Wake Up the District Attorney With 1,000 Letters: WEEK 3


This is a very important week covering Scientific Evidence for WTC 7's destruction.   Please participate!

I Sent The Letter With DRG's World Trade Center 7 Book

Had a few extra books left over from our DRG speaking event so I sent them a copy of The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 with my letter. I can only hope they will read it.
Take Care Matt

Not mincing words

NYC CAN keeps a diplomatic tone but they sure as hell don't mince words. This letter is very direct and well-worded.

Ted Walter is one of our best writers, and there is also a certain fellow with the initials DRG who works closely with the NYC CAN gang. Great cohesion among the movement.

*No Fax Machine? Just go to http://nyccan.org/join.php and right click to save the letter. Then go to http://www.FaxZero.com and click "Browse" to attach. No typing text in the box. I just sent a Free 4-page fax. Will also mail the nanothermite paper.

We are onboard

People in our Texas group have been sending letters.