Another August for 9/11 Truth [for World Peace]

Just think back a minute and ask yourselves WHEN the highest levels and overall major assaults against the 9/11TM have occurred.

Although not exactly precise, are not the assaults ramped up every August of every year? I think such.

So, given the option of "crying in one's beer"...or...figuring out a way to cleverly [if not brilliantly-which we can do] FLIP the discussion totally upside down by using EVERY opportunity as an "opening" for yet another discussion or dispensing of our evidence regarding 9/11 Truth.

The KEY...I say again the flipping these opportunities on their ears... to remain cool, factual, civil, polite and collegial when offering any information or rebuttals.


The problem that I have with Tarpley, Alex Jones and other emotional "agitators" is that they would NEVER create a positive and accepting "presence" which would translate well to the average[?] citizen. A citizen who "could" be enlightened with a different approach.

Luke R. seems to have calmed down a lot and his gas milage is getting better all the time!

I feel that David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan and a LONG list of wonderful others, including Canadian "Truthers" led by Barry Zwicker, have all DISPASSIONATELY carved out and established a fantastic foundation for 9/11 Truth. [Please accept my apologies for those many, many wonderful people whom I have not included all around the world, like Janice Matthews etc.]

Hey, we have the yelling at "the sheeple" just doesn't hack it...and such behaviors allow any undecided but serious folk to blame the messenger [us] and not the message [the truth].

Not the case with tempered, well researched and collegial-professorial approaches.

Can't blame Griffin or Scott for being poorly behaved human beings...or, put another can ANYONE put up the argument that these guys are irrelevant because of their conduct? So, I argue that no matter what, if we behave likewise, US GREAT Truthers will be heard. Whether admitted to or not.

So, this blurb just another plug for CI...Civil Informationing as a world wide spread of "a way to be a Truther"...AND...way to have some fun...and way to get the respect that we deserve. This happens!

BTW...I have NEVER had a bad day perfoming CI for 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE...just a few middle fingers and wave after wave of thumbs up...peace Vs...horns tooted...and all sorts of support...along with thousands of my 1/4 page flyers being handed out.

So, when we get all riled up about being attacked from without and within, please just respond cooly, patiently, understandingly, and KNOWINGLY...that in August of every year, we will get whacked from all angles.

Take it as a compliment as it surely is...become more polite...and dispense MORE truth because we are all over their "nerves" and the citizenry are slowly getting on board to all of this.

BTW...the "alternative media" isn't anything more than a collection of "corporate media wannabes" check wise anyways...SOOOOO...

We will always have to be our own media and educators...WE are IT baby! Don't count on them...but keep informing them about 9/11 Truth...and thusly, twisting their nuts off!

We have the TRUTH...and they KNOW IT!...but have bills to pay.

Just imagine August 2011...fasten your seatbelts...

Lets practice for it starting now...

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters as we collectively "throw the criminals out of public office"...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA
Puget Sound's "Port of Peace"