NYC Ballot Initiative Closing in on 25,000 Signatures

Update on the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign

August 7, 2008

We are writing you to let you know that as of today, we, of the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign has collected nearly 25,000 signatures towards our goal of 30,000!! Check out the photo below! It's a powerful statement is it not? And yet, we are in the proverbial ninth inning as we need to have the full amount soon so as to access the NYC elections bureaucracy and place the call for a new investigation of 9/11 on the November 2008 NYC ballot. Ideally, we want 40,000 to have a comfortable margin. With some PR that is happening we may just get the public response necessary to achieve this goal. We are sure you are as excited as we are at the prospect of achieving on our goal, namely, to create the conditions for a new and genuine investigation of 9/11.

It is important to recognize that this effort is supported by many of the families of victims of 9/11. Many prominent Americans have also voiced their support. These include former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, Tony award winning actress Christine Ebersole, Dallas Cowboy football player Mark Stepnowski, AZ state senator Karen Johnson, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, Green Party presidential candidate and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, actor Ed Asner, former FBI field agent Colleen Rowley, retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, retired NSA analyst Wayne Madsen, former senators Mike Gravel and Lincoln Chafee, and more.

Now we need everyone of you to call your friends and associates in NYC and have them download the petition (at and send it in now! We must close this gap in a few weeks! We know with your help we can do it. Also, if you're able, click the Donate button and contribute as generously as you can so that we can continue to pay our petitioners a modest amount for the amazing work they (and you, and all of us) are doing. Let's make this happen! The truth of 9/11 will expose the lie of the war machine!

The Campaign for the 9/11 Ballot Initiative

What about

donations for a full page ad in the Times?

They accept donations via contacts on the website.

They accept donations via contacts on the website.

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or could you describe what it was referring to?

I think most people in the

I think most people in the movement fail to realize this is perhaps the most important thing happening. This is exactly what the movement is about, a new investigation. A NYC Independent Commission is quite simply the most likely and direct route to achieving a new investigation.

"Once the collapse initiated, the video evidence is rather clear. It was not stopped by the floors below. So there was no calculation that we did to demonstrate what is clear from the videos."
-John Gross, National Institute of Scientific Treason

I hear ya! This is major!! WOW!! Big Time!

So True! This is a major event for the 9/11 Truth Movement! Holy Cow! ...and I gotta say thaqt I am impressed! Man! Some hard working people there making things happen in that state! Thank you from all of us. This could impact the future of the world.