Geraldo to "take on Charlie Sheen's conspiracy theory" tonight on O'Reilly Factor

Just sitting in a cafe truthing on my computer and listening to the TV which is tuned to Fox News. Gosh, isn't it amazing, the Orwellian propaganda world the TV corporations foster.

It appears "Charlie Sheen's conspiracy theory" (that's right, Charlie Sheen sat there all by himself in a little room, scratching his head trying to come up with a sensational theory) will be "taken on" by Geraldo on Fox tonight. Hopefully someone can get this on Youtube.

If it is fair....and balanced...(yeah right)

Charlie will rip Geraldo a new one. He has the Truth on his side.

This is good for publicizing the Truth, but beware of chicken shit chicanery.

I can record this

Have a capture card and conversion software - i will do my best to get it up ASAP with a link

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That would be great.

No, not Geraldo

Yes we all know what a professional Geraldo is after giving truth seekers the middle finger in new york city.

Sounds like

"take on Charlie Sheen's conspiracy theory"

Reads like Charlie will not actually be on the Show... it will be Geraldo responding in a manner only Geraldo can, probably gross generalizations.

If they take the points one by one... could be interesting


It will obviously be a hit piece. Last time O'Reilly tried to debunk 9/11 truth, he had TWO guests arguing AGAINST 9/11 truth (Michael Shermer and James Meigs) and none pro. Another time, he had on just Meigs. Clearly this is because O'Reilly knows that his "side" can't win a fair and balanced discussion. But still worth getting on the record for posterity. History needs to have ample proof of who the traitors to this country are.


What about Sunjata, Asner, etc...?

They are talking like Charlie were the only celebrity rejecting the official story.