We have The Twin Towers Now We Have The Twin Truthers

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
Most of us have 9/11 Truth stories to tell about how we try to reach family members, relatives and close friends with our knowledge of 9/11 Truth. I know from experience that we somethimes don't succeed with those that are close to us. Over the past five years I've been pumping my identical twin brother, Marvin, with the knowledge I have about 9/11, and although he believes me, I never heard of him doing something about it that can have an affect on others. Well, today he sent me this picture and I'm very proud of him because it's a picture of him standing on the street in Las Vegas, where he lives, with a 9/11 Truth sign. I can now officially label him a 9/11 Truther because he isn't just taking in the knowledge he's acting on it. Check out the pic he sent me.
Take Care Matt

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Good to see the Two of you

I have a twin sister who cannot fathom the TRUTH. She is a victim of Prozac , alcohol , televised sports, mainstream news, etc.

I have a brother that gets it but is in no condition to do anything about it.