Port Authority of NY/NJ FOI Records For Pre-9/11 WTC Elevator Modernization Project

Linked below are Freedom of Information records of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey regarding pre-9/11 elevator modernization work within World Trade Center towers 1 and 2, reportedly performed by the ACE Elevator company.





Thanks for unearthing this...

Thanks for unearthing this... Although these contracts were written in 1994 it would be interesting to find out the time period when the work was done, and the date by which it was finished. I scan-read about 1000 pages here, but (on first impression) this information isn't included.

Will Appeal This Finding

It seems there have to be more records than just these very old contracts.

The NYC Department of Buildings are also saying that records for several similar requests are not being found.



that a lot of FOIA requests for PANYNJ come back saying the records were destroyed? These contracts and others are found, but other types of records are not. I don't get it.

I find it very hard to believe that they only kept WTC records at the WTC. Or that they weren't all scanned to save space prior to 2001.

I recently asked for the post 1993 contractors. They already sent these to me years ago, but now they are playing games to do it again. I know the records exist.

The other day I got some WTC2, 78-84 floor renovation applications from the 1990's through 2000. Doesn't this prove they had them stored elsewhere?

Maybe we have to send FOIA copies to PA NJ NY to get them to search the Jersey side of things.

Anyway, thank you for these. I am learning a lot about the elevators, cables (ropes) and safety brakes. I hope to be able to post something on this soon.

Elevator Memories

One of the things I liked best about going there was the ride up in the elevators. They were the fastest and smoothest elevators of all the ones i've ever ridden in. No feeling of acceleration, no bumping around, etc. Almost like magic. They seemed perfect. I don't understand how that could have been "modernized" so there must have been something else going on in there...

Excellent Work, Aidan

As I remember the ACE Elevator is no longer is business? Who was their CEO etc. ?

A problem I have with this site (9/11 Blogger) is that I have to login every time I visit. This keeps my comment level way down. Do others have this problem?

Ron Baamonde

ACE was doing work on the elevators so they should be investigated. And the mechanics were widely reported to have fled the scene (like EJ Electric's employees did) when in most cases elevator mechanics are expected to stay and help rescue people trapped in the elevators.

The company went bankrupt afterward, perhaps due to being a front from the start, and the owner Ron Baamonde strikes me as a candidate for investigation into organized crime due to his few political contributions.

Ultimately we're looking for the people who ordered the rigging of explosives in the WTC, not as much the people who actually did the rigging. It's like the war crimes in the Middle East in that the sargeant who gleefully tortured people at Abu Ghraib is not who we want to find. We're looking for those who set up the program.