What is the (Gov) Deal With Ali Mohamed

Before 9/11, In 2001, From Feb to July 2001 a trial was going on in NYC. It was called "USA v. Usama bin Laden et al". It was over in July 2001 but not the sentencing part. The sentencing came after 9/11 in Oct 2001. The only defendant that didn't receive his sentencing was the only one that had already pleaded guilty. His name was Ali Mohammed.

"Daily transcripts of the USA v. Usama bin Laden et al trial in the Southern District of New York.".....

October 21, 2001
"The curtain came down on the embassy bombings trial on Thursday when a federal judge sentenced four men to life in prison for attacks on U.S. embassies in East Africa three years ago."
"Mohamed al-'Owhali, Khalfan Khamis Mohamed, Mohamed Odeh and Wadih el Hage each got life without parole for their roles in near simultaneous attacks August 7, 1998, on embassies at Kenya and Tanzania."
"The sentencing marked the conclusion of the only U.S. prosecution to date involving members of al Qaeda, the militant group headed by accused terrorist Osama bin Laden."
"Besides the four men sentenced on Thursday, another defendant, Ali Mohamed, pleaded guilty last year."

Here is a little background on this Ali Mohamed, a former Egyptian Army Intelligence officer who became an American citizen, was a U.S. Intelligence asset, and helped set up and train the Al Qaeda network.

"In 1981, while Islamist members of his Egyptian Army unit carried out the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in Cairo, Mohamed took part in a foreign officer training exercise at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; at the end of the four-month course he was given a diploma bearing a green beret. At some point during this exercise Mohamed was approached by representatives of the CIA, who sought to recruit him as a foreign asset; the results of that meeting are unknown."

"In 1984 Mohammed boldly walked into the Cairo station of the CIA to offer his services." page 204

And here is the cover story the CIA put out to show that he doesn't work for them. It is not believable for several reasons.....

"After the C.I.A. agreed to work with him, Mr. Mohamed made contact with a group of Hezbollah adherents in Germany, according to American officials."
"Within weeks, the agency learned that Mr. Mohamed had taken that opportunity to reveal to the terrorists that he was working for the C.I.A."
"It is not known whether Mr. Mohamed set out to be a double agent on his own, or whether he was at this point acting under the influence or instructions of an Islamic group.
The C.I.A., however, decided to have nothing more to do with him."

The official story is, the FBI, the CIA, the Army, The State Department, and the Department of Defense were all duped by Ali Mohammed who actually infiltrated them instead of terrorist groups. Now, if I was part of an outlaw group, and someone wanted to join who admitted that they were an intelligence agent for the government, I would not want them near the group, even if they said, "it's OK, I'll work for you guys not the Government". They simply could not be trusted. Besides....

"Mr. Mohamed arrived in New York on Sept. 6, 1985, and eventually settled in California."

How is it possible he was even let into the country if the CIA knew he double crossed them? Because the "betrayal" seems to be a CIA cover story.....

Here they are putting out the cover story....

"Reporters at various news agencies were later told by anonymous sources in the CIA that Mohamed had immediately announced himself as a CIA plant to people at the Hamburg mosque but, due to the presence of an additional CIA asset there, the Agency quickly learned of his betrayal and dropped him."

However, it doesn't ring true......

Boston Globe:
"Ali Mohamed, a shadowy individual described by defense attorneys as a key figure in the largest terrorism trial in US history, came to the United States in the early or mid-1980s under clandestine CIA sponsorship, government sources told the Globe."
"Ali Mohamed, described at the bombing trial that opened Monday in New York as a sergeant in the US Special Forces, is said by defense attorneys to have provided the 12 defendants with their initial training in the handling of bombs and weapons. At that time, in the late 1980s, defense lawyers say, Ali Mohamed was encouraging them to take part in the "jihad," or holy war against Soviet troops in Afghanistan. That jihad was actively supported by the CIA."
"Senior officials say Mohamed, who is of Egyptian origin, benefitted from a little known visa-waiver program that allows the CIA and other security agencies to bring valuable agents into the country, bypassing the usual immigration formalities. Intelligence sources say that waivers are controlled by the CIA's Department of Operations, the clandestine side of the agency, and have been used "sparingly" in recent years."

That report in the Boston Globe is from 1995 during a previous trial involving the first WTC 1993 bombing. This Ali Mohamed sure gets around doesn't he? But he never testifies, he just goes back "to work".

The CIA visa waiver program:
"While perhaps “little known,” this authority was granted to the Director of National Intelligence by the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 and codified in 50 U.S.C. §403h, which states that if “the admission of a particular alien into the United States for permanent residence is in the interest of national security or essential to the furtherance of the national intelligence mission, such alien and his immediate family shall be admitted to the United States for permanent residence without regard to their inadmissibility under the immigration or any other laws and regulations….”

The CIA put out the cover story that he was a double agent:
"Reporters at various news agencies were later told by anonymous sources in the CIA that Mohamed had immediately announced himself as a CIA plant to people at the Hamburg mosque but, due to the presence of an additional CIA asset there, the Agency quickly learned of his betrayal and dropped him."

There is no reason to believe this. Because.....
"In 1995, after Mohamed’s name publicly surfaces at the trial of Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman, the Boston Globe will report that Mohamed had been admitted to the US under a special visa program controlled by the CIA’s clandestine service. This will contradict the CIA’s later claims of disassociating themselves from Mohamed and attempting to stop him from entering the US."

So he comes to the U.S. thanks to a special visa-waiver program sponsered by the CIA who are pretending to not have anything to do with him.....
"A year later, he enlisted in the American Army, and was assigned to the Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, where the Army trains its Special Forces."

"He managed to get stationed at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina." page 205

"The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School - the Army's special operations university - is responsible for special operations training, leader development, doctrine, and personnel advocacy. The center and school's Training Group conducts the complete spectrum of special operations training. In addition to its training role, the school also tests new equipment."

"The Special Warfare Center and School began as the Psychological Warfare Division of the Army General School at Fort Riley, KS, in 1951. The school moved to Fort Bragg in 1952. Civil-affairs classes were added to the curriculum when the Civil Affairs School moved from Fort Gordon, GA, to Fort Bragg in 1971. In 1961, the school established the Special Forces Training Group to train enlisted volunteers for assignments in special forces groups."

"The first step for a soldier wishing to become Special Forces qualified is Special Forces Assessment and Selection; a 24-day course designed to focus on student trainability and suitability in Special Forces. The SFAS cadre look at nearly 1,800 Special Forces volunteers each year to determine who is suitable for Special Forces training and to determine who may be unable to adapt to the Special Forces environment. Candidates attend SFAS at Camp MacKall, N.C. in a temporary duty (TDY) status. Candidates who enter this course find themselves under constant evaluation starting with the day they in-process until the day they out-process."

"In 1989, officers at Fort Bragg cast Mr. Mohamed as the star of a series of training videotapes intended to give soldiers a taste of how Islamic radicals view the world."

Excerpt from Army instructional video on the Middle East featuring Al Qaeda/CIA member Ali Mohamed:

"Toward the end of his service in the Army, Mr. Mohamed asked to be introduced to the C.I.A.'s representative at Fort Bragg, a former Army officer said."

His work for the CIA and the Department of Defense seems to be to help set up a new enemy for the Military Industrial Complex now that the Soviet Union has collapsed.

"The evidence for Mohamed's role in the 1993 bombing is substantial and -- by the standards of most terrorism investigations -- extraordinarily concrete.
* Mohamed trained several members of the Brooklyn terror cell responsible for the bombing, including Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohamed Salameh, and Siddig Siddig Ali, according to extensive court records, testimony and physical evidence.
* When Ramzi Yousef and an accomplice entered the U.S. in 1992 to begin work on the bombing, they were carrying terrorist training material directly linked to Mohamed, according to physical evidence presented in court.
* Yousef and his accomplice flew into the country after visting an al Qaeda encampment where -- according to multiple eyewitness accounts -- Mohamed was working as a trainer and assembling terrorist training manuals.
* On entering the country, Yousef immediately contacted two of Mohamed's trainees, both of whom were later indicted for the World Trade Center bombing, court records show.
The 9/11 Commission's final report concluded that the WTC bombing had been crafted in Afghanistan during the summer of 1992, when Yousef and Mohamed were both in the region. Yousef's support network when he arrived in the United States consisted almost entirely of figures with links to Mohamed."

"But when the Brooklyn cell was finally indicted in 1993, Ali A. Mohamed was not one of the defendants. He wasn't a witness. Through a tangle of intrigues, negotiations and apparent investigative oversights, Mohamed escaped prosecution until after the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa"

"Mohamed escaped prosecution until after the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa" -- But Mohamed did escape sentencing. He's never been sentenced, and he's not in prison.

October 21, 2001 - "Mohamed's relationship with the FBI and intelligence services remains wrapped in secrecy. His plea agreement is sealed, as are many of the court documents and much of the testimony. Mohamed was expected to testify -- but did not -- at the trial where the four others were convicted. Mohamed and his lawyer have declined all interview requests."

"Mohamed was expected to testify -- but did not"

Instead an al qaeda member named L'HOUSSAINE KHERCHTOU turned states witness and testified instead of Ali Mohammed. We know what deal KHERCHTOU got. It was revealed in court testimony....

Court testimony of L'HOUSSAINE KHERCHTOU

"February 27, 2001
Q. You have been living here since approximately September of 2000, correct?
A. Correct.
Q. And the government has agreed to assist you in becoming part of what is known as the Witness Protection Program, correct?
A. Yes.
Q. And the United States has paid to move members of your family here to the United States also to live in this country, correct?
A. Correct."

Ali Mohammed's cover seems to have been wearing thin by the time of the embassy bombings as court testimony shows....

Ali Mohammed was known as Abu Mohamed al Amriki or Jeff to jihadis.....

Court testimony of L'HOUSSAINE KHERCHTOU:
"21 February 2001

Q Who was the trainer who taught you this surveillance training?
A It was Abu Mohamed al Amriki.
Q Can you tell the jury what al Amriki means.
A The American.
Q The person that you knew as Abu Mohamed, the American, what nationality did he appear to be?
A What is his nationality?
Q Yes.
A He is Egyptian."

Mohammed Atef certainly didn't trust Ali Mohammed, that is who is referred to in court transcripts as Abu Hafs el Masry.....

"Mohammed Atef (also known as Abu Hafs) was the alleged military chief of al-Qaida, although his role in the organisation was not well-known by intelligence agencies for years. His death in November 2001 was one of the United States' largest and first victories in the War on Terror."

Court testimony of L'HOUSSAINE KHERCHTOU:

"22 February 2001

Q Are you familiar with anyone who used the nickname Jeff?
A Yes. That was Mohamed al Amriki.
Q Did you ever discuss with Wadih El Hage whether or not Abu Hafs el Masry, the military committee person, trusted Abu Mohamed al Amriki, the surveillance person?
A Yes.
Q Can you tell us what you recall about that conversation.
A It was about Abu Hafs el Masry, the commander, wanted to travel to Sudan and wanted somebody, whether me or Wadia or Haroun, to book a flight to go to Sudan, but he doesn't want that Abu Mohamed al Amriki to see his passport or the name he is using, and I was very angry. I told him why you don't trust him, and Wadia told me that al Hafs doesn't want him, doesn't want Abu Mohamed al Amriki to see his name, because he was afraid that maybe he is working with United States or other governments."

"Mohamed al-'Owhali, Khalfan Khamis Mohamed, Mohamed Odeh and Wadih el Hage each got life without parole for their roles in near simultaneous attacks August 7, 1998, on embassies at Kenya and Tanzania."

In the FBI report Mohamed al-'Owhali also shows that Ali Mohamed was labeled untrustworthy, reveals that Mohamed taught al Qaeda how to use "cells" but his cover is being blown.....

FBI 302, dated 9/9/98 of interviews of Mohammad al-Owali:

"Subject further advised that he believes that this type of "cell" training was, at one time, taught in the Bin Ladin camps by an Egyptian male, who was trained by either the American military or intelligence agency. Subject does not know this Egyptian's name but added that he is no longer a part of Bin Ladin's training camps because he had been labeled untrustworthy. Subject believes this person lives in the United States." page 5/18

L'HOUSSAINE KHERCHTOU also mentioned during the trial, of Al Qaeda wanting trained pilots......

Court testimony of L'HOUSSAINE KHERCHTOU:
"February 27, 2001

Q. And after being asked to become a member of al Qaeda, they asked you to take training -- "they" meaning al Qaeda as leaders -- asked you to take training as a pilot, correct?
A. When? When was that? After I graduated? After I joined al Qaeda?
Q. After you joined al Qaeda, you were asked to take training as a pilot, correct?
A. I joined the al Qaeda in 1991 and I was offered the training to be a pilot in 1993."

Before the trial even started conspirator Mohammad al-Owali gave investigators a gold mine of intelligence.

FBI 302, dated 9/9/98 of interviews of Mohammad al-Owali:

"Subject made a series of phone calls to his friend in yemen, Ahmed al-hazza at phone number 967 1 200 578." page 14/18

Ahmed al-hazza is more commonly known as Ahmed al-hada.

"Ahmad Mohammad Ali al-Hada ran an al-Qaeda safehouse in Sanaa, Yemen, from 1998 or earlier thorugh 2000 or later. Embassy bombings suspect Mohamed al-'Owhali provided the telephone number of this safehouse to authorities after he was detained; the number was monitored by the National Security Agency thereafter. In 1999, the NSA picked up discussions of the impending meeting in Kuala Lumpur that is believed to have served as a planning vehicle for the Sept. 11 attacks. They also learned "Nawaf" and "Khalid" -- future hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar -- would be attending."

"Interrogated by a team of FBI agents, al-Owhali gave up the key relay number(011-967-1-200-578) - the telephone number of Ahmed al-Hada."

"NSA immediately began intercepting al-Hada's telephone calls......The importance of the intercepted al-Hada telephone calls remains today a highly classified secret within the intelligence community, which continues to insist that al-Hada be referred to only as a "suspected terrorist facility in the Middle East" in declassified reports regarding the 9/11 intelligence disaster."

That phone number was to Al Qaeda's communication hub. It also was the home of future 9-11 hijacker Khailid al-Mihdar.

"Also living in the house was Hada's doughter, Hoda along with her husband, Khailid al-Mihdar.....He had been training in secret for months to lead a massive airborne terrorist attack against the U.S. Now he was just waiting for the phone call to begine the operation." page 8

"And in the Sept. 11 hijacking, U.S. officials told NBC News that the hijackers left messages on the Yemen phone for others to pick up."

"Snoops at the National Security Agency’s headquarters in Maryland knew that when Osama dialed 011-967-1-200-578, he was checking in on his global operations center, located in a private home in Yemen. By 2000, the NSA was eavesdropping on calls between that house and a young man who had recently moved out. Agents knew the man’s name and suspected him to be an international terrorist. The fact that his calls were coming from inside the United States escaped their notice."

"The fact that his calls were coming from inside the United States escaped their notice." Yea, sure it did.

"Hijackers Lived With FBI Informant
Two of the Sept. 11 hijackers who lived in San Diego in 2000 rented a room from a man who reportedly worked as an undercover FBI informant....Newsweek magazine reports that Khalid Al- Mihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi lived with a "tested" undercover "asset" who had been working closely with the FBI office in San Diego."

That wasn't just the phone number to a 9/11 hijacker. It was a communications hub. Probably the most important phone number they could have got from any of the hijackers.

But they also had the name and phone number of another 9/11 hijacker before he ever was allowed to come to the U.S.

"In March 1999, German intelligence officials gave the Central Intelligence Agency the first name and telephone number of Marwan al-Shehhi, and asked the Americans to track him."

"The Germans considered the information on Mr. Shehhi particularly valuable, and the commission is keenly interested in why it apparently did not lead to greater scrutiny of him."

"The independent commission investigating the attacks has received information on the 1999 Shehhi tip, and is actively investigating the issue, said Philip Zelikow, executive director of the commission."

"The incident is of particular importance because Mr. Shehhi was a crucial member of the Qaeda cell in Hamburg at the heart of the Sept. 11 plot. Close surveillance of Mr. Shehhi in 1999 might have led investigators to other plot leaders, including Mohammed Atta, who was Mr. Shehhi's roommate."

"Asked whether American intelligence officials gave sufficient attention to the information about Mr. Shehhi, Mr. Zelikow said, ''We haven't reached any conclusions.''

I don't remember reading any of this in the 9-11 Commission report. I remember reading this.....

"Shehhi obtained his visa on January 18, 2000" -- 9-11 Commission report

Why? Why are these people being given visas when they are known al Qaeda operatives?

"A conversation on the Hada phone at the end of 1999 mentioned a forthcoming meeting of Al Qaeda operatives in Malaysia. The C.I.A. learned the name of one participant, Khaled al-Mihdhar, and the first name of another: Nawaf. Both men were Saudi citizens. The C.I.A. did not pass this intelligence to the F.B.I."

"However, the C.I.A. did share the information with Saudi authorities, who told the agency that Mihdhar and a man named Nawaf al-Hazmi were members of Al Qaeda. Based on this intelligence, the C.I.A. broke into a hotel room in Dubai where Mihdhar was staying, en route to Malaysia. The operatives photocopied Mihdhar’s passport and faxed it to Alec Station, the C.I.A. unit devoted to tracking bin Laden. Inside the passport was the critical information that Mihdhar had a U.S. visa."

"The agency frequently decided not to share intelligence with the F.B.I. on the ground that it would compromise “sensitive sources and methods.” For example, the C.I.A. collected other crucial information
about Mihdhar that it did not provide to the F.B.I. Mihdhar, it turned out, was the son-in-law of Ahmed al-Hada, the Al Qaeda loyalist in Yemen whose phone number operated as the network’s switchboard."

Before the trial "USA v. Usama bin Laden et al" started he was the only defendant to plead guilty....

Ali Mohamed speaks.....

"This transcript is from an appearance by Ali Mohamed before Judge Sand on October 20, 2000. Mr. Mohamed is one of 17 defendants in the bombing of US Embassies in Kenya and Sudan. And now the only one to plead guilty."

"New York, N.Y.
October 20, 2000

THE COURT: Your offer is to plead guilty to five counts charging you with conspiracy to kill nationals of the United States, conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim at places outside of the United States, conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to destroy buildings and property of the United States, and conspiracy to destroy national-defense utilities of the United States. Do you understand that pursuant to the relevant statutes, conviction on those five counts would subject you to a total maximum sentence of incarceration of life imprisonment plus any term of years. Do you understand that you would be subject to that potential sentence?
THE DEFENDANT: Yes, your Honor.
THE COURT: Then do I understand that you are offering to plead guilty because you believe that you are guilty?
THE DEFENDANT: Yes, your Honor.
THE COURT: The Court finds that there is a knowing, voluntary plea of guilty which encompasses all of the elements of the charges to which the defendant has offered to plead guilty, and the plea is accepted. The plea may be entered. We will set a sentencing date of nine months from today as a control date."

"We will set a sentencing date of nine months from today as a control date."

Well it's been over 10 years now and he has never been sentenced. You can't visit him in jail either because there is no record of him in any prison.

"Mohamed's lawyers, James Roth and Lloyd Epstein, have steadfastly resisted any attempts by journalists to get the full story."

"His wife, Linda Sanchez, remains loyal to him and hopeful that some day the Feds will set him free."
"He's done a lot for the government," she said in an exclusive interview for this book. "Someday you'll know it all, but I can't discuss it."

The love of his life his wife was really just a citizenship card.....

"Mohamed was traveling from Egypt to New York, he said, while the divorcee, a medical technician from Santa Clara, was returning to the West Coast after a vacation in Greece, according to two longtime acquaintances who asked not to be named because of safety concerns."
"Within a few days of arriving in the United States, Mohamed phoned the divorcee and then turned up in the Bay Area, according to the acquaintances. After a six-week courtship, they were married in Reno."
"Mohamed's wife seemed genuinely devoted to her husband, but the acquaintances suspected that, for him, it may have been "a marriage of convenience," as one put it -- a way to obtain a "green card" and an American home."

Take a look at the following two headlines. The Government was ordered by the Judge to reveal to defense attorneys the deal made with Ali Mohamed.

"Lawyers Seeking to Expose Plea Deal in Bombings Case
Published: May 06, 2001
The terms of Mr. Mohamed's plea bargain with the government remain secret, but his brief courtroom assertion remains the most direct public statement linking Mr. bin Laden and the 1998 Nairobi attack, which along with a nearly simultaneous bombing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killed 224 people."

"Yet, during nearly three months of testimony in the bombings trial, prosecutors never called Mr. Mohamed to the stand to repeat his allegations about Mr. bin Laden's role, nor did they offer the jury any other direct evidence that so decisively tied Mr. bin Laden to either attack."

"Now, with the jury poised to begin deliberations this week, there is a struggle going on as lawyers for the two defendants who could face the death penalty are trying to pull Mr. Mohamed and his secret deal with the government into the open."

"They hope to show that leaders of the conspiracy got deals and will not even stand trial, while their client, a low-level participant, could be put to death if convicted."
"The prosecution, however, has refused to provide the broad information they are seeking, and the matter is before Judge Leonard B. Sand."

"Terror Case To End Secrets Of Plea Deals By Informers
Published: May 12, 2001
A federal judge in the embassy bombings trial ordered the government yesterday to turn over to the defense records of any secret deals that it has made with certain informants who have agreed to cooperate in the investigation of Osama bin Laden. The order covers people who were members of what the government calls Mr. bin Laden's terrorist conspiracy."

"The broad ruling by Judge Leonard B. Sand of Federal District Court in Manhattan, which came over the strong objections of prosecutors, also covers any such deals made with foreign governments that American prosecutors are aware of."

"The order covers an agreement struck with a former American Army sergeant, Ali A. Mohamed, who pleaded guilty to terrorism conspiracy last year and admitted that he scouted out the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, as a potential bombing target, and later watched as Mr. bin Laden looked at a photograph ''and pointed to where a truck could go as a suicide bomber.''

"The terms of Mr. Mohamed's deal with the government and the sentence he may receive in return for any cooperation have never been made public."

"The order covers an agreement struck with a former American Army sergeant, Ali A. Mohamed, who pleaded guilty to terrorism conspiracy last year and admitted that he scouted out the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, as a potential bombing target, and later watched as Mr. bin Laden looked at a photograph ''and pointed to where a truck could go as a suicide bomber.''

Terror Case To End Secrets Of Plea Deals By Informers

But the Government simply ignored the Judges order. They never revealed a thing. It is in fact, still a secret.

"November 12, 2001 - now in protective custody, who helped plan past terror attacks. Ali Mohamed, a former member of both the Egyptian and U.S. militaries and an Al-Qaida operative"

"protective custody - Under the program, the U.S. attorney general is authorized to offer security to key witnesses who have physical safety concerns. The program, which is administered by the U.S. Marshals Service, provides a new Social Security number and other documents to enable the person to establish a new identity. It also provides housing, transportation of household goods to a new residence, payments to meet basic living expenses, employment assistance, and other services necessary to assist the person in becoming self-sustaining. The witness's immediate family or a person closely associated with the witness may be provided similar assistance under the program."

"In return for this assistance, the witness and family members over eighteen years of age must each sign a memorandum of agreement. The witness must agree to testify and provide information to law enforcement officials. In addition, the person must agree not to commit any crime and to take all necessary steps to avoid detection. Most witnesses remain in the program for two years before pursuing their new lives on their own."

So his "punishment" wasn't getting life in prison, it was receiving a whole new life with the rest of us footing the bill.

This person never received a prison sentence.......

"And Mohamed was one of the primary sources for the infamous Aug. 6, 2001, Presidential Daily Brief entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Strike In U.S."

"Whether or not Mohamed knew the particulars of the 9/11 plot, he knew a lot. Businesses and institutions exploited by Mohamed and his close associates were re-used by virtually all of the 9/11 hijackers as they prepared for the attack."

"Ali Mohamed was training al Qaeda operatives in bomb-making and other skills for a significant portion of 1992, including (at minimum) the month of September."

"He had been training the first al-Qaeda volunteers in techniques of unconventional warfare, including kidnappings, assassinations, and hijacking planes" page 206

"Subject further advised that he believes that this type of "cell" training was, at one time, taught in the Bin Ladin camps by an Egyptian male, who was trained by either the American military or intelligence agency." page 5/18

"He wrote the multivolume terrorist training guide that became al-Qaeds's playbook" page 205

"Ali Mohammed, taught a course on surveillance, using techniques he had picked up from the U.S. Special Forces(bin Laden himself took Mohammed's first course as a student)." page 215

"Ali Mohammed trained bin Laden's bodyguards." page 220

I even contacted one of the defense attorneys involved in the case to ask if the judges order was ever fulfilled as to what kind of deal was made with Ali Mohamed and was told this....

"To my knowledge, Ali Mohammed has never been sentenced. As I recall (not having the documents in my possession any longer), he plead guilty to crimes carrying maximum sentences of lifetime imprisonment. It is obvious he was cooperating w/ the government and, therefore, that cooperation would have figured in a major way in any sentence he ultimately received. But, as stated, I do not have any information that he has ever been sentenced, is in custody, etc."

Ali Mohamed was an American Intelligence asset who worked closely with Osama Bin Laden a Saudi Intelligence asset in creating and setting up the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

You are supposed to believe that Ali Mohamed turned against his Government masters but the evidence does not support that. You are supposed to believe that Bin Laden turned against his Government master but the evidence doesn't support that either. In fact if you were the Saudi Government having your asset in charge of the nutjobs that want to overthrow you is just where you'd want him. This is American Intelligence and Saudi Intelligence working together.

This from the Report Of The Joint Inquiry Into The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11, 2001 –By The House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence And The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence:

"According to a U. S. Government official, it was clear from about 1996 that the Saudi Government would not cooperate with the United States on matters relating to Usama Bin Ladin[redacted redacted redacted] reemphasized the lack of Saudi cooperation and stated that there was little prospect of future cooperation regarding Bin Ladin. [redacted] told the Joint Inquiry that he believed the U.S. Government’s hope of eventually obtaining Saudi cooperation was unrealistic because Saudi assistance to the U.S. Government on this matter is contrary to Saudi national interests." Page 142/858

This is American Intelligence and Saudi Intelligence working together.....

"Ali Mohammed trained bin Laden's bodyguards." page 220

This is American Intelligence and Saudi Intelligence working together.....

"The C.I.A. did not pass this intelligence to the F.B.I."
"However, the C.I.A. did share the information with Saudi authorities, who told the agency that Mihdhar and a man named Nawaf al-Hazmi were members of Al Qaeda.

This is American Intelligence and Saudi Intelligence working together.....

"Sources: Hijackers' ex-landlord was FBI informant"

Was this FBI Informant also a CIA or Saudi Informant? He was introduced to the hijackers by a Saudi Intelligence agent named Al- Bayoumi...

"One of the FBI’s best sources in San Diego informed the FBI that he thought that al-Bayoumi must be an intelligence officer for Saudi Arabia or another foreign power." page 226/858 (from congress/senate Inquiry)

FBI report:.
"The exact nature of Bayoumi's employment has remained unclear, but his close associates suspected him of being a Saudi intelligence officer." (FBI Document)

From FBI Investigation into 9-11 attacks:

"2. Al-Bayoumi has been determined to have co-signed for hijackers Nawaf Al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-Mihdhar when they rented an apartment at the Parkwood Apartments complex and to have sometimes paid rent for them." page 1/8

Robert Baer, a former CIA officer and author said: "There are too many Saudis involved in this at every corner for it to be a coincidence."

Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar aka Bandar Bush and his wife were paying the Saudi Agents.....

"Then, last November, Newsweek reported that Princess Haifa, the wife of the long-time Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Bandar, had over the course of a couple years sent $130,000 in charitable donations to the wives of al-Bayoumi and another San Diego-based Saudi friend of the San Diego hijackers, Osama Bassnan."

“Bayoumi should be in jail,” Baer told me by telephone this week. “He is much more connected to September 11th than Zacarias Moussaoui.”

“As a former intelligence officer, I focus on these governments,” Baer says. “It’s a classic operation where a government sets up front companies. How did Bassnan get on Princess Haifa’s charity list? He didn’t just show up and write her a letter. The Saudis check these people.”

"Sources close to the case told TIME that beginning in January 1999 monthly payments of $2,000 were made from Princess Haifa's checking account to Majida Dwaikat, wife of Osama Bassnan. A Saudi national, Bassnan was living in San Diego last year and has been linked to Omar al Bayoumi, a Saudi student who befriended two men who wound up helping crash Flight 77 into the Pentagon. The sources also say that the ambassador, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, gave $15,000 to Bassnan."

And Bandar Bush has the nerve to say this......

"Speaking to the Arabic satellite network Al-Arabiya on Thursday, Bandar -- now Abdullah's national security adviser -- said Saudi intelligence was "actively following" most of the September 11, 2001, plotters "with precision."

"If U.S. security authorities had engaged their Saudi counterparts in a serious and credible manner, in my opinion, we would have avoided what happened," he said.

You can see him say this here....


"If U.S. security authorities had engaged their Saudi counterparts in a serious and credible manner, in my opinion, we would have avoided what happened," he said. Actually that looks exactly like what happened. That seems to be the problem.

American asset Ali Mohamed and Saudi asset Bin Laden both seemed to have vanished. So what was the Government deal with Ali Mohamed? Whatever it was, it was a much better deal than the deal these guys got.....

Army Sgt. Timothy A. David killed during his fourth tour of duty

Staff Sgt. Javier Ortiz-Rivera killed three tours of duty

Army Staff Sgt. William S. Ricketts
Ricketts was on his fifth tour of duty and looking forward to getting home for the birth of his third child when he was killed

Get the picture? There are lots more like those, that gave their life. It's not the old days when if you survived your tour of duty "you made it". Now you go back. Again and again and again.
I'd say the Government gave Ali Mohamed a real good deal for doing their dirty work and gave the rest of us the shaft.

Outstanding research!

But a short summary would be fine, too.

I suspect the case of Ali Mohammed alone has the potencial to destroy the phony war on terror completely. If only someone give it the attention needed.

But there is hope: In the case of "Curveball" german first network ARD needed 6 years for a documentary on infos that were published since april 2004. So maybe we get the truth on Ali Mohammed before march 2020.

Good work

Thanks .. Ali Mohamed deserves the spotlight.