9/11 was the FIRST LIE into WAR

I write this is support of GW's post about how close we may be to some significant breakthroughs...

It's my position that the single best step that we can make at this time is to build bridges to the "people of peace" who inhabit the peace movements by joining some meetings and using the skill sets and informational tools that we have developed to expose them to 9-11 Truth. If this happens, we get lotsa help in the streets to expand our CI...Civil Informationing and we get some savvy activists who should be encouraged NOT to repeat failed tactics from last century...confrontation. However, lets not stop being out in public and sharing wat we know to those who are open to our messaging.

As I perfomed my CI this past Sunday around the Puget Sound in downtown Port Townsend, at the Hood Canal Bridge traffic Isalnd [visual only], and at the Kingston Ferry Terminal for at total of about 8,000 "looks", hundreds of handouts requested and given away, and MANY really good and appreciative conversations [only 10 middle fingers], there was a noticeable change in "reading my messaging" regarding pedestrians and the slow moving ferry riders waiting in line in their cars for boarding. There was much more thoughtfulness...and almost everyone stopped and "read" my presentation as they walked or slowly drove past my set up. .

The 3' X 6' banner reads: 9-11 TRUTH for PEACE [also with the peace symbol]

one of my end attachments has a hand with two fingers held up holding a peace symbol and the words: 9-11 was a FALSE FLAG ATTACK written on the wrist below the hand...

the other end attachment was what I changed this week because I keep testing words and phrases to see what seems towork the best...

On the vertical oriented foamboard to my right end I painted:

is the

I have to conclude that THIS messaging captured people's attention unlike others that I have tried.

Additionally, there were many more "regular types" of citizens who looked, asked, and took my little 1/4 page handout...best day yet as I gave away over 200 info sheets. [This may seem low to you but I do not force anything...I stand holding them up and only give them away to people who specifically ask for one. This is my style and other Truthers are more forward in thier stylings which is fine with me for sure [short of throwing stuff into windows and yelling at the "sheeple"].

So, Sunday was the same as everyday in that for every middle finger I get, I get 200 peace signs, thumbs up, "thank yous", positive nods, big smiles, a few great conversations, honks and beeps, fisted arms thrust up in the air out of automobile windows, and when groups of younger folks drive by in cars loaded for the beaches, I recieve a cacophony of cheers and YAYs and shouts of "PEACE".

In my 40 years of activism, its NEVER been this good...more and more people are "getting" the 9/11 LIE", and as we already know, most citizens are deeply troubled by these wars and most everything else that this fraudulent government is up to.

Now, I am one who was in the streets against going into Afghanistan because I KNEW what 9/11 was all about just after it all happened. I remember the "bouncing incubator babies" in GHWB's first Gulf War, along with all the other stuff they put into place to SWING public opinion to support THAT uneccessary war.

Truthers, I encourage that we redouble our efforts to inform the "peace sneakers" about 9-11 Truth [and to leave the top organizers behind], and even if you cannot, or do not, want to do this, PLEASE understand that we are doing very, very well out here...so, please have patience, be persistent, and keep on truckin.

Even if things break wide open, it will take some time to get what ever changes that are needed to be designed and implimented...and we still can't stop because there is lots to accomplish to flip the current understandings about "Remember 9-11" fully upside down. Someday, "Remember 9-11" will mean that the people of this country will remember when its own government turned against its own people to benefit the corporatocray and its few top "shareholders", the Military Industrial Complex and its few top "shareholders", and of course, multinational financial institutions that make billions funding both sides of wars..

Lets not make the same mistake made by the peace movements of the 60s and 70s...and that is to forget to remain a political-social force in the decades after. Other movements that came out of the 60s-70s have not faded away nor have been "nuetered" because they "kept on truckin"...while the peace movements came to a virtual stop between wars. It should have been the opposite, the peace movements should have been BUSIER between wars...but they were compromised not to do so and have been ineffective ever since.

We cannot make this same mistake.

Besides, as more and more 9-11 Truthers embrace the approaches and concepts of CI, that of being friendly informers and being our own media, instead of being confrontational with the public, it will dawn on them that there are MILLIONS of people who are on our side, who will take our messaging, who do want to make some changes, and who really respect and appreciate such polite efforts of Truthers who are standing up for this country in public places.

So, if 9-11 Truth arrives full force...what will we do then...go home and stop our activism? I surely hope not. Instead of presenting and thinking that things are dark, or BLACK, lets brigten up, lets move ahead and belive that things are going to be far better down the road...and lets always help that happen.

I'm gonna be there to figure out what next to do in grabbing this country back from this century's wide ranging "Den of Thieves".

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon