9/11 Edmonton Speakers Corner New Years Eve 2010/11

Great Job

with the interviews. And it's good to get that politician on record so to speak. Staddling the fence is getting more difficult and dangerous every day, and telling the truth is getting easier every day. Keep up the good work and the rest of us need to ramp it up !

Thanks Dave

I'll add a couple remarkable points to these interviews.

-All the people I interviewed took one hour to do, I left only one interview out because that person asked me not to publish her on YouTube respectfully.

-Prior to my asking my Question: Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence Laurie Hawn spoke like a politician as if looking for votes from the 20,000 Edmontonians who were only there to forget and say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011 and start anew. Telling 20,000 people everything is going swell back in Afghanistan for the troops and the Afghan people contradicts the UN reports that civilian deaths in Afghanistan is on the rise from fire coming from both sides. No Anti War Politicians like MP NDP Linda Duncan were invited to speak to the same 20,000 audience by the city of Edmonton and the corporations who sponsored this event in our public square.

Only the Conservative Laurie Hawn was allowed to play his pro war card.
Conservatives in Canada are like your Republicans in the USA