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Time to Focus Upon 9/11 Being a FALSE FLAG OP..for OIL

Based upon what I am picking up from a wider and wider spectrum of media output, I sense that its time that we jump on all the work that those in the coprporate and indie media actually ARE daring to say...that all the wars that the USofA are involved in are wearing thin on justification if not patience with the public. And the BP Oil Disaster is a perfect generational connector in itself...Mossadeq to green energy...


If we are clever enough we can present information to the public where they will do the work at connecting the dots between 9/11 and Wars for OIL by themselves.


My 1/4 Page Bridge to the Peace Community...

Today I travel across Puget Sound to once again hold my banner at a Seattle Peace march and rally. One side of the banner states: 9/11 Truth for World Peace and on the other states: PAPER BALLOTS...PUBLIC FUNDS...NEW VOTING HOLIDAY. My 3' X 5' banner and contraption holds high posted attachments on both ends that state: STOP the 9/11 WARS...9/11 was the FIRST LIE INTO WAR...MEDICARE not WARFARE and SKATEBOARD don't WATERBOARD. Additionally I hand out 1/4 page flyers that are shown below:

The only difference between me and the paece marchers is that I stand in one spot and let them march past me. Marching from nowhere to nowhere in front of nobody makes cointelpro very, very happy as they and the Mockingbird Media have this deal about covering protests anyway.

The text below is reduced to 1/4 page size, aligned as such with four to a page, with the different statements on opposite sides, copied onto bright yellow paper and then cut into the 1/4 page mini-flyers. I go through thousands per year...and I change some of the information as events change and as we get newer and better information.

Affidavit in support of April Gallop...

Attorney William Veal asked if I were interested in supporting April Gallop's lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfeld and Meyers and if I could make some statements from my perspective and analysis being a pilot and former Air Traffic Controller. I agreed to do so and provided a lengthy [and less than professionally written] affidavit covering the aviation, NORAD, radar and other data research and conclusions which I have accumulated so far.

Its important to note that I believe that the FDR for AA77? has been tampered with and any conclusions based upon that data is subject to such errors, but I made some points based upon the FDR anyway. The same goes for the RADES radar data that I have been able to analyze...I believe that the RADES radar data has been scrubbed or compromised also. However, it is data that has been made available to us and we need to look at it for what it is.

Another August for 9/11 Truth [for World Peace]

Just think back a minute and ask yourselves WHEN the highest levels and overall major assaults against the 9/11TM have occurred.

Although not exactly precise, are not the assaults ramped up every August of every year? I think such.

So, given the option of "crying in one's beer"...or...figuring out a way to cleverly [if not brilliantly-which we can do] FLIP the discussion totally upside down by using EVERY opportunity as an "opening" for yet another discussion or dispensing of our evidence regarding 9/11 Truth.

The KEY...I say again the flipping these opportunities on their ears... to remain cool, factual, civil, polite and collegial when offering any information or rebuttals.


The problem that I have with Tarpley, Alex Jones and other emotional "agitators" is that they would NEVER create a positive and accepting "presence" which would translate well to the average[?] citizen. A citizen who "could" be enlightened with a different approach.

Luke R. seems to have calmed down a lot and his gas milage is getting better all the time!

911 TRUTH for World PEACE

In early 2007 when I traveled to WDC to help dc911 create some "9/11 presence" at a huge peace march and to sneak into the NATCA [National Air Traffic Controllers Association] the successor to PATCO [Professional Air Traffic Contollers Organization] and perform some gorilla activism seeking and encouraging current ATCs to speak out about 9/11. When there I had a chance to see Webster Tarpley at his divisive worst. At every single event created by dc911 Tarpley was actively and effectively building antagonistic fences between the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Peace Movements and pumping up the concept and emotions about 9/11 Truth GOON Squads and the tactic of continuous confrontation as a way to be...and I had NONE of it.

Since that time I have spoken AGAINST him and FOR a conjoined effort between these movements as such a relationship was always a no-brainer for me. But I did not really know at that time what Cindy Sheehan is now acknowledging...that cointelpro has been hard at work.

Here in the Puget Sound area I have continuously attempted to reach out to the Peace Organizations but their "comprimisation" is indeed complete and uniform and I have always been shunned.

Consider Doing CI...Civil Informationing at Denver and Minneapolis...


There will be a great temptation to use the "IN-YO-FACE" tactics at the conventions in Denver and Minneapolis...and the HI PERPS have already established holding pens for protesters, one of which I was in while doing some protesting in Boston in 04'.

Should this happen, the 9/11 Truth Movement will be thrown in with all the "other" groups doing the "same-old same-old" from four decades past. This is not fitting of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

None of those groups and organizations have had the powerful growth and net effect in the last 40 years as has the 9/11 Truth Movement had in the last seven years when one considers the "message". So, might as well go with their "dated" tactics AYE?

NYET!...I suggest that we think very differently.

9/11 was the FIRST LIE into WAR

I write this is support of GW's post about how close we may be to some significant breakthroughs...

It's my position that the single best step that we can make at this time is to build bridges to the "people of peace" who inhabit the peace movements by joining some meetings and using the skill sets and informational tools that we have developed to expose them to 9-11 Truth. If this happens, we get lotsa help in the streets to expand our CI...Civil Informationing and we get some savvy activists who should be encouraged NOT to repeat failed tactics from last century...confrontation. However, lets not stop being out in public and sharing wat we know to those who are open to our messaging.

What Should Have Happened in the 9/11 Skies...

The following is a rewrite of a short piece that I was asked to present for the June 2007 Vancouver Truth Conference. It was to be included in my presentation named:

"ITS THE CIVILIANS STUPID: An Air Traffic Controller's View of the 'Institutional Stand Down of NORAD Interceptors on 9/11/2001'.

But, due to time restraints I was not able to include it at that time.

Some background:

Most of us have heard Dr. Bob Bowman when he made the point that had the governement done nothing, the airliners would have been intercepted, the buildings would not have been struck, and thousands of people would stll be alive. In Bob's statement he points out that existing NORAD scramble protocol "preferences" that were in place BEFORE the subtle "reference and reorganizational" change made in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSI 3610.01A organizational made in June, 2001, would have served to have the airliners intercepted and shot down BEFORE they reached their targets.

Dr. Bowman makes this point because he is fully aware about scramble protocols from the pilot's point of view, and I fully agree with him, but from an air traffic controller's point of view. In fact, I have worked with the Military in writing air traffic control procedures, have worked one "hijacking" personally, assisted with another, and have scrambled military assets to "intercept" an aircraft suffering an IN FLIGHT EMERGENCY in which we worked the lost aircraft to a safe landing in bad weather. For this I, along with the entire team of FAA and Military personnel involved, received a commondation.

The First Amendment is First, so Lets Agree...

I listened with great interest to Alex Jones' interview with Ray McGovern just posted on this site, and two things jumped out to me.

First, Ray McGovern noted that the head of the US Military fish is rotted.

These are soild words to one who believes that the USofA has been subject to a "creeping white collar military coup" that started just after the US Military was shamed and began to SHRINK due to the Vietnam War. A war in which they even lost control of their own soldiers [See: "Sir!, No Sir"].

The USofA has a militarized congress, a militarized White House, a militarized Attorney General, many militarized "think tanks", a militarized economy, and some of those considered the top VP selections for Obama are generals and admirals, and of course, a militarized presidential candidate in McCain who is a poster child for PTSD.

9/11 was the FIRST LIE TO WAR

That Scott McLellan writes a book asking "How did this happen...", and admits publicly that there was an ethos of lying and manipulation during the Bush Crime Family's [Malloy] tenure at the White House, exposes nothing to the average 9/11 Truth Seeker. However, from my own perspective of activism of over 40 years, my observations of corrupt US governments [most] and with my understandings of the events of 9/11 from my FAA air traffic controller-NORAD-piloting background, McLellan's book is desperately trying to set the brackets for dissecting the Bush Administration's track record. NOTHING happens in the reign of Karl Rove, (still the executor of electoral and other malfeasances), without a purpose that will serve all of that corrupt cabal down the road as they get exposed and perhaps indicted. They know that the cat is out of the bag, and believe it or not, McLellan's book is bracketing DAMAGE CONTROL and not any new admissions. This is because it's all been discovered already. What little Scotty is trying to do is to keep the investigations AWAY FROM 9/11.

Citizenry Doubts Government's Honesty

I have just heard that a new poll establishes that the US citizenry doubts the veracity of our government by a ratio of three to one...75% of the populace believes the government lies.

Since the 9/11TM is all over the biggest lie that this, or perhaps any other government has ever manufactured in world history, it seems that now is the time to be very, very thoughtful before Truthers confront anything that moves, and stalks our streets yelling at these very same citizens that they should "Wake Up Sheeple". It appears, as my own weekly experiences on the streets has informed me, that they ARE AWAKE more than one would perceive, and that they CARE about which direction this government is headed. They just don't talk much about it in public...its the "your a terrorist" thing spouted by The Bush Regime. Again, the populace is all over outrage...but PLENTY of inrage...its there.

Two radar sources in the PEOC...was one military?

..."And a little later on, someone [the unidentified military assistant in the PEOC] said, "Mr. Vice President, there's a plane 50 miles out." So, I [Norman Mineta] was talking to Monte Belger, the Deputy Director of the FAA, and I said, "Monte, what do you have 50 miles out?"

For the longest time I have been wondering about the "radar source, or sources" of the flight following of the UNIDENTIFIED target that was inbound to WDC, the one some folks think hit the Pentagon, the one some think flew over the Pentagon, the one some think is a A$, the one some think is a B737, the one some think is a cruise missle, the one some think is a commuter know the one I talking about. Well, things just didn't compute in my air traffic controller's mind about the sources of radar information...still don't.