Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey handed down gag-order to 9/11 Firefighters

Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey handed down gag-order to 9/11 Firefighters


Jerry Mazza
October 20, 2009

This tale begins during and shortly after 9/11/2001, when a writer named Randy Lavello published a story at Prison Planet, Bombs in the Building: World Trade Center ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is a Conspiracy Fact. Among the many tales in this article, a number of which were picked up in Mike Rivero’s web site, what really happened, is a conversation between Lavello and Lieutenant Fireman and former Auxiliary Police Officer, Paul Isaac Jr. It’s a head-spinner…

The Woolsey gag order created an Omerta-like mob silence that Firefighters and Police Officers have had to deal with to this day.

“[Lieutenant Fireman and former Auxiliary Police Officer, Paul Isaac Jr.] explained to me [Lavello] that, ‘many other firemen know there were bombs in the buildings, but they’re afraid for their jobs to admit it because the ‘higher-ups’ forbid discussion of this fact.” Paul further elaborated that former CIA director Robert Woolsey, as the Fire Department’s Anti-terrorism Consultant, is sending a gag order down the ranks. ‘There were definitely bombs in those buildings,’ he told me.”

Isaac also addressed the FBI gag order in an article by Greg Syzmanski, saying “It’s amazing how many people are afraid to talk for fear or retaliation or losing their jobs.” He mentions that the FBI gag order placed on law enforcement and fire department officials prevented them from openly talking about any inside knowledge of 9/11. Syzmansky praised Isaacs in a highly interesting article titled One-Man Investigative Team.

Syzmansky wrote that “When he [Isaacs] worked as an auxiliary fireman specializing in emergency and disaster communications response, Isaac said after 9/11 he began monitoring all emergency units to see if any patterns or information about the perpetrators could be learned.

“Over the last four years he’s compiled information and names of civilians and firefighters, whose identities he keeps anonymous for their safety, who all claim to have either witnessed explosions in the towers or have information that a controlled demolition took place.” Isaacs is quoted as saying, “It’s just amazing how many people are afraid to talk for fear of retaliation or losing their jobs,” again regarding Woolsey’s FBI gag order placed on law enforcement and fire department officials, preventing them from openly talking about any inside knowledge of 9/11.

Researcher Vincent Sammartino, also in attendance at the WTC ‘open grave site’ on September 11, 2005, wrote the following on APFN, “I just got back from Ground Zero. People know the truth! Half of the police and firemen were coming up to us and telling us that they know 9/11 was an inside job. They were told not to talk about it. But they were supporting what we were doing! I had tears in my eyes.”

So, why would former CIA director Woolsey, as the Fire Department’s Anti-terrorism Consultant, be gagging Isaac and his colleagues about what they saw and heard, i.e. bombs exploding in the building if not to cover up the government conspiracy, the inside job behind the supposed demolition of the WTC by two jetliners, whose fuel fire supposedly melted the redundant steel frames which caved and caused a pyroplastic free-fall of each building in some ten seconds. All at once the conspiracy of the lone Muslim airliner hijackers destroying the towers goes down the drain, glub, glub! That’s why Firefighters and Police Officers were gagged.

In fact, click Rivero’s “what really happened” site above to get to get more linked interviews of Firefighters talking about explosions shortly after 9/11 occurred. Rivero is amazing at collecting data, classifying it, and incorporating it into his encyclopedic 9/11 site. Read what the heroes had to say.

For instance, “Lou Cacchioli, Firefighter in WTC 1: At that point, Cacchioli found one of the only functioning elevators, one only going as high as the 24th floor … ‘Tommy Hetzel was with me and everybody else also gets out of the elevator when it stops on the 24th floor,’ said Cacchioli. ‘There was a huge amount of smoke. Tommy and I had to go back down the elevator for tools and no sooner did the elevators close behind us, we heard this huge explosion that sounded like a bomb. It was such a loud noise, it knocked off the lights and stalled the elevator.’

Lou continues, ‘Luckily, we weren’t caught between floors and were able to pry open the doors. People were going crazy, yelling and screaming. And all the time, I am crawling low and making my way in the dark with a flashlight to the staircase and thinking Tommy is right behind me… I somehow got into the stairwell and there were more people there. When I began to try and direct down, another huge explosion like the first one hits. This one hits about two minutes later, although it’s hard to tell, but I’m thinking, ‘Oh. My God, these bastards put bombs in here like they did in 1993!’” Unfortunately, the bastards in 1993 and in 2001 had considerable help from the bastards in our government.

The Woolsey gag order created an Omerta-like mob silence that Firefighters and Police Officers have had to deal with to this day. Imagine their anger, seeing their buddies disappear in explosions, fire and smoke. Imagine having to swallow that anger, that grief and humiliation, for the grand purpose of America sinking into the grizzly War on Terror in a matter of days. Imagine having to work on the pile at Ground Zero knowing what you knew. Or having to play deaf, dumb and blind, as 340 Firefighters died, two fire paramedics and one FDNY Chaplain and as 23 New York Police officers and 36 Port Authority officers went down. Not to mention the 2800 plus civilians taken from their lives senselessly.

Is it any wonder then that Justice John Lehner recently killed the NYC CAN ballot initiative to reinvestigate 911. The Justice called the initiative “irrelevant,” and rejected the will of 80,000 New Yorkers who had signed petitions to make it to happen. Is it the specter of James Woolsey gagging the Justice, or Mayor Bloomberg? Bloomberg rejected the will of the people after they had twice voted against a third term for New York Mayors. And since Mayor Bloomberg is in the middle of a political campaign for his illegal third term, he might want to assure us that we’re not being gagged, like Justice Lehner or the Fire and Police Departments. We would like to hear the full 9/11 story presented by a truly independent and expert commission.

What Bush did, what is still being done, is in keeping with Hitler’s axiom: If you tell a lie, make sure it’s a big lie, and keep telling it till everyone believes or has to believe it for fear of seeming unpatriotic. And so it’s time to take the gag off, one way or the other. Let those Firefighters and Police officers speak without fear of retribution. Let the facts, the real facts of 911, gathered by engineers, architects, pilots, retired military men, first responders, citizens of New York and the world, speak for once loud and clear.

New Yorkers should take to the streets to protest the Justice’s gag order. Case in point: a few days ago the governor of Puerto Rico announced that he would fire 20,000 government workers to close his $4 billion deficit, once again balancing deficits on the backs of labor. This caused the people of Puerto Rico to pour into the streets in a spontaneous one-day strike! In fact, their Puerto Rican brothers and sisters in New York City joined in a March at the Puerto Rican government offices here. Their collective reaction made waves from the mainland to the island.

We don’t want to end up with an Emperor instead of a duly-elected Mayor, Governor, or President, and silence instead of justice. Why not bring the wheels of New York to a squealing halt in a similar strike? So for once we can hear the voice of truth on those scratchy fire and policeman’s walkie talkies. Then Mr. Woolsey can gag his old friends at the CIA or his new friends at the Wall Street Journal where he now writes guest columns. Or perhaps be gagged himself by Rupert “The Fox” Murdoch, yellow press media mogul of our time.

Woolsey A Hard Core Neocon

Occasionally catching him on political talk shows over the years, I would not be surprised one bit if he is a perp.

Just as many of us suspected.

After seeing this video recorded soon after the event, I was puzzled as to why we haven't heard from these firefighters again.


Is this confirmation of a gag order? It makes sense that something was silencing these heroes.

Woolsey was a PNAC member, according to Wikipedia.

Szymanski- hoaxes, intimidation?

Considering what Greg Szymanksi (his last name is misspelled in the article) has written in the past, it would be good to get corroboration of anything he writes/says, before relying on it as if it were factual.

Intimidation of Dr. Steven Jones

Scroll down to 'Virtual Intimidation'



I just realized Paul Isaac is infamous disinformationist "NYsentinel" who likes to associate NYCCAN with bestiality with spam comments on Youtube. Can anybody confirm?

By the way, Googling Vincent Sammartino brings up a circus of disinformationists, such as Nico Haupt, David Icke, American Free Press, Wing TV, Killtown, NPT and other such entities. This is a mess. We were having a constructive discussion on WTC 7 on 911blogger and then infowars comes up with this....to do what...sabotage the discussion? I am extremely disappointed.

If Woolsey did such a thing and had such a role w.r.t. NYFD, I will believe it when this is widely corroborated and/or confirmed by Woolsey himself.

"Leader follows leader from bad to worse, as though by a malign law of nature. One ruler, evil or stupid or violent, breeds another more evil or stupid or violent."Liz McAlister

In addition to being silenced about the truth...

I actually wonder if a few firefighters are paid good money to spew hatred upon truth seeking firefighters.

Correction to a claim in the article

>>Is it any wonder then that Justice John Lehner recently killed the NYC CAN ballot initiative to reinvestigate 911. The Justice called the initiative “irrelevant,” and rejected the will of 80,000 New Yorkers who had signed petitions to make it to happen.

This is wrong. We have no evidence that the judge "killed" the ballot initiative because of it's content, nor did he say it was irrelevant -- the NYC attorney said it was irrelevant and the judge expressed disbelief that the city had never investigated the attacks itself. Here's the report on it --

"When asked by the Judge whether or not there has been an investigation into 9/11 by New York City authorities, Steve Kitzinger, the City’s lawyer, replied, “It’s irrelevant”, to which the packed courtroom was loudly disdainful, some openly laughing in disbelief. At which point Mr. Kitzinger prevailed upon Judge Lehner to quiet the crowd, which the Judge did. With order restored, the Judge again asked Kitzinger if the City had done anything to investigate 9/11. Kitzinger flatly responded, “No.” “The City never did anything?” retorted the Judge in disbelief. Nothing, Kitzinger admitted."

While we know there are many people who would not an investigation of the attacks to take place, many postings and articles are mistakenly assuming that the judge intentionally blocked the case because of a political motive. We just don't have evidence for that.

I recommend that people read the actual documents in the case. Here is an excerpt of one of the documents:

"The State Constitution provides that all officers of local government whose election or appointment is not provided for by the Constitution shall be elected by the people of local government or of some division thereof or appointed by such officers of the local government as may be provided by law”. Thus, the State Constitution vests local government with the right to confer upon their officers the authority to appoint other officers of local government. . . . Here, the seven commissions named were not elected and surely not appointed by officers of the local government with concomitant authority. Indeed, the Petition simply lists the seven commissioners without any reference that their selection was by an officer of local government. The unilateral designation of commissioners by specific name (Petition, 11 3) appears to be inconsistent with the State Constitution and not valid."

Would we really want the State of NY to stop requiring that public officials be elected or appointed by elected officials? Or should the State start making exceptions to it's laws on a case by case basis?

In any case, making mistakes like this means one has to wonder about the veracity of the rest of it.

Out of the hundred and hundreds and hundreds

of these guys who have been gagged, few if any have chosen to risk and probably lose their jobs in the name of truth??

I would just think that someone - maybe lots of someone's - would do just that. So many deaths in the brotherhood, both on 9/11 and since.

Any number of us have have done it, and often have nothing important to tell. I have a family to feed and I loved my career, but nothing - NOTHING - is more important than this. I just really don't get it.

Surely, any number of them would have the outrage, the anger, not to let the murderers win, no matter what the personal cost to themselves and their families in the short-term.

Relatively-speaking, whatever the personal cost to us now is, it's nano-size compared to what's gonna be lost if we don't do something NOW. If not, long-term, our kids, and their kids, and their kids' kids will have nothing.

On the other hand, I guess if they think that those related to Al-Queda put the bombs in the building - as the one guy who was quoted seemed to think, at least at the time - then they'd really have no reason to come forward, would they?

No. I still don't get it.