9-11 can’t wait
A former Grand Juror once said of the Oklahoma City bombings, that we MUST get to the bottom of that event because if not, it will happen again. His prophetic statement was realized a few years later on September 11th, 2001.
This past week, Judge Napolitano stated on the Alex Jones show, that ten years from now, 9-11 will relegate itself to the memory hole as a ‘novelty’ much the same way as the JFK phenomenon has, but I say to you that it will be too late. Everything we have, every freedom (we have left) will be gone and quite possibly the planet could be turned into a wasteland or even a cinder.
Every obscenity that has been visited upon the American people from wiretapping to war, from radiating to illegal searches, from poisoning of our air, water and food, to our current police state, all have its roots, it’s justification…….in 9-11.
We must get to the bottom of 9-11 right now. We must redouble our efforts, get some prosecutions, make underlings roll on their bosses, imprison who we can and execute the rest, but most of all, get as close to the bottom line as is humanly possible and expose the ‘scary men with beards in turbans who live in caves’ as the hoax it is, which will necessarily show the erosion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for the hoax IT is.
WHERE ARE ALL THE LAWYERS? Ever notice that you can never find a lawyer when you need one? Everything this government is doing to us now is ILLEGAL, but they counter…”we don’t care”. They tap our phones, conduct warrantless searches, and sexually assault us and our women and children in airports and now the TSA show is moving to Wal-Marts and into the street. They can keep you off planes, shut down the internet with a flick of a switch, take your guns legally and manipulate our money so it doesn’t have value anymore.
And now as a bonus, they are herding us into a one world government, with somebody else’s idea of a constitution as ours gets scrapped. Don’t they realize that the Constitution of the United States is what gives them the authority to do that and if it’s scrapped, they no longer have the power to enter into agreements and treaties in our name?
Oh, I forgot….The Military. They now patrol the streets of America, ‘helping’ the police find Terrorists. It wasn’t an accident that the military government required double the money it needed to prosecute foreign wars of conquest, because their next war was going to have to be against the American people, you and me. Yes people, TIME’S UP!

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