Mickey Huff, Director of Project Censored Talks 9/11 Censorship

MIckey Huff, Director of Project Censored, has a Q & A session after his talk at Moe's Books in Berkeley, CA on May 19, 2011. Mickey discusses 9/11 censorship in the alternative and corporate media, election fraud, Project Censored's organizational mission and their 2011 book.

Here is his full talk that preceded the Q & A:



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conquered and divided

I seem to remember a bible verse about the hypocrites who strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. Why does this come to mind? Let's see...

Just today at Salon.com Laura Miller is talking about one aspect of our current media crisis-- the use of media not to inform, investigate or challenge but simply to pander to predisposed ideas (I hope I'm not putting words in Laura Miller's mouth).

Also today The Real News Network is talk about "The Collapse of Journalism And What Can Be Done To Fix It."

I really like the Real News Network but I would offer, in answer to their question, that one thing we can to do fix this collapsed state of journalism is to run with the stories that Project Censored is handing to them on a silver plater. The best thing we can do to change things is to go to the heart of the power structure with the greatest vested interest in preserving it! No, I'm not making a false link between 911 and unrelated issues. I'm actually saying more. We live in a society where power knows no loyalties, no boundaries, no allegiances and there is NO GREATER SINGLE EXAMPLE OF AN ABUSE OF POWER THAN A FALSE FLAG OPERATION that has so successfully been narrated and promoted with the full acceptance of the MEDIA at large! --the people's last hope for checks and balances has been fully incorporated into the power structure!

I can't help but wonder when otherwise decent media outlets, who despite offering well written rebukes to their own colleagues for the failure of journalism to do its job, will catch on to the significance of 911 as a false flag operation and likewise recognize not only that they have fallen short themselves of covering the most grotesque example of a false flag government operation but perhaps even by failing to shine light on it themselves have lent a tacit support and approval of the narrative told by the actual criminals.

And this failure to take on the issue of 911 honestly and as pointedly as it deserves; is this disservice to the public simply an honest mistake or is it something more serious? Well let there own words be the judge. They criticize the state of journalism for it's failures. At some point, and some with kicking and screaming, they will realize they are pointing the finger at themselves.


Great points. I totally agree. Thanks for watching guys!