me beacuse of my odd way of observing actions-reactions:

This "raised concern" by authorities is simply PROOF POSITIVE that CI, the 9/11 Truth Movement, and the SLOWLY MODERNIZING Peace Movements are really having their effects upon "the establishment". [see, I am old...] This is measurable BECAUSE authority is slowly ramping up their efforts in attempts to steer us away from standing on sidewalks in public with major disagreements with our governments...and often against their building police state roles.

There is only one grade for this observation: A+ for the CI-ers. It would be very wise for all 9/11 Truthers and People of Peace to begin more and more CI actions in public every week over the entire summer. Lets drive them all crazy with love, peace, truth and information. Our fellow citizens will appreciate this. And so will you!

Besides, if you set up near outdoor music concerts and the like, its a great way to spend some of your summertimes.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon

PS: Alex, thank you very much for creating a wonderful opportunity for more discussion about "false-flag-attacks" as a political tool, as well as supporting more discussion about AIPAC and Israel's disproportional and omnidirectional influences in the good ole USofA. In the short term, the discussions about "false-flag-attacks" are the single most important point of discussion to prevent more wars, to expose the criminality of ALL those CROOKS in the US Governement and their corporate pupeteers, and to get the public more engaged in our own governance. And obviously, for the long term, the good ole USofA simply has to discuss, and dissect, AIPAC's and Israel's FAR too influencial relationship with politics and militarism wherever their tentacles grasp. rdh