Arrest at the White House on 3/19 with Ellsberg and Vets for Peace

While most truth signs were forced to stand separately from the rally, including DC911Truth's elephant blowup with the sign saying "911 is the elephant in the room," I was allowed to stand near the stage with the above pictured banner. Many people responded positively. A truth activist who was a Florida veteran held the other end. While waiting at the White House fence to be arrested, a code pink activist from Philly remarked that she liked the "elephant in the room" and expressed support for 911 truth. Another person waiting to be arrested identified himself as married to South Asians. He noted that Gandhi never allowed " untouchables" any organizing position of respect. I noted the Vykom Road action was done by Gandhi to honor the harjians. He agreed but still maintained such folk were not given organizing respect. He said the best term for India's lowest caste was "dalit", meaning broken man. While waiting for the police to put me in the wagon for transport to their station. The officer giving directions noted he had 5 men for one side and only one woman for the other side. Asking for women for the side where he already had only one woman, he said," I need 5 women." I asked whether or not that might be too greedy. I quickly added I was kidding. On the way to the station I made the case for 911 truth to my captive audience from other arrested people from Boston, New York, Washington state and Georgia. Haven't you dreamed of a time you could harangue left gatekeepers where they couldn't get away? My argument is that there are many different pieces of evidence, each one standing alone being sufficient to make our case. The fellow from Boston responded the most. He asked whether or not I was being judgmental. I said I don't hate him. I was just saying he's remiss. The best story comes from our time in the police station. It comes from Lisa Savage , the Code Pink contact in Maine. The police were asking for where we were born, in addition to checking our ID. One fellow refused and was sent somewhere else. The officer who asked that question explained," You know there are phony ID's out there. After all, didn't the 911hijackers have phony ID's?" Lisa responded," I've been hearing our own government was behind 911. What do you think?" The officer angrily resounded," I don't have to tell you what I think." Lisa issued her coup de grace by saying, " So you DO think our government was involved!" He ordered her to get out.