The Mysterious death of Neoconservative CyberGuru - he was about to testify to the manipulation of the 2004 election count.

From Maxim:

'One year ago, as he was poised to testify in the case of the disputed 2004 election, Michael Connell met his death in a fiery plane crash. Was he the victim of an unfortunate accident or of a right-wing conspiracy intent on silencing one of its own?'

We may never know the truth about Connell’s last flight, but contracts between Connell’s company, GovTech, and Ken Blackwell’s administration establish a credible scenario for electoral fraud and place Connell at the scene of the alleged crime.

Among other things, the contracts contradict Connell’s sworn testimony that SMARTech, in Chattanooga, merely acted as a backup site for election data.

The contracts, signed in March 2004, show that SMARTech was specifically tasked with creating a “mirror site” to manage election night results.“What this means is that Connell’s company was on both sides of the mirror,” explains Stephen Spoonamore. “And that the votes of the people of Ohio were in the control of a fiercely partisan IT company (SMARTech) and operating out of another state.”

Clouding matters further is the persistent specter of paranoid conspiracy that has enveloped the case from the beginning. In September 2009, an anonymous letter was sent to the FBI in Ohio and five other addressees, including Heather Connell. “Enclosed is a document that is not meant to exist,” begins the anonymous writer. Included is what purports to be an “after action report” by a black ops agent. All names have been redacted, but the report provides a detailed time log of actions taken to install an AMD (microprocessor) in the engine of Connell’s plane at College Park Airfield in D.C. the night before he made his fatal last flight. Connell himself is not mentioned by name. Just the registration number of his plane, NP299N, which the agent confirms he had been sent to “neutralize.” The letter accompanying the report is headed MICHAEL CONNELL, HOMICIDE. It ends with the words: “Connell was not NST (national security threat).”

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An Attourney General has to get interested in this!

I believe he was murdered.

I believe they have murdered numerous inconvenient witnesses. In this instance I am referring to the Cheney/Bush crime family.

What do you do when the whole government is corrupt throughout? When legislative, judicial, and executive branches are all compromised, what can a person do? If we keep doing what we're doing, will we keep getting what we're getting?

What You Do

is stop co-operating. Peacefull non-compliance. The Gandhi approach. Works every time if you can get enough people behind you.


I have had this story on Google news-alert for years now, and the dearth of reporting on it - from day 1 - is truly alarming. Just like 9/11 missing/mis/dis-information. My local paper had the story - all of one short paragraph from AP - buried. There was NO mention of the most important and salient facts, such as his close relationship with the Bushes and Rove, his role in their political empire, and his untimely death, given his apparent decision to turn evidence in the contested 2004 election.
If that was not an assassination, then the neocons are highly favored by a vengeful God. This I doubt.

I have always wanted to shout this man's name

at a Karl Rove event. Some comment about how do you sleep Karl! And that was before I knew about the intelligence document and late night plane investigation fix. It just goes to show you when the fix is in, the fix is in! How about those Cleveland FBI guys how do they sleep at night. Oh well when the file gets a national security ratings I guess it's just hands off eh? If they really did corrupt this guy using the abortion issue I wonder if he ever had second thoughts about the civilian deaths in the shock and awe episodes of the Cheney Rumsfield Prime Time Crime Series on the USA networks. Sounds to me like he was a troubled soul seeking redemtion trying to salvage his Christian Faith. What would Jesus do? Yeah right who would Jesus bomb mate? RIP