(Canada Liberal leader Stephane) Dion drops candidate over 9/11 remarks

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Dion drops candidate over 9/11 remarks

Sep 26, 2008 01:08 PM - Bruce Campion-Smith
Ottawa Bureau Chief - Toronto Star

The Liberals have dumped a Winnipeg candidate who wrote about allegations that Israeli businesses had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks in New York.

Just hours after Stéphane Dion publicly sidestepped questions about the status of Lesley Hughes, the Liberal leader released a statement announcing that he had asked her to step down.

"The Liberal Party's commitment to tolerance and multiculturalism is paramount. I have reviewed the past comments of Lesley Hughes and it is clear they do not meet this standard," he said in the statement.

While Hughes, the candidate in the riding of Kildonan-St. Paul, expressed regret for the comments, Dion said he "cannot condone those sentiments in any way."

However, because nominations have closed, her name will still appear on the ballot.

Hughes was informed of the decision to drop her by reporters in Winnipeg.

"It is completely stunning and unjust," Hughes said, reading a copy of the Liberal statement given to her by reporters. She said she had been campaigning all morning and had not been contacted by the party.

Hughes wrote in a March 2003 edition of a newsletter published by a committee of the Winnipeg Presbytery of the United Church of Canada that U.S., German, Russian and Israeli intelligence officials knew about the attacks in advance.

She apologized on Thursday but that didn't stop the Conservatives from demanding her resignation.

And this morning, Dion ducked questions whether she should step down, saying the party was in discussions with the Canadian Jewish Congress on the issue.

"We have a process ongoing with the Jewish congress, to see what she has said exactly, if our apology will be accepted . . .. I have full confidence in the Jewish congress," Dion said during a campaign stop in Toronto.

At the same time, he demanded that Conservative candidate Lee Richardson step down for comments he made linking immigrants and crime, raising questions whether Dion had a double standard.

During a morning campaign stop in Toronto, Liberal supporters booed and heckled reporters who pressed Dion on Hughes' status, telling reporters to focus on "something relevant."


not tolerant to Israeli crimes gets fired in the present world. Interesting feat.

The idea that Israeli intelligence and at least one Israeli

company had foreknowledge of the attacks has been reported by multiple mainstream media outlets. It's not even (or shouldn't be) controversial. In fact, Israel was one of something like 14 countries to warn the US government of an impending attack (Israel did so in August and September 2001).

Excerpt from todays CBC.ca September 27,2008

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion has asked Winnipeg-area candidate Lesley Hughes to step down over an old column in which she suggested Israeli companies were given a heads-up about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S.

On Friday, Ms. Hughes, speaking to CBCNewsworld, described her dismissal by the Liberal party as “incredibly unjust.”

She appeared to be shocked when she learned of her dismissal on air from a CBC reporter.

“I have no time for conspiracy theories about the Jewish population whatever,” she said. “The article that I wrote, for anyone who reads it carefully, is very clearly innocent of any kind of anti-Semitic feeling. I'm just absolutely stunned by this.”

Earlier this morning at a Toronto event, Mr. Dion had rejected Ms. Hughes' writings but declined to go further....


Winnipeg Free Press (September 28,2008)

Dion kept hammering away at Richardson, which provoked the Tories even more. Then, someone in Toronto got wind of a Manitoba blog that had posted a somewhat forgotten article by Hughes about 9/11 that argued the attacks were indeed an inside job and that Israel had advance warning and warned Israeli businesses to abandon offices in the World Trade Center.

Hughes is, in fact, a frequent participant in 911-conspiracy panels and events involving the infamous Barry Zwicker and his "9-11 Truth Squads." For those not familiar with Zwicker, he and his group are, from a tactical and philosophical bent, out on the same limb of credibility as the anti-childhood vaccination activists. They are movements driven by the unsubstantiated ravings of "Internet journalists" who, characters like Hughes are only too happy to tell you, have the courage to report things the regular media does not.

Based on her affinity with Zwicker and the 9/11 truth squads, the Liberals should have known better than to put her on the Grit ticket.

But is Hughes an anti-Semitic lunatic? Opinions certainly vary, but she is hardly a Holocaust denier. And as a scandal, Hughesgate is hardly Adscam. In fact, it's not even as intriguing or as important as the Chuck Cadman affair. Hughes' comments were not taken out of context, but they have been blown out of proportion. She is off base, but she is neither extremist nor radical, and perhaps she deserved a better fate than a Google execution. But that's politics.

Politics has always been a thankless, relentlessly gruelling business that requires politicians to live to a much higher standard than the rest of us. Thanks to Google and other unblinking Internet archives, a tough job has become significantly tougher.


Complete story at : http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/election/story/4231686p-4872949c.html

Why was she even running for the Liberal Party?

They are part of the establishment for petes sake!

She is a 9/11 truther. I've seen her at two 9/11 events with Barrry Zwicker. What she even thinking running for them?

Cognitive dissonance

Probably for the same reason many 9/11 truthers in the States will vote for Obama:

They imagine the problem is basically just a partisan one. Put the center-left coalition in power and everything important will resolve itself.


(Had to remove that picture) ; ( There's more to this story than meets the eye, I'm going to reserve my reaction til more comes out on this...