An Exchange on 9/11 Between Prof. Niels Harrit, Prof. Anthony Hall and Ms. Pernille Grumme

February 22, 2011, Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


It's a great point that he mentions about how people all over the world are working to spread the word, out of an "inner urge" to expose the lies.

And his statement, "9/11 is happening everyday."

On multiple levels.

Prof. Harrit is so chilled out

and i get when he mentions an inner urge.
Like - people can't not do anything.
They feel compelled to participate.

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Does anybody else find it creepy how so many - redneck and intellectual alike - can not see the simple truth?

Einstein was right ... and likely a very lonely man

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Niels Quoted while here in Edmonton

Niels, Pernille and I talked a lot about how each of us has a valuable talent, specialty, expertise or gift that can serve well as an important contribution with-in the 9/11 truth movement, Niels as a Scientist with expertise with nano technology , myself as an activist obtaining the likes of his research and the research of others such as AE911truth material and campaigns, sharing it publicly at rallies and farmer's markets, schools and busy street corners. ..

It must be said that behind every good man stands a good woman. Pernille also an activist , a very wise person has helped me understand how it's important we focus and give it our best on the areas we can do much good with for the 9/11 truth cause.

Niels often said while here in Edmonton "9/11 truth as the key"
For me "9/11 truth is the key" to end Canada's 9/11 war of retribution in Afghanistan, bring our troops home and stop the killing of innocent Afghans from Taliban and Allied force's bombs and bullets.

"9/11 Truth is Key"..... what does this phrase mean to other 9/11bloggers here?

Niels is great! Excellent discussion!

Everybody should watch this. I especially liked the way Niels Harrit described the 9/11 truth movement as a movement of truth seekers each one doing what he can in his own way to bring the truth out. It is a synthesis of many intelligences, of people from diverse backgrounds, each one casing a different light from a different angle on the one truth that we all seek to bring out. The work of Harrit, Jones and Ryan is, I would say, the most solid bulwark and foundation of the 9/11 truth movement, but everything outside of the purely scientific domain raised in seven or eight books by David Ray Griffin and others, the testimony of whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds all add up to produce complete conviction on the part of anyone really willing to contemplate the possibility of government complicity. The trouble is, not that the facts are difficult to understand, but that most people find it either too emotionally upsetting or too dangerous to their careers and social position to allow themselves to look at the facts. Indeed, let us all who have been bitten by the 9/11 truth bug work together for the truth and not allow ourselves to be divided into warring factions.