No good info on bin Laden for years: CIA's Panetta

Sun Jun 27, 2010

(Reuters) - It has been years since the United States has had good intelligence on the whereabouts of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin laden, although he is thought to be in Pakistan, CIA director Leon Panetta said on Sunday.

He also gave a sobering account of the war in Afghanistan, saying the Taliban seemed to be strengthening with a stepped-up campaign of violence, even as U.S.-led forces undermine the Islamist movement with attacks on its leadership.

Progress is being made in the nearly nine-year-old conflict but "it's harder, it's slower than I think anyone anticipated," Panetta said on ABC's "This Week" program. He did not directly answer a question about whether the war was being won.

A harsh spotlight was thrown on the U.S. strategy last week when President Barack Obama fired General Stanley McChrystal as his top commander in Afghanistan and replaced him with General David Petraeus.

Now U.S. lawmakers from both parties are demanding more answers about the war's progress. Some will be putting these questions to Petraeus at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday.

Not since "the early 2000s" have U.S. officials had "the last precise information about where he (bin Laden) might be located," Panetta said.

"Since then, it's been very difficult to get any intelligence on his exact location," Panetta said. "He is, as is obvious, in very deep hiding ... He's in an area of the tribal areas of Pakistan."

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NOTE: "[V]ery deep hiding" probably means about six feet underground.

Say it, Leon! 'He's ddddddddddd...'

If the latest intelligence on bin Laden is what Panetta's after, he might be interested in a briefing by the author of an interesting analysis, discussed here:

'He is, as is obvious, in very deep hiding....' (Yes--as in buried deep in the ground somewhere; more than that, so cunning as to refrain from breathing completely lest he draw any unwanted attention.) 'He's in an area of the tribal areas of Pakistan' (Well, I don't profess to be certain as to his exact burial--er,...I mean, hiding place.)

That death might be the most reasonable explanation of bin Laden's 'whereabouts' is as taboo in the government and media as is considering explosives as the most plausible explanation for the destruction of the WTC. You never have to address a question if you don't even acknowledge the existence of that question.


He's dead I'd say. I think that's why this KSM guy was transformed into the '911 Master Mind".


Bin Laden and his relationship to the 911 Attacks is pure myth. Posting stuff like this with no context is a willful journey down what we know is the wrong rabbit hole.

It also gives readers (like me) of this website the impression that 9/11 Truth Movement regards Bin Laden as more then a patsy. It gives the impression that 911 Truth believes Bin Laden planned the attacks on 9/11 and that Muslim Extremism had something to do with the crime.

The perps blamed the attacks on Bin Laden and the Muslim / Arab world in general. It's our responsibility to confront this monstrous lie whenever we see it as it's being used to justify the killing fields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

jpass, This story is very relevant to "9/11 Truth"

I understand your concerns, but the purpose of posting this article was to show what mainstream media and the government are officially stating. It does not mean that 911blogger endorses this offical statement.


Hi TomT,
I realize this is most likely the case. But it does give the impression to readers that and 911 Truth in general supports some aspects of the official explanation about the 911 Attacks. Mainly, that Islamic Extremism was a motivating factor behind the attacks.

Besides, isn't this stuff posted on every main stream news outlet anyway? Clearly there is an abundance of this this type of anti-Arab information all over the net and on every main stream media outlet you can find.

"To Tell the Truth" Game Show with Osama bin Laden

I would love to see Osama bin Laden on the game show "To Tell the Truth".
For younger audiences, this is a sample show...
...or... popcorn

Each contestant says: "...My name is Osama bin Laden...."
Then later... "...Will the REAL Osama bin Laden please stand up?..."

October 11 2001 video for al-Jeezera TV

November 8 2001 interview with Hamidir Mir of Pakistani newspaper Dawn

November 9 2001 confession tape to 911 found somewhere in Jalalabad

December 27 video for al-Jeezera TV

April 2002 Al-Jazeera video

Left photo is October 2004 while the Right photo is September 2007 from videos per ABCnews

Great idea Tom!

Irrelevant trivia follows:

I remember the show.

My dad was one of the fakes on the show way back in the early days. He was ineffective. They figured out who the real guy was.

There are technical means for

There are technical means for facial recognition that could be used to analyze the videos and pictures purportedly showing Osama bin Laden, see:

Facial recognition system:

images analysis for face recognition: