Austin Texas Police Taking Positions In Questionable Places

I am driving to work on Monday. As I was driving down Congress drive by Oltorf, I noticed a Capital Metro Car sitting on a side road. The Capital Metro cars already look enough like Police cars so when I first saw it I made sure I was doing the speed limit. As I got closer to the car I notice that there was a police officer sitting inside with a radar gun pointed right as me as I went past him.

Why are the police radaring people from private corporation vehicles?

So the bus company loans out cars to APD so that APD can make it harder for people to drive, thus forcing people to ride the bus?

That's just the start of it...That was Monday.

Today...My boss comes up to me and says "You're gonna love this"

On the way to work today, he had just sat at a light next to an Austin City work truck, orange cones and all...fully equipped with a Police officer driving it, computer system, shotgun...the works

We should probably ask ourselves where this is going to lead before it gets too far.