'Fair And Balanced' Dialogue

Excellent interview. Good job Mike. - Jon

Source: 911truth.org

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While at the moment the destruction of WTC7 is the prime focus of the media, there are many other issues raised by people who challenge the government account of 9/11/01. In this interview hosted by the "Conscience of Kansas" Conservative Paul Ibbetson, listeners have the opportunity to hear more than just brief soundbites dismissed as if they have no significance. Thus, it is a public dialogue providing an opportunity for listeners to make up their own minds on the issues, or choose to look further at some of the evidence presented, but makes it far less easy to simply dismiss these ideas as ludicrous ramblings of a "nut," as happens in most corporate media "interviews." With this kind of reasoned discussion offered, we can allow ourselves to acknowledge our intellectual curiosity, rather than giving in to preconceived "beliefs." Any criminal investigation must disavow personal beliefs in order to delve into the facts. Ask questions, do the research, draw your own conclusions. Convictions make convicts of us all.

Well worth a listen

the "Conscience of Kansas" Conservative Paul Ibbetson is likely to do his own research
and come around entirely.

Mike Berger is well versed and persuasive.

Jon, thanks for posting this! Great audio. It is a keeper.

Jon, thanks for posting this audio! Mike Berger does an incredible job! I learned things...details which help.

none of us want to look in the mirror...

Great point:

"...perhaps some of these policies that have come out of 9-11 are basically driven by the American people.
We want endless consumption with endless credit; we never want to pay the bill. This is why our elected officials can keep running up a tab that our grandchildren will have to pay, and nobody seems to really be concerned about it because we all want to live that way." -- Mike Berger

I would say that it's really a small percentage of us (the corporate class) who live in the luxury provided by imperialism and unsustainable exploitation and the rest of us, consciously or subconsciously, hold that lifestyle up as The Ultimate Goal and even life's meaning itself. It's what author Daniel Quinn termed "the culture of maximum harm."