Zelikow's Key Role in 9/11 Cover-Up

Zelikow's Key Role in 9/11 Cover-Up

Spot on

Zelikow's obvious participation in the cover up is the political WTC7. Its a glaring obvious fact. When people get frustrated that DIck Cheney may escape 9/11 justice with death, take heart, because Zelikow isn't protected by executive privilege.

The control by Zelikow

just changed my impression of Hamiltons mantra "We just saw no evidence for that"

Of course he did not. It was all hidden. And Hamilton the coward stays fine: He said the truth without saying the full truth..

In Star Wars Terms

I would say Phillip Zelikow is Moff Tarkin to Cheney's Vader.

What Prosecuter is going to

put Zelikow away?

Rise up please, honest & brave lady or man.

Why in the world

Why in the world is this man allowed to walk around the University of Virginia without having to answer some serious bleeping questions?

The University of Virginia and Dr. Zelikow's students need to be reminded they have a dubious character in their midst.

He seems to be fibbing.

A Call to University of Virginia Students

In wake of Colonel Scaffer's book publication and the ground breaking accusations, the students need to confront this creep. Philip Zelikow is the new Benadict Arnold.

UVA Policy

This is nothing new for UVA - they also have a project for flattering bios for the Bush family.


Zelikow's 9/11 Prophecy..

Catastrophic Terrorism:

Elements of a National Policy


Ashton B. Carter, John M. Deutch

and Philip D. Zelikow



The authors would like to thank the members of the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group:

Graham T. Allison, Jr.

Zoe Baird

Vic DeMarines

Robert Gates

Jamie Gorelick

Robert Hermann

Philip Heyman

Fred Ikle

Elaine Kamarck

Ernest May

Matthew Meselson

Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

William J. Perry

Larry Potts

Fred Schauer

J. Terry Scott

Jack Sheehan

Malcom Sparrow

Herbert Winokur

Robert Zoellick


This name Robert Gates sure stands out eh? as does Jamie Gorelick's.

- Does anyone know the precise date that was published. (I see it was 1998).. I find it interesting the shared language with the PNAC Document.. ie: Pearl Harbor event, catastrophic, etc. My instincts tell me Zelikow's document either only slightly predated the PNAC doc or was published in near simultaneity with it.

Zelikow even refers to the WTC ie: had it been "successful" the first time..

So a year or so before the event, he imagines it, and how it will be employed as a public policy tool, and the guy is a doctor in the formation of public myths..


He must have been PSYCHIC, unless.. unless he's a monster.

And he even writes the "Bush Doctrine"

the "Pre-emptive Strike" doctrine, post 9/11, but two months PRIOR to, sitting as Chair of the 9/11 Commission, without TELLING ANYONE that it was he himself who wrote it - evidence of a consciousness of complicitity or of wrongdoing in terms of his conflicts of interest.
Then he places himself at the apex of the information channels and flow and essentially authors, himself, the "narrative" or the "historical myth" in history regarding what took place on September 11th, now the only "official" historical point of reference regarding that tragic day.. (aside from the NIST Report as to cause of the twin towers', and building 7's destruction..

This guy isn't a historian at all, but an evil 'genius' historial WAR CRIMINAL, of the farthest reaching proportions, and here he's caught red handed, prior to, and after 9/11, as well as having a direct connection to the Iraq War provocation policy document, suggesting that the 9/11 event authorized the use of pre-emptive warfare, in contravention to the traditional view, and international laws regarding the use of warfare. That's twisted, this guy's twisted, and yet he teaches, in Virginia, without any repercussions or consequences for himself and his professional status, how f'd is that?

I cannot get over this Zelikow issue, and why it's not being addressed, out loud. I'm not sure even Jesse Ventura is aware of the extent of this one guy's involvement, and duplicity in actaully crafting the entire frame of reference, with the help of his friends like Wolfowitz, Pearl, Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney, Bush, etc. and Robert Gates.

Crazy, that he's considered a highly respected "historian".

What's the world coming to?

It's absurd.

Cheney sits in Wyoming, and
Zelikow is back in the US teaching (I think he'd left the country for a few years, waiting for the dust to settle), clothed in the garb of a respected Academician..

Keep up the good work everyone, keep up the pressure. We're always just one generation away from changing the WHOLE GAME, and it can happen at any time.

I think guys like Zelikow need to know that the historical truth will catch up to them one day and have its reckoning, he needs to UNDERSTAND that, as a "learned professor of history'".

Zelikows University of Virginia Contact Info

The University of Virginia lists this as his email address.


and 3-8751 as his phone extension in the Department of History


"Zoellick was perhaps the first Bush associate to introduce the concept of “evil” into the rhetoric of the then-administration-in-waiting. In Foreign Affairs, Zoellick wrote: “A modern Republican foreign policy recognizes that there is still evil in the world—people who hate America and the ideas for which it stands. Today, we face enemies who are hard at work to develop nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, along with the missiles to deliver them. The United States must remain vigilant and have the strength to defeat its enemies. People driven by enmity or by a need to dominate will not respond to reason or goodwill. They will manipulate civilized rules for uncivilized ends.”
In a speech to the right-wing Heritage Foundation in Washington, Zoellick made the case that there is no alternative to globalization and that U.S. companies and consumers were already benefiting in countless ways from this new wave of corporate-led economic integration. To drive his point home, Zoellick noted: “Even the funeral business has gone global, with a Houston-based company now selling funeral plots in 20 countries.” (8)
Part of that policy coherence was expressed by Zoellick in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks when he conflated his free trade initiatives with the war on terrorism. “Now we have a clear enemy who is not only trying to do us great damage, but is also trying to terrorize us, to paralyze us by terrorizing us,” said Zoellick. “The terrorists deliberately chose the World Trade towers as their target. While their blow toppled the towers, it cannot and will not shake the foundation of world trade and freedom. Our response has to counter fear and panic, and counter it with free trade.”


"People driven by enmity or by a need to dominate will not respond to reason or goodwill. They will manipulate civilized rules for uncivilized ends.”

How tragically ironic, now that we have over a million innocent people killed for no reason..

Zelikow did the job he was assigned

no more no less than being Master of the Myth. The good history professor knows this is nothing new and you can bet your bottom dollar he's got first class protection. I personally feel there are some very strange and nefarious type activities surronding the University of Virginia and I am sure he feels right at home and on some level is a hero of sorts.

He may eventually be the fall guy for a 911 cover story whereby the Govt concedes it should have put the dots together, but anything goes in the matter of protecting our National Security. Sorry but I can't see any scenario underwhich he would be able to testify against his handlers.

He was more

than that, note the paper he co-authored three years prior to 9/11 and how it's language ended up in the PNAC document calling for a new Pearl Harbor. He was also involved in the formation of the policy which gave rise to the false flag itself.

points taken

no doubt about it thanks


Let's not forget Wikileaks claims they have the unredacted Operation DarkHeart.