Plans to use a plane as a weapon in 1979.

As we all know, part of the official myth is that no one could have imagined that a hijacked plane would be crashed into a building. There are several counterexamples out there, but this obituary from AP documents the earliest example I've seen:

BELGRADE, Serbia – Nikola Kavaja, who hijacked a U.S. passenger jet in 1979 with the intention of crashing it into Yugoslav Communist Party headquarters, has died.;_ylt=Al2fG7JlWCDXJSoe3TcvRIREhMgF

even earlier...

and it's a great movie, too.

from Wikipedia...

"The Assassination of Richard Nixon is a 2004 American film, directed by Niels Mueller. It stars Sean Penn, Don Cheadle and Naomi Watts, and is based on the story of would-be assassin Samuel Byck, who plotted to kill Richard Nixon in 1974."...

..."He descends into depression and paranoia, blaming all his troubles on then-president Richard Nixon. Inspired by news reports of the February 17, 1974, actions of Robert K. Preston (who buzzed the White House with a stolen helicopter), Bicke [spelling changed for film] plans to hijack an aircraft and to crash it into the White House."

"Samuel Joseph Byck (January 30, 1930 – February 22, 1974) was an unemployed former tire salesman who attempted to hijack a plane flying out of Baltimore-Washington International Airport on February 22, 1974. He intended to crash into the White House in hopes of killing U.S. President Richard Nixon."

Abu Ali Mustafa, the leader

Abu Ali Mustafa, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine who was killed by Israel on Monday (01/08/27), has been buried in Ramallah.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the PFLP conducted a series of high-profile terrorist attacks around the world, pioneering the use of airplane hijackings to bring attention to the Palestinian cause. In 1970, the group hijacked 4 commercial airliners, forcing them to land in Jordan, and eventually blowing them up after evacuating the hostages.

Abu Ali became the commander-in-chief of the PFLP military forces (including the battles of Black September). The PFLP engaged in violent resistance to bring the Palestinian plight to the world's attention, and succeeded in doing so. One of the PFLP's biggest operations was the concurrent hijacking of 4 aircraft and blowing them up (after releasing the passengers).

In 1996 Bassam Abu-Sharif wrote this book: Tried by Fire: The Searing True Story of Two Men at the Heart of the Struggle Between the Arabs and the Jews

In it he describes a plan of Wadi Haddad, a terrorist who was most likely a intelligence honey pot, as he worked together with the german false flag terror organisation RAF also:
Haddads plan had been simple: stuff the light plane to the gills with high explosives, then get Abu Harb to fly the pre-planned route and crash it right into the middle of Tel Aviv's tallest building, Shalom Tower.

Luckily for the Israelis but unfortunately for Abu Harb, he crashed on his very last practice landing, and was severely injured. This put an end to the entire operation. It had taken two and a half years to set up, and came to nothing in a moment.
Haddad never worried for a second about failed operations. He just walked away and moved on to the next idea.

And: The PFLP was most likely a israeli terror front from the get go:

PFLP ist "nur" ein Joint Venture des Mossads:

Among the cache of documents is a memo by David H. Colvin, then first secretary of the British embassy in Paris, who averred that a contact in the Euro-Arab Parliamentary Association had told him the "hijack was the work of the PFLP [Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine], with help from the Israeli secret service, the Shin Bet." The operation, wrote Colvin, was "an unholy alliance" and "was designed to torpedo the PLO's [Palestine Liberation Organization] standing in France and to prevent what they see as a growing rapprochement between the PLO and the Americans." Colvin detailed a very plausible scenario whereby Israel stood to benefit:

"Their nightmare is that after the November elections, one will witness the imposition in the Middle East of a Pax Americana, which will be the advantage of the PLO (who will gain international respectability and perhaps the right to establish a state on evacuated territories) and to the disadvantage of the Refusal Front (who will be squeezed right out in any overall peace settlement and will lose their raison d'être) and Israel (who will be forced to evacuate occupied territory)."

Colvin went on to say that "the PFLP had attracted all sorts of wild elements, some of whom had been planted by the Israelis." The document cache also contains a report from another British official citing a reporter for the Liverpool Post, Leo Murray, whose inside sources confirmed the hijacking was all about internal Palestinian politics, at least from the PFLP's perspective.


Now, how does that sound: With the PFLP we have a possible israeli sting operation, which trained a hijacker to fly into a building, but that plan was never accomplished, as Abu Hard was injured on the last flight before his planned attack. And we have a simultanious hijacking of four (some say three) passenger jets. And the israeli military or intelligence killed a man who knew 2 weeks before 9/11- while the israelian counterpart of Entebbe, Daniel Lewin, was allegedly stabbed on 9/11 by one the the alleged hijackers. Protective coverage of the plan?