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4409 -- Your 9/11 truth billboard 2.0 Billboard

Shelton and the rest of the 4409 crew have struck again... Here's their second 9/11 truth billboard promoting AE911Truth! This is set to be another youtube sensation.

Help spread this video...We decided to take down the PatriotsQuestion911 and replace it with

We're planning to build another billboard close to this one in the coming days and are open to suggestions...Also if you would like to help us go to

*Thanks to Joe too for contributing content to improve this post.


Good work!

Very effective billboard!
I've put it on my facebook

great job

where is this?

I-40 near Phoenix, AZ

This is the same spot as the PatriotsQuestion911 billboard as I understand it. They just replaced the Patriots with the AE911Truth website.
(Sanders, Arizona) on I-40.

So we now have two AE911Truth billboards going strong: One in Arizona and one in San Luis Obispo, CA!