Port Authority Of NY/NJ: No Records For WTC Security Company Linked To Bush Family

The following is a February 5, 2009 Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Freedom of Information response indicating that no records were located regarding the pre-September 11, 2001 World Trade Center security companies tied to Marvin Bush, brother of former U.S. president George W. Bush.


Family Business at the Watergate
By Margie Burns | February 15, 2005

TIES TO THE TWIN TOWERS—Securacom, beginning with its previous incarnation, Stratesec, unlike many other security firms, did not separate security consulting from providing security services. As a single-source provider of end-to-end security services, it offered everything from a diagnosis of existing systems, to hiring subcontractors, and to installing video and electronic equipment. It also offered armored vehicles and security guards.

The company emphasized continuing relationships with a few big long-term clients, including the World Trade Center, home to the Twin Towers. According to SEC filings, the World Trade Center and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, were two of the company's three biggest clients in 1996 and 1997.


how is this possible?

Were the records destroyed; what is the policy/regs on the period of time these types of records are required to be kept?

EDIT- Perhaps they're doing some very narrow interpretation of the FOIA; i.e. they found nothing titled "bibliography"?


Freedom Or Absence Of Information?

Regarding the possibility of the request for a bibliography contributing to an absence of responsive records, as can be seen I later expanded my request for any records to which they replied that my 2 requests were interpretted as similar.

Would the NY/NJ PA even have this info?

I appreciate all your hard work Aidan but why would the NY/NJ PA even have that information? As an IT manager, I've been in negotiations for a couple of IT security service contracts and never have we had to list our board of directors or even CEO. I think if we are ever going to find out if Marvin Bush was ever a member of Securacom/Stratasec board, we'd have to find it as a matter of personnel records of the company. ( which I doubt u can get for any employee let alone board members or good ol' marvin. )

I've heard this claim in the 911 truth movement about Marvin being on this board but can't find a source for it. I even read the memoirs of Barbara Bush ( and that was no easy task let me tell u brother ) because I once read that that was how it became known he was associated with them. No such luck. Threw all those dawdling pages, I looked at every reference for Marvin and she only talks about his family and college. Nothing about anywhere he worked. I personally haven't used this claim in any debate with OCT defenders, but it would be nice to clarify it. Thanks for all you do.

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PA NY/NJ Seems To Have Managed WTC At The Time

Any contracts regarding the WTC would apparently have been governed by the PA NY/NJ. It was hoped that any Securacom/Stratesec records might be controlled by PA NY/NJ but apparently not.

PA NY/NJ did provide NIST records pertaining to refireproofing contractors, yet when I inquired with PA NY/NJ for the same and/or additional records, they claimed not to have them.

Different publications do refer to a Securacom/Stratesec/Bush link, although I cant confirm the authenticity of the information.

Thanx TT & DTG.

Found something

I back tracked some of my reading material and found that the claim comes from a book by Craig Unger called "House of Bush, House of Saud." I ordered it from amazon today (used .99 cents, they're not gettin my money). Hopefully there's some documentation there. I'll post my findings for you in this thread. It'll be immensely better than reading Barbara Bush's memoirs... I think "My Pet Goat" was more riveting. Stay tuned.



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