A Travesty: "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura" episode #2: 9/11

It was better than nothing. But barely. It was a little over-dramatic at times, venturing into melodrama land. They could have done without that. And there seemed to be some outright "acting" at times. That's not good.

I know they only had an hour, but, still, there was a lot of fluff that could have been removed to make room for more information and facts and evidence.

And they didn't even mention AE911Truth or Richard Gage, or David Ray Griffin and his many books, either. Or Kevin Ryan. I doubt if Willie Rodriguez mentioned or suggested they talk to AE911Truth/Gage, but one would hope that Steven Jones did, and maybe he did and they cut that, and/or ignored it. (BIG WTF??? factor there)

If you look at it "objectively", their investigation was shoddy crap, and their so-called investigation team was very poor, at best, if they couldn't even "discover" AE911Truth and RG. (and more)

Even a cursory comment about AE911Truth, and that almost 1,000 A&E's are demanding a new investigation, etc., would have been minimally acceptable, and they couldn't even do that. They also didn't do enough about WTC 7, even simple stuff, like free fall acceleration, and their "super thermite" paint thing was pretty worthless. They also didn't mention the Jersey Girls, and that they basically had to force the administration to do a 9/11 Commission, and they also didn't call the commission and the report a "white wash", or anything like that.

And I'm pretty sure they never even used the term "9/11 Truth", and there was also not even one mention of the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement, or the hundreds (?) of groups and thousands of grassroots activists and demonstrations and such, or all of the DVD's that have been made about it, and on and on and on, any of which should have gotten at least a quick comment, instead of more face time with Jesse, or "coming up next" filler, and all of the other obvious filler techniques that they use and you see used in documentaries, etc....

So now I have to wonder if all of the rest of the shows they do are just as shoddy in (so-called) "investigation" and finding real information and truth, etc. It puts a black pall overshadowing the show.

Very unfortunate. The best we can hope for is that people will find AE911Truth because of what they saw and learned. And that it will introduce 9/11 Truth to a wider audience. Although, they couldn't even get the show on a "decent" cable channel (much less a network channel), like Syfy, or History, or NatGeo, or Discovery Science. (or PBS, TBS, FX, TNT, USA, TLC, A&E, etc...)

It could have EASILY been SO much better and more effective, without even really trying too hard. What a waste.

But, better than nothing. (it seems like we have to accept that, and achieve that, too much)

Agree! I may be going

Agree! I may be going against the popular opinion at this site but... This focus on Mike Bellone greatly bothered me. A complete waste of time.

and another thing...

What was that experiment by Van Romero? It looked like he took thermite mixed with paint and painted it on a steel beam. That is hardly the same thing as nanothermite. What was he trying to show? And they didn't even show the result of the experiment! Are they trying to imply that any Joe Schmo terrorist can mix up a batch of super-thermite without high tech equipment?


they pan across a city skyline and say "Wow, this stuff could be everywhere." Ridiculous fear mongering with no relation to what happened on 911.

Agreed. That made me

Agreed. That made me cringe.

I also thought

that the 'superthermite' paint experiment was a tad ridiculous. There's little doubt that true nanothermite would behave quite differently (ie, explosively).

BTW, Van Romero was mentioned in the early Loose Change films. I think they said that he first said "it was controlled demolition", and then a few days later, he said "surely it was those fires that did it", and LC concluded that 'they had got to him'. So I am amazed to see this same guy pop up again.

Anyways, with TV I guess it is to be expected that things will be more sensational than rational.

Heat point was to the right and not in the middle, why ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
I agree with the above and I noticed that the heat point was to the right and not in the middle, why ? We did not see any sag as we could have expected if it was in the middle of the beam.
I will give Jesse Ventura 3 / 10 on the factual side ( AE911Truth, etc) on his video but I have to admit that certain pesons will be inspired to go further and do their own investigations !

Howerver he will further the 911 truth more than Michel Moore ?

And I think it is good that people realise that nano-thermite can be painted on beams like paint. That nano-thermite could have been painted on the beams holding up the lifts.

Despite my critcs on his video, I hope he will come to Paris and meet Jean-Marie Birard and http://www.reopen911.info/



I too

...wish that they would have mentioned Gage, Ryan, all the other experts.Although short they should have used five minutes of the show for this purpose.
I highly suggest contacting TruTV by e mail and let them know you want more coverage on 9/11
Also adding you would like to see people like Gage, Ryan, etc on the show.
Hey ! It's worth a shot don't you think?

New Willie Website

Keep an eye out for my new "The 9/11 Truth About Willie Rodriguez" website.

I haven't decided whether to call it WitherWillie.com or WhitherWillie.com.

After much Thought...

Condemnation without investigation is the height of Ignorance
Albert Einstein

I have come to the conclusion that all though, the trutv 9/11 episode lacks real depth and lacks detailed facts and many in the know would agree, so much more could have been done. I still feel the production has done more good than not.
After much thought , I have come to peace with it. Things I have considered are the time allotted, the fact it aired on mainstream tv, but most of all, I think many us may have forgotten to consider the audience it was directed for,(definately not for the well researched). I would imagine many of the viewers have little or no knowledge of 9/11 truth,and/or are believers in the "official story". Many are avid tv watchers with a short attention span and no interest in facts or details. So I feel Jesse's approach of placing a heavy entertainment emphisis ( and still dishing out some facts), was appropriate when considering all of these factors.