Dick Cheney: 'frail-looking', comments on 9/11, upcoming book

"Business Conference: Lynne Cheney 'interviews' Dick Cheney"
The Bakersfield Californian, Steven Mayer, October 9, 2010

"But Cheney is writing a book, and he allowed that the answer to that question might someday appear in print.

Cheney was just 34 when he became chief of staff in the Ford White House. Every president, he said, brought his own set of experiences and priorities to the job.

His proudest accomplishment came because of something that didn't happen: The nation did not suffer another devastating terrorist attack in the years following Sept. 11.

His greatest fear? A nuclear weapon in the hands of a terrorist.

"We came to the point that we could no longer treat terrorist attacks as a simple law enforcement problem," he told the appreciative crowd. "They were an act of war."

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he looks proud

he must be well regarded amongst his peers- warmongering empiric neocons
cheney was sooo busy on 9/11
"I was amazed at the speed of the decisions coming from Cheney and, through him from Bush."
Richard Clarke (MCR's Crossing The Rubicon - P592)

well he wasnt busy sending up interceptor fighter jets on time

he was definitely busy doing something though...

Had to look twice

because I had difficulty even recognizing him. His illness has reduced him to a wreck.

The thought that somebody will miss out on a heart that will instead be transplanted into this man... it re-awakens you to the privileges and preferential treatment available to the upper ruling class.

What's even more bitter is that a premature death is going to award Cheney a way out from under a public hearing under oath about his actions before, on and after 9/11.

I don't feel like gloating over his condition but I do feel like asking him: "Was it all worth it, you lying maniac?"

Long live Dick

I for one hope that Dick Cheney lives for many more years. I hope his family affords him every form of life support available including a heart transplant.

Since Cheney certainly

Since Cheney certainly appears to be the central figure of the conspiracy, it may be that he alone knows important details of the plot. Once he is dead, that information may be gone forever.

I also suspect that Cheney ill-health was recognized as being useful to keeping 9/11 secrets in the long term. They knew he would die long before he came close to spilling any beans.

Rumsfield is certainly smart enough to know to avoid any more involvement in 9/11 than was required by Cheney. Rumsfield's appearance on the Pentagon lawn indicates that this idea is true: he was removing himself from any sort of command capacity.

So after Cheney's death, Rumsfield perhaps should not be considered the prime living suspect. I think certain Air Force generals may have actually been next in Cheney's line of command.

I also have been thinking that George W. may not be as stupid and incompetent as he appears to be either.

William Casey

Reminiscent of William Casey, the CIA director who died (brain tumor?) just as the Iran-Contra story was breaking open. Subsequently, it became very convenient for people to attribute all kinds of decisions and actions to him.

That is an interesting

That is an interesting reversal of what I was thinking, but of course we would have to get to the point where a scape goat is actually needed.

However, the 9/11 Commissioners seemingly pre-mature efforts to distance themselves from their white wash report gives me some hope that we may get there.

Compartmentalization within a SECRET War Game...

Its quite possible that there are but one or two key figures who were atop all the events unfolding on 9/11/2001. I do suspect that Cheney was indeed on top of it all...and even Rummie could have been treated with plausible deniability as was GWB...who was left out of an "actionable loop"...for many good reasons. He was and is nothing more than what he has always been since a child slotted to become president...the talking head BOOB!

FYI...there are "War Games" inside of "War Games" in that someone has to operate completely undetected within "the network" in order to execute any simulated attacks etc. Additionally, all "War Games" are monitored and eventually evaluated as to their competence and effectiveness, if not, there would be no reason to have the "War Games" in the first place.

So, if there were such a TOP SECRET outpost, compartmentalized "action room", or a "command center"-per se, hidden amongst all the various other COMPARTMENTALIZED elements of all the "War Games" on 9/11, even the military's TOP BRASS could, and most likely WOULD have been isolated from this information.

This is why I now call the events on 9/11/2001 the:

9/11 Attacks War Game Scenario

Because its this planning and design [which in itself cold have been compartmentalized so as to NOT show the entire picture to those designing elements of it] which we are slowly unwrapping as we collect more and more information.

One huge step ahead in uncovering the attack scenario would be to find out the original sources of the radar facilities, data flows, and information that was fed to Cheney while in the PEOC by the "young man"...[if indeed he was such a person]. If we find THAT radar information source AND facility interfacing, we will uncover an IMMENSE amount of information regarding the DESIGN of the "9/11 Attacks War Game Scenario".

...which most likely took place at the same time as Cheney was holding his secret energy meetings which showed an early plan at dividing up the Iraqi oil reseves. Hard to divide them up without having military control of the region AYE?

ALL OF THIS is why I am so reluctant to make any early conclusions at the Pentagon...I truly believe that AA77 and the Pentagon scenario are the "achilles heel" of the 9/11 Attacks War game Scenario.

The AA77-Pentagon scenario is much like how the "dust" and laws of physics became the "achiles heel " of the HI PERP's and NIST's attempts to defend the OCT regarding the building collapses [CD actually]. The problem is that we have been unable to collect much evidence OUTSIDE the influences of the Pentagon, Intel Agencies, and other players who need to keep themselves protected from scrutiny.

I suspect that in the end we will find SOME elements of many of the differeing "theories" and different avenues of research and analysis that we have developed or conducted regarding AA77-Pentagon as being PART of the entire AA77-Pentagon event.

Most noteably to me, the early explosions at 09:30-32...and the three points of damage to the generator and low wall...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Good Post SnowCash

He is a wreck. Perhaps if he gets a new heart some of the DNA will rub off on him and he will come clean. (Fat chance)

Part of the reason

I posted this was to show the 9/11 community what state Cheney is in; after all, he is the man who can provide us with lots of answers, if only we were able to compel him to fess up. I don't exactly know what dark secrets this man carries with him, but I'm sure there are plenty.

Similarly, I would give a pinky finger to have dinner with George H. W. Bush, on the condition I could ask him any question, because I am convinced Bush Sr. has been at the epicenter of many covert operations of which the American public has only seen the pitiful cover up theatrics.

These men have made decisions outside of any legal domain, of which I'm sure they would clear up the big 'why'.

I'm sure that if we ever got a 'why' from these people it would a colonel Jessep -type lecture about standing on the barricades of national security while the rest of us bask under their unwanted protection.

Surely, we are unpatriotic ingrates who can't understand the burden shouldered by the leaders of the 'free world' making 'sacrifices' for 'our freedom'.

I am against waterboarding

but with respect to the above mentioned I would be very tempted to make exceptions!

Continues to frighten

If there was ever a face of pure evil, it is this monster's.
Cold, calculating, humorless, dark. . . chilling.

But remember,

he, like most people who have done, or been part of, the most horrible things in history, does not consider himself an evil man.
He is beloved by many, particularly his family.
He has many friends..........seemingly real friends.
And he has worked very hard.
He could have long ago given up all this work, tedious travel, long and boring meetings, dressing up each day and getting hammered by the press. He could long ago have gone to a tropical island and spent the days sipping exotic drinks and reading racy novels.

But instead he sacrificed the good life for a lot of hard work. Even with lots of friends and family, he pushed an agenda of massive slaughter and lies and worked to take away our rights.

I am not defending him, but I think we need to analyze this man in a better way. Saying he is evil and cold really doesn't tell the story.

I think there is a good (in his mind and the minds of many important people around the world) reason for doing what he has done. And I don't think it is all about self enrichment. There is too much dedication to his work and too much sacrifice going on on his part. I think he could have made lots of money in easier ways.

I think the "good reason" for all of this............9/11, WMD, war on terror, Patriot Act, etc etc................is that he and the rest of his elite friends are getting the world and the Empire ready for the end of oil and many other vital resources, in the face of hugely increasing population and rising demand for these resources. Add to that increasing pollution, global warming, etc.
It all adds up to a world in terminal upheaval............extreme violence, in the streets and between militaries.

Remember, all of this started after those very, very secret energy meetings. It is their plan..........take over remaining resources no matter what, and be in a position to militarily control the world, as it breaks down in a monumental violent rebellion, with lack of resources to maintain and industrial and agricultural world.

In HIS mind, he is doing the world, or at least the elites and some of the people of the world, a great favor. We peons could never understand. He and his friends KNOW they are doing the right thing. If they can fool us just a bit longer, they can have all systems in place for the collapse of society, and control it all.

Some good points make no mistake

that he and Bush and the rest of the Neocons have made extensive riches and saved extensive taxes for the elite. They have also privatized the military and other public entities and services. To many of the elite these guys are heros. In addition, the consolidation of power in the hands of the elite are consistent with their demonstrated ideology of superiority.

I guess it is a whole different world.

When you are among the very, very rich, with people who can trace their lineage to important kings and other rulers long ago, and you are always among those who rule now, make the rules, secretly plan wars and financial upheavals and assassinations of elected leaders....................when you spend all your time with these people, the common folk really probably don't amount to much in their minds. I'm sure the mass of humanity is looked on as a THING.........something to be manipulated, used, feared, controlled.

These people are not evil in their minds. They do necessary things. NECESSARY things. And they, in their minds, are valiant and brave and responsible enough not to shirk from these duties.

I'm sure there were fears about going ahead with 9/11. I'm sure they felt that only the best men, men of their caliber, could pull it off and stand up to the flack they may get later.

But the reward would be that they would forever be remembered as having done the NECESSARY thing.
Never crosses their minds that these necessary things are evil. They are beloved by their friends and family. Like us all. The rest of the people........well, there ARE too many of them and the earth suffers greatly from these unnecessary lives.

Smell the Sulphur


If he has any conscience

he's sure concealed it well.

Greed and deceitfulness--whatever culture or period of history you look at, those rank high among traits that people most widely associated with 'evil.' And I'd say these have been his defining traits--at least in his public life.

What's the Purpose?

Why we are giving this man any attention and energy?

My latest fantasy is that everyone connected to the 911

crimes or complicit in the cover-up gets dumped on a remote island. The navy surrounds the island and monitors so that escape is not possible. Minimum survival rations can be dropped periodically and the bastards can fight it out among themselves on who gets what.

I hope Dick wrote why he was a part of 911

in a book & when he dies it comes out.

Those pics look like there is nothing inside of him.

I think he already did that

I think he already did that in the PNAC document.

I mean, the guy is obviously a sociopath, so it really is as simple as a power equation.

Cheney murdered about 3000 Americans on 9/11 in exchange for being the most powerful man in the USA for eight years.

However, once this arch-traitor is dead, it may be that some more leaks will appear.

On the other hand, I was hoping for more leaks as soon as the Bush-Cheney regime left office and that really has not happened.

Why won't he


Maybe when he does die

Maybe when he does die, the secrets will begin to unravel? Will others, afraid to speak out now, begin to break their silence?


will come for him and for all the living agents of our debasement.


Cheney's pump

You mean he needs aNOTHER machine pump to move the ice through his veins? I thought his old pump had a lifetime warranty and was ok for ice!

Cheney, shooting somebody in the face without apology

"Despite his scars, Whittington bears no ill will toward Cheney. He calls him "a very capable and honorable man" and adds, "He's said some very kind things to me."

But did Cheney ever say in private what he didn't say in public? Did he ever apologize?

Whittington, who has been talking about his life and career for hours, suddenly draws silent.

"I'm not going to go into that," he says sharply after a short pause.

Harry Whittington is too gracious to say it out loud, but he doesn't dispute the notion, either.

Nearly five years on, he's still waiting for Dick Cheney to say he's sorry. "

Source: Washington Post — Since Dick Cheney shot him, Harry Whittington's aim has been to move on

Bush: I considered replacing Cheney in 2004

Former President George W. Bush considered dropping then-Vice President Dick Cheney from his re-election ticket in 2004 after concerns that Cheney had become too polarizing a force, according to an excerpt from his new memoir.

Bush's book, Decision Points, is to be released this month. According to The New York Times:

The idea came from Mr. Cheney, who offered to drop out of the race one day during a private lunch between the two men in mid-2003. “I did consider the offer,” Mr. Bush writes, and spent several weeks exploring the possibility of replacing Mr. Cheney with Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the majority leader, before opting against the switch."

“While Dick helped with important parts of our base, he had become a lightning rod for criticism from the media and the left,” Mr. Bush writes. “He was seen as dark and heartless – the Darth Vader of the administration.” The president resented the caricature that Mr. Cheney really controlled the White House. “Accepting Dick’s offer would be one way to demonstrate that I was in charge,” he writes.

But in the end, Mr. Bush writes, “the more I thought about it, the more strongly I felt Dick should stay. I hadn’t picked him to be a political asset; I had chosen him to help me do the job. That was exactly what he had done.” Mr. Bush wrote that he trusted Mr. Cheney, valued his steadiness and considered him a good friend. So, “at one of our lunches a few weeks later, I asked Dick to stay and he agreed.”

The Times said that Cheney's offer to resign had an "interesting antecedent" in a previous Bush Administration.

...During his father’s ultimately unsuccessful reelection bid in 1992, Mr. Bush says he urged him to dump Vice President Dan Quayle and put Mr. Cheney, then the defense secretary, on the ticket. His father declined, “but I never completely gave up on my idea of a Bush-Cheney ticket.”

Mr. Cheney clearly pushed Mr. Bush toward war. The former president writes that his vice president “had gotten out in front of my position” with an August 2002 speech dismissing the prospect of further inspections and says he ordered Ms. Rice to call Mr. Cheney to rein him back in.

At one point during their private weekly lunch, Mr. Cheney questioned whether Mr. Bush would follow through on the threats against Mr. Hussein. “Are you going to take care of this guy, or not?” Mr. Cheney demanded.

Source: The Raw Story

More from Bush's memoir is available at The Times.

(BTW, I think this is a bunch of B.S.)