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New Documentary – 9/11 In Wonderland – Hidden Agenda in the Corporate Media
Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

This fast paced documentary revisits the partially excavated rabbit hole to examine the question; Just how deep does it go? Were we warned prior to the attacks of 9/11? Who knew, and knew what?

Remember This? Three Weeks From Today.

Why Did They Choose This Date?

I wanted to bring this particular billboard back up to the spotlight since the date is just a few weeks away. Most of us know the elites have some sinister twisted way of projecting what they are going to do. The possibility can't be discounted here.

Notice how the billboard is making sure you notice that date because it's ripped off and on top of the ripped out headline.

Is there any war games, terror drills, or military exercises planned for that day that anyone knows of?

A Hypothetical Theory of What I Suspect Happened On 9/11

Keep in mind I "SUSPECT" that this is what happened. I don't absolutely believe it, just suspect it.

Radical Muslim loyalists were distraught about US Imperial policies in the East, so they planned a hijacking. It was to be a regular hijacking, with the usual demands in exchange for the lives of the passengers. I suspect that "some" of the 19 hijackers listed were involved.

The US/Israeli intelligence complex caught wind of the plot...Then Along Came A Spider

Some people saw this as a chance to beef up their budget and they made a conscious choice to not only pave the way for it to happen, but, to change the outcome of the hijacking.

There were remote control devices installed in the planes and transponders and thermite based demolition charges placed at the WTC 1, 2, and 7. The reason why they destroyed building 7 was because that was the base information center for this to happen, thus, it and the evidence needed to be destroyed.

I suspect the hijackers had no idea they were on a suicide mission. The first two planes were guided to their destinations by remote control.

American Political Pressure Actally Thwarts Democracy From Speading Naturally

Let's take Iran for an example...

They had a free society (as free as you're going to get over there), and a democratically elected leader. We come in there with The Shaw and our influence. Eventually we know how this all turned out.

A free and open society is the most easily attacked from outside sources with money to burn.

What ends up happening is governments are forced to crack down on free speech, protests, and related activities because if they allow it, America will start dumping millions and million into covert actions to topple the elected government.

Thus, we end up with countries like Iran. Once a fairly open society, now about to execute protesters.

The more money that America pumps into funding these covert opertions, the more the country is forced into cracking down on civil liberties of it's own citizens, until we end up with a closed society. America then uses that as a propaganda tool against that nation, saying "We need to go in to promote freedom and democracy"

The "9/11 Truther Vent Thread" Over At JREF

I find this to not only be a little funny, but, a sign we are kicking their butts up and down the hall.

It looks as if they have been beat down so much that they have enacted a thread specifically for venting frusteration of their losses.

A place to pitch a bitch so to speak, to get it all out.

When all else fails...cry.

9/11 Hidden In Hollywood - AMAZING!

I started watching this last night...It is a 25 part series and I have not finished it yet.

It does go off on some tangents, but, nonetheless, it was really spooky to see just how many times it happened.

The video author has worked hard to look into details most people have looked past.

Great Job!

Debunking The BIGGEST Misconception That Most of Us Have To Deal With

I am sure you have heard this line, or something similar, many times before;

"It would take a huge amount of people to pull it off"

This is the most popular reason why people are skeptics, and it's also the most easy to debunk in 10 seconds.

You say;

"So, what you're telling me is that it would take a huge amount of WELL CONNECTED, WEALTHY, WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS to pull off 9/11, but yet, you believe that JUST 19 men with box cutters were able to?"

That statement/question stops people in their tracks. You can see their eyes start darting back and forth as the gears in their head come to a grinding halt as they search for a thought. They will then attempt to switch the subject at that point usually.

That one statement has helped me awaken so so so many people. It's a starting point and usually makes people question the way they think about things.

Another one I have heard many times that is;

"It would take tons and tons of explosives"

You say;

"So, what you're telling me is that it tons and tons of explosives, but yet you believe it happened with just a little bit of jet fuel?

That also debunks that claim instantly.

One Of The "Perks" About Being A Conspiracy Nut ... Saying I Told You So.

Other than being outside the bubble and in the "know", there are not many fun things about thinking outside the box (at first). You do a lot of "debating" with people, some arguing, a little fighting and generally have to be ready to stand your ground at any given moment. People say things and call you names like tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut and will go out of their way to try to single you out in a conversation about your "different" thoughts.

But there is one perk...and although it may sound a little shallow. but it's really not...You must clain your victories, acknowledging them...If you don't, the debunkers sure as hell will not..

It's the "I Told You So" factor that I have experienced over the past 6 months...It's amazing and now all those poke-funners from before are begging for advice now.

Bush's whole Presidency was an I told you so

I told everyone back in 2004 that the economy would tank out before 2010, and everybody was like "You're crazy, just another conspiracy"...Well, I told you so.

I told people that they would run a messiah President after Bush, a hand picked, feel good kinda guy...Told you so

The Rise of Obama and the Amazing Similarities & Symbolism in the Disturbed "Land of Confusion" Music Video

OK...I have watched this video probably 30 times by now. The whole video is a huge span of symbolism, current events, and so far it looks like future event could follow.

The video starts off right from the beginning with a comet, which turns out to be "The Guy" coming out of nowhere, down from space. He hits the earth and then is enchained underground. On the surface of the earth, fighter planes are bombing oil fields, war is rampant everywhere, politicians are arguing, while the big corporate monopoly man sits in a room alone watching this all unfold on a bunch of TV screens.

Why Would The Elites Promote Obama? Why Him, Why Now?

The news media and the entire TV program selection have pumped the public up to "End Times" since Y2K... Right now, The History Channel is running a week long promotion called "Armageddon Week"

So...we have the public fully primed for the end of the world. You can't get away from it.

Let's look at some facts.

The elites support eugenics programs to eliminate so-called sub-cultures. These various programs are very racist at their core. The proven ties between the elites and these programs are not disputable.

The incoming President, Obama, will come into the office having complete and total control over everything. He will have a dem house and senate. The position of President has been given undisputed dictatorial power over all branches of Government and the American people.

Why would the elites give him so much perceived power when they support racist eugenics programs?

Maybe, there is a chance they plan on making him out to be their Judas...maybe, possibly even their so-called antichrist?

I would not be shocked to see Obama become the "Great Tyrant" of our generation. I would not put it past them to create a false-flag antichrist.

Austin Texas Police Taking Positions In Questionable Places

I am driving to work on Monday. As I was driving down Congress drive by Oltorf, I noticed a Capital Metro Car sitting on a side road. The Capital Metro cars already look enough like Police cars so when I first saw it I made sure I was doing the speed limit. As I got closer to the car I notice that there was a police officer sitting inside with a radar gun pointed right as me as I went past him.

Why are the police radaring people from private corporation vehicles?

So the bus company loans out cars to APD so that APD can make it harder for people to drive, thus forcing people to ride the bus?

That's just the start of it...That was Monday.

Today...My boss comes up to me and says "You're gonna love this"

On the way to work today, he had just sat at a light next to an Austin City work truck, orange cones and all...fully equipped with a Police officer driving it, computer system, shotgun...the works

We should probably ask ourselves where this is going to lead before it gets too far.

Damn You People Who Are Releasing These "Edited" Videos

Do you think this is some kind of joke or game? WTF is up with the videos being released with edits at "crucial" moments and sound being removed. The Bob and Bri vid and a couple other releases show this same pattern which leads many to suspect the vids are being fed into the system by nefarious forces.

Does a person actually think that by releasing a video as "anonymous" on a video upload site that they are actually hidden from the forces that carried out 9/11, or are they hiding from the public?

I call on anybody who has any video to stand up and show some God damn balls and release "UNEDITED" videos instead of this chopped up malarkey that has been choice fed to us. If you don't have the guts or the knowhow to upload, then send the damn thing to someone who does...

But for God's sake, for everyone's sake....quit with the games already!

David Bowie Tried To Warn Us In 1983

David Bowie warned us in the early 80s what was going on...The lyrics tell a true story. Some people say the song has to do with Heroin, but those people are wrong.

He told us the elites would use China and their communist/capitalist system to rule the world.

I could escape this feeling, with my china girl<---Everything in America is made in China
I feel a wreck without my, little china girl<---America can't survive without the economic union with China now
I hear her heart beating, loud as thunder<---As China grows stronger
Saw the stars crashing <---America crashes down

Im a mess without my, little china girl<--Almost every product we use is Chinese
Wake up mornings wheres my, little china girl<--From the coffee cups to the shower heads
I hear hearts beating, loud as thunder<---As China grows stronger
I saw the stars crashing down<---America crashes down

I feel tragic like I'm Marlon Brando<---We all know it's wrong and feel trapped by it
When I look at my china girl<---And we see it all around us

Starting A Mass Trend - 58 Year Old Janine Bonepath May Set The Stage By Attempted Citizen's Arrest

Just as Luke Rudowski started a mass movement on that faithful day he so courageously stood up in front of all those globalists and confronted Zbigniew Brzezinski to his face about his global crimes, maybe Janine Bonepath will set a new trend along the lines of "Citizen's Arrests"...

If just a couple more people try this, it may snowball and lead to actual arrests. It takes balls to do what she did. She has courage!

Even though the MSM will promote it as "nutter" activity, the general public en mass generally agrees with it and will NOT be trended by the media into thinking this kind of citizen's arrest is bad. The public will eat this up right now because most people do agree that many people need to be arrested, they are just not quite sure exactly who yet.

We shall see if Janine Bonepath will go down in the history books as a trend setting icon, as Luke Rudowski has in the birth of We Are Change and it's "in yo face" style of journalism.

Who knows, maybe in one year these people will be afraid to speak in public in fear of arrest...

Only time will tell

I am not saying that I encourage someone going out and trying to arrest public officials..


November 22nd, 2011

To whoever is still alive to read this,

As I look out my apartment window, I see a very different America than I lived in just a short time ago. The whining of sirens and buzzing of choppers passing overhead has become an everyday part of American noise pollution these days.

After the massive "So-Called" terrorist attack on Houston on the 11th, things have taken a serious turn for the worse. It has given the government reason to strip us of all of our rights. You can't even piss without a camera watching you now.

My heart always starts to pound when there is a knock at the door lately. You never know who might be on the other side these days. My friend's sister had gotten a knock at the door a couple of weeks ago, and a random blackwater "terrorist" sweep ended up turning into 2 days of hell for her. After being raped and sodomized repeatedly by at least 5 mercenaries, she was beaten, tortured, gagged, tied, blindfolded, and left for dead. If it would not been for John stopping by to take her to go look for work, she may not be alive today. She will never be the same.