The need for a Truth and Reconciliation Committee for the crimes of 9/11

The crimes of 9/11 do not just indict one particular news corporation, they indict all forms of corporate media. They do not just indict one particular well connected conspirator, they indict the system that creates the opportunity for individuals to conspire to commit heinous acts for profit. They do not indict the oppressor, they indict the system which breeds the oppressors. Anyone who has studied the issue of 9/11 and the truth behind who was behind the attacks at some point inevitably comes to the realization that it could have been anyone, it just happened to be these particular greedy evil bastards that did it but at any other time it could have just as easily been some other greedy evil bastards. When faced with this situation, we must root out and radically alter the elements of our system that produce all these greedy evil bastards that have plagued us for centuries.

What needs to come now is a global period of truth about 9/11 and recognition of the truth, followed by mourning, outrage, introspection, reconciliation, and finally, action towards a new path that will ensure that the system that created this monster gets replaced by something better, more humane, more logical.

There are obvious obstacles to making this happen, so-called human nature being one of the biggest. Those who perpetrated these crimes would much rather keep trying to cover it up as long as possible to avoid taking responsibility. Those who lost someone in the crimes of 9/11, or were permanently sickened by its aftermath, or anyone else affected by the tragedy naturally feel some tendency towards a sense of justice, that those who did this need to be exposed and they need to pay. Well yes they do need to be exposed and they do need to pay for their sins, but to simply indict the singular actors in this particular instance leaves the system that created them intact and free to breed the next generation of greedy evil bastards that will perpetrate even more heinous monstrous crimes against us all. The only way to true justice is to ensure that it never happens again, and in order to do that, the whole system needs to stand trial, be examined for its flaws and then changed. How and what needs to be changed can be determined at a later date, but it will certainly mean a lot of changes, a lot of power changing hands, a lot of people losing something, but a whole lot more gaining a saner, more rational society. Those who have the most to lose in this deal are unfortunately the ones in control of most of the means of production, including the financial sectors and all the major media. Though the obstacles may seem insurmountable, we have no choice if we are serious about learning from the truth about 9/11 and ensuring false flag attacks like it never happen again.

Just like in South Africa at the end of the apartheid regime, the U.S now needs a national truth and reconciliation process to occur surrounding 9/11. Those involved need to come forward and testify as to what they know and what role they played in the conspiracy, in exchange for immunity from prosecution for their crimes. It may seem unjust to let them off the hook, but don't forget they will be convicted in the court of world opinion no matter what, and it is the only way to get the whole truth about what happened, and without changing the underlying system that breeds these people we will never end this destructive cycle of false flag attacks and the ensuing wars they bring. The people making money off these wars need to be exposed, no question about it. But they should come forward and testify without feeling threatened because in the end we need to recognize it wasn't just these people that were convinced to conspire to commit these heinous acts, it could have been anyone. It is the system, the cannibalistic capitalist cycle that drives certain people to these kinds of depths of greed and depravity. The very fact that it is possible to make money off of war needs to change, and by extension the way we all make money needs to change, and most likely money itself needs to change. Until we get rid of or at least radically alter this system these types of people will always be there, ready to commit these heinous acts in pursuit of material riches.

We must also seriously address the issue of intelligence agencies being involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks. It is almost certain, as certain as anyone can be about covert activity, that the CIA and Mossad were involved, with some help from Pakistani ISI as well. Some plan of action needs to be devised to deal with those from these agencies and others who were involved. The nature of their profession, the training they take and the oaths they swear, it is unlikely many of the central players will come forward even with a truth and reconciliation commission. Their job is to keep everything they know a secret. I believe some system can be devised where their testimony can be given in secret to the committee, and the details can be released without giving away the person's identity. In that way those most entangled in the 9/11 conspiracy can feel free to come forward without fear of retribution, and crucial information can be made public.

As we have seen in the recent developments from Georgia, the elite are still hard at work behind the scenes, orchestrating events to their benefit and our detriment. The media have only proven more craven and eager to promote the official fable of Russia as the aggressor, when the reality proves that to be a bold-faced lie. This time the elites want to encircle Russia and sow discord between it and the United States. Next time it could India vs. Pakistan, Columbia vs. Venezuela, who knows what they are planning next. Perhaps the Russia situation is a different faction of the elite than those who plotted and perpetrated 9/11, perhaps not. In any case, it is irrelevant as the fact remains we have nothing to gain from more war, and they do. This system will simply continue to produce those who are willing to orchestrate events in order to provoke war until we stop focusing on those the system produces and start focusing on improving the system.

So, where to begin? Well luckily we have an ally who at this very moment is pushing for a truth and reconciliation committee in the U.S regarding the Bush administration's litany of abuses. The first step is to contact Dennis Kucinich and inform him that if he includes 9/11 truth as a central part of his truth and reconciliation committee, that you will be fully committed to joining him in his quest. If that fails we can proceed from there, but right now that seems like our most logical next move. If we can achieve this goal, a real national truth and reconciliation committee about the crimes of 9/11, the rest of the crimes of the Bush administration will pale in comparison, and will in fact even start to make sense to most observers as just more pieces of the puzzle. More importantly, those who died that day and those who continue to suffer because of it will not have suffered in vain. It will ultimately serve as the wake-up call needed to show that we need to have a planet to hand down to our future relatives, and we are in desperate need of a new way of organizing and taking care of our planet.

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