UK: Bombers who killed a policeman in Northern Ireland may have used explosives from Libya

Daily Telegraph, 4 April 2011




Sunday Times, 3 April 2011




Wall Street Journal Europe, 5 April 2011




UK: Bombers who killed a policeman in Northern Ireland may have used explosives from Libya


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5 April 2011 




1) UK: Bombers who killed a policeman in Northern Ireland may have used explosives from Libya (4 April 2011)

2) FBI questions Libyans living within U.S. (5 April 2011)



excerpts from: Bombers who killed Pc 'may have used Semtex from Libya' (*)

Police are investigating whether the bomb that killed a police officer in Northern Ireland was made using explosives supplied to the IRA by Col Gaddafi's regime in Libya.



[Police officer] Pc Ronan Kerr died following the explosion in Omagh on Saturday afternoon. Detectives are trying to establish whether the car bomb was made using Semtex – a plastic explosive that the [Irish Republican Army] IRA sourced from Libya in large quantities in the 1980s.  

The potential link prompted urgent questions from Conservative MPs about the role of Libya’s foreign minister, Moussa Koussa, in arming the IRA.  

Yesterday it emerged that Mr Koussa – who fled to Britain from Libya last week – has been named in US court documents as one of the men who oversaw the regime’s supply of Semtex to the IRA. 

[UK Prime Minister] David Cameron was already facing pressure to ensure that Mr Koussa co-operates with the authorities investigating the Lockerbie bombing [1988] and the murder of [police officer] Pc Yvonne Fletcher [1984].  

The Prime Minister is now facing calls to ensure that Mr Koussa is investigated for his role in the supply of an explosive that was used in some of Britain’s worst terrorist atrocities. [...]  Semtex, favoured by dissidents because of its durability, was used in IRA bombs in London in 1993 and 1996 as well as in the Warrington bombing, also in 1993.



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excerpts from: FBI questions Libyans living within U.S.  (*)

Agency Aims to Prevent Revenge Attacks in America, Help Military Campaign

by Devlin Barrett, Wall Street Journal, 5 April 2011



The Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] has begun questioning Libyans living in the U.S., part of an effort to identify any Libyan-backed spies or terrorists, and collect any information that might help allied military operations.

The move reflects concerns among U.S. officials—in the wake of an allied bombing campaign that established a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent the massacre of antigovernment rebels—that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi might try to orchestrate revenge attacks against U.S. citizens. [...]

A similar intelligence-gathering effort [in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq in] 2003, called Operation Darkening Clouds, led to strong objections from the New York Civil Liberties Union.


(*) title of the print edition




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