Homeland Security ‘messages’ coming to Walmart, hotels, malls


"Shoppers at Walmart will soon have something other than glossy magazines and chewing gum to look at when in the checkout line: A "video message" from the Department of Homeland Security asking them to look out for "suspicious" activity and report it immediately."


What Crap

Coming from Walmart I can understand it. Spy on your neighbors? Well if you want to be a good little brown shirt be my guest. I guess microchips are next. You can smell the Fascism.


Comments at Raw Story & the official Homeland Security YouTube page almost unanimous in opposition (894 dislikes @ DHS YouTube as of this writing).

Here's the PSA running at Mall of America (they've disabled comments for this one)...


Let me be the first to say it

9/11 Truthers have been saying this day was coming for nine years now, and they called us loons

I have been numb all morning since I first saw this

I want to report suspicious activity

There are a whole bunch of Americans with guns and explosive devices murdering people in Iraq and Afghanistan and some people behind the scenes inciting others to do the same. Ms. Napolitano, please forward this information to the proper authorities. Thank you.

Failure of Government

They failed with vaccinations. They failed with the airports. If they make shopping unpleasant, less people will go to the stores. What a draining dull bunch of unimaginative bureaucrats they are. Why don't they just enjoy life and leave us alone?

sounds like homegrown terrorism ..

americans with guns, its time for martial law.

An audio ad comes on in the Boston subway system that basically says the same thing as the WalMart ad. If you see something suspicious, report it. Every time I hear it I feel like I am in Nazi Germany surrounded by brown shirts. Although I would say that seeing Big Sis on screens at the WalMart checkout is even worse. What's next, the grocery stores? the bathrooms? it gets more surreal every day ..

Witch Hunt

Now for a limited time only, (hopefully):
All-in-one Stasi, Gestapo and Salem Witch Hunt Combo set at your nearby Walmart.
Does not include Salem Witch Trials, because there will be no trials, (unneccesary for this complete set).


I hate my neighbor Ned Flanders. I'm going to report his suspicious behavior.
But seriously, how many of these tyes of cases will the police have to deal with from overly cautious do-gooders trying to be heroes or just getting back at someone they hate.
Just like Nazi Germany, communist Russia and yes, even here in Springfield.

Look for the cameras on top of light poles at major intersection

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I have found video cameras pointing in all four directions on the top of light poles at major intersections in the Milwaukee area. Big Brother is here and I don't think he's going away. I like to give them the middle finger as I drive by I wonder if they can see it.
Take Care Matt

Same in Southern Cal

with cameras on intersections and along freeways. They make me mad as hell, but some friends like them because they help catch people breaking traffic laws. It's hard to convince them otherwise. Surveillance will now rapidly increase, I reckon, and we have to resist all of it. At least the naked body airport scanners are getting some resistance, but we need more protests!

I'd like to knock the cameras out with a YAG laser, even better than a finger.


I used to be under the impression that Orwell's 1984 was a warning, not an instructional guide. Do they even teach that book in high school anymore? They did when I was a teen. Of course Orwell's best book, "Homage to Catalonia", was never allowed on the reading list. Because it condemned both capitalism and state capitalism ("communism").

But since libraries are being abolished in the name of "austerity", since the internet kill switch is at the ready, since public "education" is largely an exercise in obedience training...why not? Most people don't actively engage in reading anyway. Unless it's your kid and the book is about Harry Potter. Dancing with the Stars is more fun.

The really conspiratorial part of me suggests that "they" are going (way, way) overboard for a reason. Perhaps they're just trying to acclimatize people to the police state, or perhaps they're begging for an insurrection. Or both. Either way, they are overplaying their hand.

All the LTL's in the world cannot stop an informed populace. And enough of us are already informed to overthrow their rotten system, hopefully (perhaps even necessarily) through peaceful means.

Viva la Revolucion

Right on



"Telescreens, in addition to being surveillance devices, are also the equivalent of televisions (hence the name), regularly broadcasting false news reports about Oceania's military victories, economic production figures, spirited renditions of the national anthem to heighten patriotism, and Two Minutes Hate, which is a two-minute film of Emmanuel Goldstein's wishes for freedom of speech and press, which the citizens have been trained to disagree with. Much of the telescreen programs are given in Newspeak."

Big Brother's face looms on giant telescreens in Victory Square in Michael Radford's 1984 film adaptation of George Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty Four.

For those of you who haven't already: buy the book. Read it.

The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, "just to keep people frightened."

— Nineteen-Eighty Four, Chapter 5.

For Anyone Who Has Not Seen 1984...

Here is the complete film.

or watch at Walmart.

1954 BBC version

I liked this version better. Black and white, less sex, and earlier techo-gimmicks, but I thought it preserved the ideas of the novel better.


face on screens

reminds me of dick cheney ...

Danse mentioned "their" hyperbole of action...

"...The really conspiratorial part of me suggests that "they" are going (way, way) overboard for a reason...." - Danse

I observe this oddity also.

Also, something about the timing...
Recently, the public have been outraged by TSA and Big Sis. Their image has been taking a PR hit at the airports. Now, the Walmart Ad is like a dartboard target for the public to ridicule.
This latest Walmart exposure seems like a major Public Relations flub (perhaps because of a previously planned contract), ...or this latest Walmart exposure has a hidden agenda of inciting and/or surveying public perception.

Obedience training?

Thanks Danse that made my day because it is so true. The school system is turning out a bunch of puppets. But people are still waking-up by the millions. Thanks to the internet.

Remember kids

We've been doing this in NYC for years!

Oh, yes. That's why we've been so safe since 9/11!!! Everyone reporting terrorists everywhere! No A-rab bastard will get away with anything here! ! ! (scratches armpit).

I actually tried to get information from Fatherland Security about just how many reports of suspicious behavior actually led to the arrest and prosecution and PREVENTION of a terrorist attack. What I found: "we don't have records of such statistics." Like the great invention that prevents elephant attacks in Wyoming.

I, for one, have (and will again) reported the suspicious, treasonous, and murderous acts of W. Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, et al.