Canadian government loses no-confidence vote - "9/11 is Key! " Election Campaign Begins

"9/11 is Key" - Canada Election Campaign began in Edmonton just hours before the Harper Government was defeated in a non confidence vote. Posters went up on city provided kiosks in Old Strathcona and the downtown core of Edmonton.

Edmonton 9/11 Truth got some experience during election time with last fall's civic election spot-lighting 3 Mayor Candidates who were interested in a made in Canada 9/11 Investigation . Recently 3 Green Party candidates were interested in a 9/11 Investigation while during the last Federal Election Candidates interested in 9/11 Truth could be found in all parties in Canada. The Canadian Action Party lead the charge for a made in Canada Investigation during the last Federal Election followed by a few NDPs and Liberals. Conservative MP Laurie Hawn of Edmonton center said Richard Gage's " 9/11 Blueprint for Truth" raises questions, but claimed he was not a conspiracy theorist. This election is ripe to bring 9/11 truth to the forefront during this campaign while seeking signatures for "The Petition For A Public Canadian 9/11 Investigation" recently initiated by truthACTIONottawa.