Army Col. Larry Wilkerson on Colin, GW, Dick and Rummy

Continuing his candid analysis of the takeover of the American armed forces by NeoCon lunatics, retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson had this to say:

".. later when I joined Powell at the State Department and see Bush-Cheney up close, Rumsfeld up close, that I begin to understand that indeed we have turned into a national security state. We do function for that national security state, for its interest, and the old federal democratic Republic is dying."

More like the armed forces are killing the Republic for the Globalist Bankster parasites.

Having a heck of a time

Having a heck of a time finding the right post to add this comment to.

However, this comment is related to Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Cheney, Kissinger, and Thomas Kean

1999 Photograph has Kean with Kissinger, Kean with Rummy + Powell at Boho Grove. - Have not seen these before. Nothing too special most likely, but it sure shows how good friends stay good friends.

This video should be watched around the 2:30 mark for just a moment.

Speech given @ Grove in 2008 by Fred Starr titled, "Afghanistan: The Unexpected Upside".... Hmmmm, what was the upside in 2008?

brasschecktv is great

been watching it for a few years love it!