4409 -- Your 9/11 truth billboard 2.0

ae911Truth.org Billboard

Shelton and the rest of the 4409 crew have struck again... Here's their second 9/11 truth billboard promoting AE911Truth! This is set to be another youtube sensation.


Help spread this video...We decided to take down the PatriotsQuestion911 and replace it with http://www.AE911Truth.org

We're planning to build another billboard close to this one in the coming days and are open to suggestions...Also if you would like to help us go to http://www.Formula4409.com

*Thanks to Joe too for contributing content to improve this post.

Good work!

Very effective billboard!
I've put it on my facebook

great job

where is this?

I-40 near Phoenix, AZ

This is the same spot as the PatriotsQuestion911 billboard as I understand it. They just replaced the Patriots with the AE911Truth website.
(Sanders, Arizona) on I-40.

So we now have two AE911Truth billboards going strong: One in Arizona and one in San Luis Obispo, CA!