Reflecting Pool wins at Moondance Film Festival

From Jarek Kupsc;

We are proud to announce that our movie, "The Reflecting Pool," won the Columbine Award at the 2008 Moondance International Film Festival, in Boulder, Colorado.

Please let your Colorado friends know about the official Moondance screening tomorrow:

The Reflecting Pool
Chautauqua Community House
7:00 PM Sunday, August 31st
900 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO 80302
phone: 303-442-3282

About the Columbine Award:

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Jarek Kupsc
Jodie Baltazar
Joseph Culp


Great news!

Columbine Award Criteria

We have to keep at it from every angle. This is big step forward for
all of us. We should celebrate all honest effort to inform the world.

Columbine Award Criteria

The Columbine Award Competition is open to men and women. All films, video tapes, DVDs, film scores & screenplays, stageplays, radio scripts & tapes, TV pilot & MOW scripts, librettos & short stories for this contest category should promote & reflect non-violent conflict resolution, or alternatives to violence, or show why a violent resolution to conflict is counter-productive & inhumane.

Submitted material should not contain gratuitous violence. We are not seeking only non-violent entries, but we do wish to see submissions in this category which show the viewer or reader either alternatives to resolving a conflict violently, or show us how violent conflict resolution (such as in Northern Ireland, Gulf war, Viet Nam, WWI & II, Israel/Palestine, Columbine high school, apartheid, murder, rape, gang wars, drug wars, race relations, abuse in families, etc.) usually doesn't solve the perceived conflict.

The Columbine category is not about films & written works with no violence in them; it's for films & written works which are about finding or attempting to find alternatives to violent conflict resolution. Previous Columbine winners have won for films & scripts that portrayed the violence of Iraq, the Gulf War, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, apartheid in South Africa, World War I atrocities, Viet Nam, Nazis living in Brazil, etc. None were able to show alternatives, but all showed why violence used to solve conflicts is not effective & is, in fact, counter-productive & inhumane.

Moondance does not try to censure violent films & written works, but we do wish to present & encourage alternatives to violence, yet still be viable, popular, and financially successful films & TV shows.