AE911Truth-Themed Dune Buggy Wins 2 Races in First Outing



"Some people go to great lengths to inform others about AE911Truth. In the case of Will Domschot, of Auburn, California, we’re talking about CAR lengths. While getting his dune buggy ready for a series of three races in the Valley Off Road Racing Association (VORRA) on March 12th and 13th, he decided to use it to make a bold statement for 9/11 truth. With new decals and some help from the AE911Truth Graphics Team, he gave his car an AE911Truth theme.

"I like the approach that AE911Truth uses to get at the truth with respectable, credentialed professionals" Domschot explained. “They're not pointing fingers. The evidence just doesn't support the official story."

When he wasn't flying around the dirt track at speeds of up to 90 mph in his 155-hp "9/11 conspiracy car" (as the track announcer dubbed it), Will was in the pit handing out copies of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth and the 9/11 Investigator, and talking to people about the evidence of controlled demolition. "It still surprises me that so many people still don't know about Building 7," he said after finishing first in two of the three races.

Will Domschot is a great example of how individuals can use the means they have available to them to educate others about 9/11.The exposure to AE911Truth that Domschot brings to every race puts the quest for truth on the fast track, and every win is a victory in the fight for a real investigation. Keep winning races, Will. AE911Truth will be rooting for you. "

***I thought this story was AWESOME and needed to be shared on this site as well!

What a great idea!

Amazing things can be done with a little imagination and guts. I don't know much about racing but I hope the dune buggy finishes first.