Please support NYC CAN

Dear 9/11 Truth Movement Supporters,

As authors of the recent mainstream scientific articles relating to events at the World Trade Center, we urge you to support a tremendous opportunity for getting the truth out about 9/11.

On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) filed a petition containing 52,000 signatures calling for a referendum on the creation of a New York City independent commission to begin an investigation with subpoena power. Unlike the first 9/11 Commission, this one will consider all of the evidence, including evidence for the use of explosives in bringing down the buildings.

This is what many of us have been working toward for years. With a new commission, our scientific evidence can be used to achieve real results.

NYC CAN now needs only 20,000 more signatures to override City Council if the referendum is vetoed. If NYC CAN gets the signatures the referendum will go on the ballot, and surely New York City will vote in favor of a new investigation. Please donate now so that this new investigation can happen:

If everyone reading this donates at least $10, or the full amount they are able, we will raise enough to not only collect the signatures, but also to launch a summer PR blitz that will ensure all of New York City will be watching if Mayor Bloomberg and City Council try to kill the effort.

There are some true heroes on the NYC CAN Executive Council, and together with them, we have never been this close to giving 9/11 Truth a real chance. This is your opportunity to alter the course of history.

Please donate now:


James Gourley
Niels Harrit
Steven Jones
Brad Larsen
Frank Legge
Gregg Roberts
Kevin Ryan

I gave them...

$25 yesterday, and made this as well.

Edit: Just gave another $25, and sent an email around my office asking people for donations.

Edit Part II: Can we get a link for on the left-hand side of blogger in big red letters?

Edit Part III: I just got an email from someone who still has the same doubts about the NYC Ballot Initiative that were here last year. From what I understand, Les Jamieson is no longer affiliated with the effort. Ted Walters is now "in charge." Also, from what I understand, the "Commission" as it stands now will not be the "Commission" if this passes. Edgar Mitchell, etc... will not be on the panel. Truth be told, if this passes, does anyone honestly believe someone like me would allow a charletan to participate in the "Commission?" Does anyone believe any of of the hard working individuals in this movement who care about this issue wouldn't make the biggest stink about who will serve on this "Commission?" Let's get it on the ballot, and get it passed. Then we'll worry about the "Commission."

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Time to Push...

Thank-you Kevin, Jon, Janette, all the scientists, activists who have worked on this issue and for this initiative for so long.

In June the suicide of a young talented, creative local girl whom I knew shocked and depressed me, my family, and the community. Only a recent meeting with some wonderful activists has helped me to revive my spirits and re-energize me. I'm getting back to work with the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and working on our annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival and our annual 9/11 Truth Rally/March to the Power to the Peaceful Festival. This year the film festival will also be a benefit for NYCCAN, David Ray Griffin has agreed to speak (We are still looking for films and I'd appreciate any great suggestions as we need to decide soon to move forward with logistics and publicity). And our 8th annual 9/11 Truth rally, march and outreach at the Power to the Peaceful Festival (to the 50,000 strong crowd) will be for support of NYCCAN. I'm always torn between going to NYC to help there and doing the local work, and I think I can do more for the effort from here.

Carol Brouillet

Just Gave $100

I am committed to this all the way. Thanks Kevin, Jon, and everybody. Let's come together for this!

great job

Keep up the good work. I just sent ya $25. Hopefully in 2 months I will be able to send in a MUCH larger donation.

I donated $100 last week.

Cheers, VAB
(Amsterdam, Holland)

Sent what I could

I managed to muster up $40 to the cause. Thanks to all for their hard work in this effort.



"History is not history unless it is the truth." —Abraham Lincoln

Done (Second Time)

Mayor Bloomberg is an interesting figure. A Council on Foreign Relations member whom the media reported as interested in an independent candidacy for president last year, within days of Ron Paul publically entertaining the idea of an independent candidacy for president after losing the Repulican bid.

CFR members seem to march to the beat of a hidden drummer.

If this initiative is successful, there ought to be serious consideration of polling place monitors to deter tampering.

Possible Vote Tampering - and Ad Campaign

Aidan, good point, but in New York there are still manual lever voting machines, until the "Voting Act" replaces them with phony computers, so if there are monitors they'll also have to be available for the final counts, as numbers are automatically shown on these machines.

NYCAN should take ads out in the local community newspapers if the Times won't allow an ad, showing that the Victim's families and First Responders support the initiative. it's very important to have the public understand why this is being done.

Sending another contribution. Now up to $125.


Everyone please do the same. And let's circulate this far and wide.

This is fantastic.

The Ameros are in. Let's do another concert / fundraising effort. We'll give all of our CD sales.



Thanks Kevin, Steve and all involved up that way.

Done! And thanks to all

Done! And thanks to all involved.

When my new creditcard

When my new creditcard arrives in a couple of days I will make a second contribution of $250. This is just too important.

Please remember:

NYC CAN welcomes foreign donations

Hi [......],
Yes, anyone is allowed to donate. The effects of 9/11 have been felt worldwide, and hundreds of non-US citizens were murdered on that day, so we don't care what the media says about non-US citizens donating.
Thanks for your support.
Best Regards,
Ted Walter

I just donated $100, and

I just donated $100, and wholeheartedly wish NYC CAN success.

Done. Make it happen.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Donated today

and hope to donate again soon.

Thanks to the scientists and others for supporting this.