FOIA Release - 3,160 Electronic Records of The WTC Collapse Investigation

A anonymous supporter obtained the FOIA records that were released to ABC news earlier this year.

(correction from earlier, this is all 10 DVD's)

The dataset is 26GB in size, and it's currently only available as a torrent, if you have webspace and bandwidth to spare please consider putting them on your FTP/Web site and sharing the link. Release of 3,160 Electronic Records of The WTC Collapse Investigation.torrent

I saved the file to my

I saved the file to my computer and had Windows check the web for an appropriate program with which to open the torrent, to no avail. What program opens this?

Torrent apps:

Another way to download torrent files

is using Free Download Manager — — a very useful tool that works well with Firefox.

I'd go with uTorrent

I'd go with uTorrent if you have Windows as your OS, but if you have Linux (Ubuntu) then a transmission bittorrent client should already come installed (you can choose a different one though, if you like). On Windows, installation of uTorrent is pretty straightforward, like for any other program, so I won't go into that here.

To download the 26 GB file in question you simply click on the link above, and, if you're using Firefox as your Internet browser, it will ask you what you want to do with the torrent file and should automatically give you the option of opening it with whatever bittorrent client you have installed.

Once the means of opening up the torrent file is established, within your bittorrent client pick the location where the downloaded file should be saved (such as on your local or external hard drive) and continue from there.

BTW, this method of downloading files can be applied to just about any torrent out there. Just google what you're looking for, along with the keyword "torrent", and you should be good to go.

If you have any more questions, just ask. :)


I use uTorrent frequently, and this downloaded amazingly fast. Averaged about 1.8Mb/s for around 2 -3 hours. Unbelievable amount of information to go over here...

Thanks a million for this, I am sure it won't be long before this becomes difficult to find again.

The 'F' needs to come out of FOIA

...and probably the 'I' while we're at it.

Is this real data or something well-scrubbed for public consumption?

I know what you mean

and I'm not even halfway through the photo archive. Despite the fact that many of these photos are of typical 9/11 shots, there are some treasures to be found. One particularly great thing about this collection is the resolution of at least most of the photos. On the majority of those covering the twin towers, you can literally zoom in on some of the windows and still see pretty clearly.

Some of the pictures of WTC 7, with the smoke billowing either on or out the south side, suggest -- as has been argued before -- that if the official story has any merit, and there were indeed heavy fires within, there would have been an asymmetrical collapse, with the building weakening and leaning towards the side most damaged. And we all know that's not what happened. These pictures only strengthen the argument that the collapse of WTC 7 was a controlled demolition.

Also, rolls # 3 17.jpg; 3 18.jpg; 3 21.jpg; 3 22.jpg. (and many others which I know I overlooked) have a strange object which seems to be descending downward on the left side of the North Tower (as in the left side of the viewer of the photo) in a stream of white smoke that doesn't look like the hydrocarbon fuel fire smoke above it. I wouldn't normally think anything about this, but I've seen David Chandler's video(s) on the subject of a mysterious projectile emanating from the collapse of one of the towers. So although the mysterious object and smoke could very well be nothing, I think the photos deserve further examination.

Here are the David Chandler videos I mentioned:

South Tower Smoking Guns

South Tower Smoking Guns (Follow-up)

Onset of collapse of WTC 2 - valuable image

group 3 - disk 2 of 3 - 253 photos/Roll_1_27.jpg

Where's the bloody floor decking?

One of the major components of the WTC Twin Towers was steel floor decking. I have never seen an image from the debris showing a significant amount of that material. There were acres of the stuff in each of the buildings. We are to believe the concrete was atomized and expelled in a fine dust over several square miles. No one has ever explained to me what happened to the floor decking. If anybody finds an image showing a significant amount of that material, please share your discovery.

I have been looking for it too.

I have looked for the sheets of metal decking and the trusses. The first time I looked was when I saw this (huge) photo taken Sept. 23, 2001The resolution is pretty good but not good enough to positively identify. something as small as the trusses unless they were in perfect condition.

It could be that they are mostly balled up and twisted and not easily identified.

Call Joel Meyerowitz

I heard him say that he saw some of the floor pans crushed together from 'pancaking', though he did not show this in any of the photos I saw at his presentation in Berkeley, Ca. His archive from 'the pile' is extensive, and deserves a systematic going over. He tried to sell it to the Library of Congress, but I'm not sure if he succeeded. Perhaps he's willing to have it available for researchers (gratis)? Those in NYC should give him a call and have a look.

group 2 - Unknown photograph 8 wtc29!

group 2 - Unknown photograph 8 wtc29! Check out the totaly straight line of fire! Very very odd. Any comments on this strange image?

If you have the whole torrent - please keep seeding.

If you have the whole torrent - please keep seeding for those that do not yet. Please do not leach. Leave your torrents open.