An Open Letter to Judge Napolitano (of "Freedom Watch) and How You Can Contact Him, As Well.

As many of you may be aware there is an excellent libertarian program called "Freedom Watch", hosted by Judge Napolitano,
that is broadcast M - Th, by Fox News (yes, I know - but this show is an exception). It is podcast here:

The Judge talked Monday about how Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin were both set-ups. You all know where this logically leads to.
Please write to him today, urging him to take the next step and talk about 9/11 Truth. I have included my email to him, below.
I know it is not detailed, but if enough of us send additional short emails to him, the bases should get covered well.
Contact the Judge at:

Dear Judge Napolitano,

I'll keep this brief:

Most well-read, freedom-loving people can agree that Pearl Harbor was a set-up, leading us into WW 2, and The Gulf of Tonkin was a false-flag operation leading us more deeply into Vietnam.
Why then is it such a stretch for some to understand that 9/11 was used, purposefully, decietfully and illegally, as a pretext for invading Iraq - either through active or passive support of the 9/11 operation, by a faction of our own government?

It would be great if you would at least approach this subject. The result of 9/11 has been the decimation of our Constitution - and the truth of that horrible day must be exposed if we are ever to get our nation back on track.

If all this is new to you - or you think there's no need for a new 9/11 truth investigation, please see, where close to 1,000 architects, structural and civic engineers are calling for a new investigation, based on professionally determined evidence.

Please consider having either Professor David Ray Griffin or architect Richard Gage on Freedom Watch to discuss this critical issue.

There is much more I could point-out about the 100's of unanswered questions about 9/11, but I understand how many emails you get, so I'll close here. Thank you very much for considering the above.

With respect and appreciation,

Alex Carson