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The Evening of 9/11/01: The U.S. Was Already Bombing Afghanistan

Video from
FOX News, evening of 9/11/2001:

"We understand the US government is now bombing Afghanistan..."

Look at the 27:00 minute mark:

Maybe this is common knowledge among the 9/11 Truth community. But it sure is news to me.

Washington Times: "Explosive News" - An Uncommonly Fair Article on 9/11 Truth and Richard Gage

In the 2/23/10 edition of the Washington Times, in the "Inside The Beltway" section, there is a short, but remarkably balanced, article on Richard Gage's efforts and WTC controlled demolition: It begins:

"A lingering technical question about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks still haunts some, and it has political implications: How did 200,000 tons of steel disintegrate and drop in 11 seconds? A thousand architects and engineers want to know, and are calling on Congress to order a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center"...

Read the rest here.

Glenn Greenwald: "Obama Confidant's Spine-Chilling Proposal" (cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups)

Glenn Greenwald has written a scathing indictedment of Cass Sunstein's odious proposal.

From the article:

"What is most odious and revealing about Sunstein's worldview is his condescending, self-loving belief that "false conspiracy theories" are largely the province of fringe, ignorant Internet masses and the Muslim world. That, he claims, is where these conspiracy theories thrive most vibrantly, and he focuses on various 9/11 theories -- both domestically and in Muslim countries -- as his prime example.

It's certainly true that one can easily find irrational conspiracy theories in those venues, but some of the most destructive "false conspiracy theories" have emanated from the very entity Sunstein wants to endow with covert propaganda power: namely, the U.S. Government itself, along with its elite media defenders. Moreover, "crazy conspiracy theorist" has long been the favorite epithet of those same parties to discredit people trying to expose elite wrongdoing and corruption.

An Open Letter to Judge Napolitano (of "Freedom Watch) and How You Can Contact Him, As Well.

As many of you may be aware there is an excellent libertarian program called "Freedom Watch", hosted by Judge Napolitano,
that is broadcast M - Th, by Fox News (yes, I know - but this show is an exception). It is podcast here:

The Judge talked Monday about how Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin were both set-ups. You all know where this logically leads to.
Please write to him today, urging him to take the next step and talk about 9/11 Truth. I have included my email to him, below.
I know it is not detailed, but if enough of us send additional short emails to him, the bases should get covered well.
Contact the Judge at:

Dear Judge Napolitano,

I'll keep this brief:

Most well-read, freedom-loving people can agree that Pearl Harbor was a set-up, leading us into WW 2, and The Gulf of Tonkin was a false-flag operation leading us more deeply into Vietnam.
Why then is it such a stretch for some to understand that 9/11 was used, purposefully, decietfully and illegally, as a pretext for invading Iraq - either through active or passive support of the 9/11 operation, by a faction of our own government?

Half a Million 9/11 Text Messages Being Leaked Tomorrow, 11/18 (Wikileaks)

Wikileaks is releasing 573.000 text messages, ranging from private messages to communication between law enforcement crews on the 9/11 2001.

The international site Wikileaks publishes tomorrow 573.000 intercepted messages to U.S. pagers. It confirms spokesman Wikileak Julian Assange opposite Berlingske Tidende, also have been allowed to look at the enormous material. It confirms Wikileak spokesman Julian Assange opposite Berlingske Tidende, also have been allowed two look at the enormous material. The messages vary from heart-rending cry for relatives of sober communication between persons employed in government agencies and news updates from the example. The messages vary from heart-rending cry for relatives of sober communication between persons employed in government agencies and news updates from the example. CNN. CNN.

World Trade Center Steel Hauled Back to New York

GAITHERSBURG, Md. -- Police escorted a procession of trucks hauling steel from the World Trade Center towers out of the area Tuesday morning.

For the past three years, the steel had been at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where the events of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were reconstructed. The steel is being taken back to New York City.

Read more here.

United Airlines Tracked a Different Flight 93 Than the FAA

According to this researcher's findings, the Flight 93 that was tracked by United Airlines was a different plane than the Flight 93 that was tracked by the FAA.

Russ Baker, Author of "Family of Secrets" Says He Will Investigate ANY Issue, Deeply (Any Ideas)?

Russ Baker, author of the extremely probing and revealing Bush family expose, "Family of Secrets"
has a non-profit news organization called "Who What Why, the Real News Project"

On a recent interview by Alex Jones, Baker stated, "We need financial support to... investigate any news story, deeply."

May I suggest that those who are so inclined write Mr. Baker a clear, concise letter explaining why a new 9/11
investigation is warranted, and how big of a story this is? Including a financial pledge for ""Who What Why" wouldn't hurt, either.

He pulled NO punches in "Family of Secrets", and claims to be non-biased politically.
This may be the reporter who could finally cut through the mainstream media crap.

Contact him at:
and let's find out.

An Open Letter To Howard Zinn

Dear Mr. Zinn,

I was surprised and disappointed to read your recent comments opposing
the immediate need for 9/11 truth.

Perhaps you've been misquoted. I certainly hope so.

Did you state that after a mere 7 years, the unsolved mass murder
of thousands of people on  9/11 is simply a thing of the "past"?
That the still reverberating significance of that horrific day has
“no practical political significance”?

The BBC Covers Pearl Harbor....

Granted, there was no television coverage of Pearl Harbor - but you get the idea :)

A Land of Bent Knees, Home of the Slave!

Hi all,

I was recently banned from a "Christian" forum for simply
pointing out 911 truth. This hypocritical stance aggravated, me,
so I re-registered and posted the following. If anyone finds value
in it, please feel free to post it to Christian or any forums,
and use or modify it as you see fit (I would have included links,
but the forum doesn't allow that for new posters, and I would have
gotten banned again in 30 secondsinstead of a minute and a half) :)

Here it is:

Those 911 Truth wackos have really got me steamed.

Just when I think I can dismiss them, they come up with more
evidence that something is wrong with the U.S. Government's
version of events on that day, too numerous to mention here.
However, as an example, they keep asking annoying things like :

"Why did WTC 7 collapse
at free-fall speed (in under 7 seconds) when it wasn't hit by a plane?
Why do demolition and fire experts say it looked like a controlled

"Why didn't jets intercept the airliners since they
had numerous warnings of terrorist attacks?"

And 100's of other aggravating questions like those.

Frank DeMartini: WTC Hero

I've been studying 911 truth for a number of years now, and just today realized that I had somehow missed something very important.

I was watching the Discovery Channel 9/11 documentary today (yes, it didn't cover the questions about the collapse, but it was informative nonetheless). From it, I've learned that Frank DeMartini was not only the construction manager for the WTC, he was also a hero on that day.

Most of us are aware of the video clip where Mr. DeMartini states that the towers were designed to withstand multiple plane impacts. If you've never seen it, here it is:

NEVER, in any of the many references I saw to this man or this clip, did I ever hear a reference to
his heroism. It was always something like "ironically, Frank DeMartini died at WTC".

I'm here to proclaim that Frank DeMartini didn't just die that day. He died saving many other people.
For one source of information on his herorism, see:

God bless Frank DeMartini.

The Chilling Correlations Between 9-11 and 7-7

There is a powerful new documentary entitled "Ludicrous Diversion", which exposes the British governement's lies and cover-up regarding the 7-7 bombings. . It can be viewed here, and I highly recommend it.

The title is taken from a statement made by Tony Blair, in which he said that an inquiry into the 7-7 bombings would be a "ludicrous diversion".

Even though the documentay doesn't point out the similarities between 9-11 and 7-7, anyone knowledgeable of 9-11 who watches this film will immediately see the chilling correlations.
Here's a partial list, (feel free to provide more):

~ Police "exercises" at the exact same time of the incident.

~ Government stonewalling of an investigation.

~"Facts" within the "official version" are contradictory.

~ The official "investigation" is a whitewash.

~ No substantial proof of any of the supposed bombers.

~ Unreleased videos.

~ Fear continually fostered among the citizenry.

~ Previous freedoms wiped-out by new, draconian laws.

These startling similarities can be used as yet another talking point regarding 9-11 truth.

Michael Shermer is 95% Hot Air on the WTC Collapses

Has anyone noticed that there is a new "911 Truth Denier" phrase floating around?
It goes somethng like this: "The WTC Towers collapsed vertically because they were 95% air".
I realize it is hard to believe anyone would use this "reasoning", even government shills.
However, here is one example of it's use, from a recent article by Michael Shermer in Scientific American: "Conspiricists argue that the buildings should have fallen over on their sides, but with 95 percent of each building consisting of air, they could only have collapsed straight down."

I believe the "95%" claim was originally made by Thomas Eager in this paper,.
and then parroted by Shermer and others, such as here.

This statement, of course, is not only meant to explain a vertical collapse, but also to imply that the towers were somehow insubstantial. It is a ridiculous, obvious shill tactic, transparent to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Whover uses this idiotic phrase needs to be called on it by the 911 truth community immediately.