NYU Employee Spits on 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist for Harassing Dan Rather

On Campus, On-Campus Developing - Written by Isha Dandavate on Saturday, October 18, 2008 22:13 - 2 Comments
NYU Employee Spits on 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist for Harassing Dan Rather

The panel discussion “The First Amendment, Freedom of the Press, and the Future of Journalism” got a little more interesting when an NYU facilities employee lashed out at conspiracy theorists questioning Dan Rather and Jill Abramson as they were leaving the event.

As reported on NYC the Blog and Mazza FHS the night began with the question “whether [Dan] Rather believes World Trade Center was taken down by bombs inside.” The conspiracy theorists followed Rather and Abramson out of the building after the panel discussion to continue questioning.

According to a NYU grad student, Aaron Howell, who was twittering at the event, “A NYU building facility guy got mad at the conspiracy guys for harassing the NY Times person so he spit in the dudes face/slapped his camera. Facility guy violated the poor conspiracy theorists I think NYU might be in trouble for that one.”

So far we have been unable to get confirmation on who the “facility guy” was and what consequences he may face, if any.

Rose Sculley, Director of Administration in the Journalism department, said that she hadn’t attended the event and didn’t know anything about the aforementioned situation. Updates to come.


is there a video on this ?

Herblay FRANCE


is there a video on this ?




like spitting on the Constitution and Truth in General.

Does AL-CIAda conduct SPITTING CLASSES for their patsies, stooges and fanatical 911 Commision Worshippers?

Obviously those who cannot argue with SCIENCE (pls see AE911truth.org) or Credible Patriots DEMANDING ANSWERS ( www.patriotsquestion911.com) can only resort to the saliva option.

It must be one of those Neo-Con instinctive defense response. Snakes hiss and spit.

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