Unstacking the Deck, a 911Truth-minded monthly news show

The 2011 season of Unstacking the Deck (www.unstackingthedeck.com) has begun with two episodes produced thus far and another currently in production. News content is put in more of a true historic perspective acknowledging the government cover-up of the false flag attack on 9/11/2001 as well as other generally ignored perspectives of events like the attack on the USS Liberty, the Oklahoma City Bombings and the assassinations of leaders such as JFK, MLK, RFK and countless others. Viewers are told of excellent resources, such as documentary films and books, so that they can better inform themselves of the history hidden by those who seek to benefit from our ignorance.

UTD is a monthly digest of under or unreported news featuring segments on the North Coast of California, California, United States and World news. Each segment is available on YouTube and all sources are available on the website. Viewers are encouraged to read the stories themselves, do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

The shows hosts, Jason Robo and Kyle Beattie, have begun filming in an actual TV studio at Access Humboldt in Eureka, California. UTD looks better than ever and the hosts write out a script now to help with the flow of the show.

UTD started as a student radio show on KRFH Radio Free Humboldt (KRFH.net) during Robo's studies at Humboldt State University during his major in Political Science. This is where the hosts met and the show evolved into a visual format after graduation.

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Knowledge is power, truth is our strength.