Dennis Kucinich Responds to Nancy Pelosi's Statements - Re: Impeachment

WARNING: Pelosi's obfuscation may cause projectile vomiting! Put on a wetsuit!

Pelosi can't be that stupid.

Pelosi is either complicit in the obvious crimes of BushCo., or she is being blackmailed. Either way, she has been derelict in her duty as the Speaker of the House.

Her excuse is that important legislation would be compromised by a divisive impeachment.

She speaks of the stupid minimum wage hike which happened already. It can't be undone. This shit was done in the first few days of her taking the speakership.

I feel she is complicit, corrupted and a traitor to this country for blocking impeachment hearings against Bush and Cheney.

This is the most criminal group of thugs ever to occupy the White House. Pelosi has no viable excuse. She must be voted out of office at the very least.

I personally can't stand the sight of her.


It is my view that Nancy Pelosi is a dreadful Speaker.


Check out the Amazon reviews for her book, "Know Your Place" -- oops, I mean, "Know Your Power"

The sock-puppet pro-Pelosi reviewers are starkly obvious. Nobody can put up with her anymore.


I barfed all over myself! how come you didn't warn me?
Pelosi was completely non sequitar!!!!
she is asked about impeaching the president and she is talking about... WOMEN'S LIB????
holy 1970s Batman! and on THE VIEW! Holy Opportunistic Bitch, Batman! She didn't come close to answering the question. She just threw out a button that she knew the particular audience would gobble up! How gross!

By the way, does anyone know if Pelosi has a summer home in Stepford???

Meet The Truthers

I like the redhead !

..........Nancy you dumb c**t. ......Her question was about IMPEACHMENT ! DAMN i hate when you get the typical bullshit off topic response. Answered like your typical full of shit politician.
Sorry for the language. It's just i can't believe people can settle for these so call answers.

Know Your Power

Nancy, it's called knowledge. 9/11 Truth NOW!

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

pelosi is the strongest evidance

for america having one political party , with one agenda

the 2 faces of politics presented to the american people are a fraud to hide the single fascist power

that dominates politics

Pelosi is a total dirtbag

And to think I helped her get elected......lolololol. Vote whoever is in OUT. Ron Paul, I'm still voting for him, so I'll have a clear concious. Join me.