Tony Green - Artist for 9-11 Truth

new-world order panorama green 051510 The image above is linked to a 1024 by 247 pixel version. I'm making this post here at the same time I'm doing a short pictorial article on containing three more photos of Tony at work and the panorama above at larger sizes. Tony Green Presenting on May 6th, 2010 - 9/11 truth, new world order, etc. This is Tony in Lake Charles La. giving a talk on the NWO in conjunction with a presentation of his paintings and gypsy jazz. On the right side of the panorama you can see a metal plate etching done in conjunction with David Dees called Red, White, and Blue. I'm embedding a small version of this beneath linked to a 1500 by 1121 pixel version at 1.36 MB so that you can see it up close. You can see more of his work on and at Thanks, Tony. 911blogger-com 9-11 truth art green051510