Norway is only the beginning

Amidst a crumbling Trans-Atlantic monetary system, a highly technical and public terrorist attack happens in Norway, the most peaceful nation on Earth. Governments around the world are shocked, many worried they could be next. A white, Norwegian Freemason/Knight Templar right-winger is the scapegoat. We are told he acted alone, like Oswald before him, but already there is alleged proof of at least a second gunman. White people around the world are now looked at the way Muslims were after 9/11. Homeland Security will now be doing "random" checks on white, conservative men and women all across America, coincidentally Obama's biggest opposition leading up to the 2012 election, all because of Norway. There is no question that the Norway attack is a big deal and will be studied for a long time. However, despite everything that has happened, I am firmly of the belief that Norway is just the beginning.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we can expect a series of attacks in the summer leading up to September 11, 2001, and even beyond into 2012, as the global forces for world government and world currency give it their all, in what promises to be the NWO's magnum opus, one epic attempt at the post-modern coup for the ages. It is likely that Norway was an initial salvo, in an operation expected to last for months, even years, and culminate in the establishment of a new world government and world currency. Expect this to be just the beginning of a much longer campaign of terror attacks aimed at de-stabilizing as much as possible the existing world order. Huge, virtually unlimited amounts of money will be available for the planning, execution, and coverup of these operations, for it is vital they succeed and are not discovered. But as the months go on it will be increasingly difficult for the covert operatives to be both successful and undiscovered, which is why the campaign must start soon. More and more people around the world are waking up to the reality of social conditioning and false flah terror attacks thanks to the internet and various alternative media outlets. So they will spare no expense to ensure its success. The amount of money and manpower available for conception and planning means that they will most likely be very complex operations, and involve thousands of people from many parts of the modern economy, many of whom will have no idea that they are part of a covert operation.

If you are still unsure as to why this is necessary, consider that the Anglo-American faction is in a tailspin of their own making and design. Through crisis comes opportunity, if you know how to exploit the crisis to achieve your own ends, and the Anglo-American faction are masters of that. Consider the current situation:

1)You have the entire trans-Atlantic monetary system headquartered in London and Wall Street collapsing. The Euro is collapsing, as the less industrialized nations nations of Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, and Spain go first. Most of the collapse of these countries is due to government obligations to cover the bad gambling debts of the Rothschild controlled Inter Alpha group of banks and other City of London institutions, such as Banco Santander, National Bank of Greece, AIB in Ireland, Espirito Santo, RBS, Barclay's and other relics of the British empire like HSBC. Germany is currently having a constitutional crisis over whether the continued bailouts of these zombie banks is even legal. Such a development threatens the entire world economy as it is crucial that Germany be allowed to continue to prop up the dead corpse to give the appearance of life in the system so that the looting operation can continue for as long as possible until world government is established as the solution to the crisis. More attacks closer to or perhaps in Germany could put more pressure on Germany to allow the bailouts to go through as an "emergency" measure, and override the German constitution.

2) The U.S. dollar is on the verge of hyper-inflation, as the threat of default and QE3 throws the dollar into a nosedive, and Bernanke promises to print all the money needed to hold off a crash, the same foolish policies of Hjalmar Schacht in Weimar Germany. with the same ratings agencies that rated all the toxic derivatives 'AAA' in 2007 now threatening Washington with a downgrading. Wall Street puts up a front of anger, while behind closed doors welcoming the collapse of medicare and social security and all the new bubbles those will help create when they become privatized and taken over by JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, AIG et al. The destruction of the U.S. economy, the de-industrialization of the world's most powerful industrial nation, has been the long-term goal of the Northeastern Anglophile faction in New York and Washington. The United States is no longer the economic powerhouse it once was, thanks to the systematic destruction of its manufacturing and industrial base over the last 40 years. As Kissinger admitted, "NAFTA is a stepping stone to the New World Order," the CFR's successful promotion of global free trade, the classic British imperial policy since the 1850s, has turned globalization into the hegemonic world economic order today, putting Wall Street and London in charge of the global economy, through the Fed, the IMF, the WTO and others, on a scale never even dreamed of by the British Empire during its heyday.

3)The price of gold and silver is going through the roof right now, threatening hundreds of billions of dollars of naked shorts from Wall Street and London banks. The current popularity of the gold standard is being used now by the Anglo-American faction to push through a new world currency based on John Maynard Keynes' Bancor proposition at the Bretton Woods agreement. The Bancor was the British design for a world currency in the 1940s that FDR's administration defeated at Bretton Woods, infuriating Wall Street and London, "making banking boring again" as it was often put, and setting the banks on a 25 year quest to destroy the Bretton Woods system. Now, using the trojan horse of a "new gold standard," the Bancor is on the table again.

None of this is necessary. This is all being done by design. Publicly, Wall Street and London are sweating. Privately, they aren't worried at all, because they know no serious regulation like a new Glass-Steagall or banning of derivatives is coming. The current crises with the Eurozone and the US dollar are entirely the result of the conscious actions of the Anglo-Americans on Wall Street and in London, and whatever solution is found to the current crisis will also be of, by, and for the Anglo-American faction.

4)The Libya mission is failing. France has been pushing for a "diplomatic solution." Norway was pulling out, we'll see if that sticks. Italy is signaling its weariness with the whole Imperialist affair. Obama continues to whitewash his unconstitutional military overstep by pleading with the American people and their congress that Gadhafi is a really bad guy and we shouldn't be asking questions about whether or not what the President is doing is legal, we should just be going after Gadhafi with a unified resolve, an argument that gets less and less effective as the days go on. The failure of the Libyan operation is unacceptable to the Anglo-American faction and new crises are necessary to distract people from the violations of constitutional as well as international law being committed right now in Libya.

5) China has announced that it will side with Pakistan and that any attacks on Pakistan will be considered an attack on China as well, effectively putting a temporary hold on the Anglo-American designs for Pakistani invasion and domination, as the encirclment of Russia and China continues, another holdover of British imperial policy of the 1850s now being continued by the Anglo-American faction.

6) Speculators in London and on Wall Street are continuing to drive global food prices up, a policy that has already demonstrably caused mass starvation in several regions around the globe and shows no signs of abating. This is yet another signal that the Anglo-American NWO faction is currently promoting a policy of mass genocide, that they are preparing for a large "cull" of the world's population, as if we are cattle, by driving the prices of every day necessities through the roof and watching as only the "fittest" survive. With such intent demonstrated, no time is more suitable or more suspect than the current 9/11/2011 into 2012 for multiple, large scale terrorist attacks around the world, intended to kill as many people and cause as much chaos as possible, amidst the continuing chaos already enumerated above.

Finally, it must be pointed out that no US President in history has been more willing to hand over U.S. sovereignty to the forces of global government than President Obama. Obama has violated the constitution by chairing the UN Security Council in 2009. His Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner expressed the administration's openness to a new global currency, the SDR, run by the IMF. And now when challenged as to his constitutional authority over Libya, the President flouts the Constitution, insisting that the UN declared war and that is all that matters.

This attack in Norway is likely a signal that a push has started by the one-world crowd to keep Obama in office in 2012, as the chance for success has, in their eyes, never been higher. In reality their plan never stood a chance for success, because it is the same wretched boil our grandpappy's pappy was fighting, tyranny, and there is nothing they can ever do to conceal that fact from the people. But in their twisted bubble, they think they have the right guy in office now, and that their plan for world domination might have a shot if they take it right now, so they are going to do what they have to do in order to ensure that the world continues to implode and their media outlets continue to push global government as the solution. They need to ensure that their guy remains in office through to 2016 to guarantee they can finish the job. An assessment like this can only suggest one outcome: more false flag terror attacks around the world. People should be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour in their own backyard, but more importantly, they must be ready to investigate thoroughly any new attacks, wherever they may happen, and call out any inconsistencies and fight for an immediate independent investigation, which we failed to get at 9/11 and 7/7. Patriots around the world must be ready to fight, now. At stake in this fight is the basic right to have a sovereign constitutional government.

"All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
-David Rockefeller

The nature of the alleged mass murderer in Norway must also be addressed. From what we know at the time of this writing, he was a Norwegian nationalist, supposedly lashing out against the multicultural influence he saw as destroying Norwegian society. He was an avid Freemason. He was invited to London in 2002 as part of an alleged elite group of 9 to "re-form" the Knights Templar organization in Europe. What should be asked right now is who in London organized the meeting and who were the other 8? He loved posing for photographs in expensive military gear. He is highly athletic and muscular. He shows classic signs of being a highly trained covert operative from an intelligence background. His so-called "movies" on his youtube page look more like they were done on a lunch break by some low-level intelligence trainee than made from someone as disturbed as someone willing to kill dozens of children. His manifesto has now been revealed to be largely just a copy of the Unabomber's manifesto. It is more than likely that Andres (Andrew) Behring Breivik was some kind of intelligence asset. What needs to be investigated now is his so-called farm, Breivik Geofarm. Where did Breivik get the money for this operation? And his friends, associates, family, and others who knew him. They must be questioned about his activities. We must learn everything we can about who this man was involved with and how he lived his life. It is likely he is some form of covert operative, and this possibility must be extensively examined.

Note: References to the "Anglo-American" faction can be understood to be the classic definition of the British "Club of the Isles" faction, in addition to the Northeastern liberal elite of America setup by and loyal to the British oligarchy, meaning the CFR/Trilateral/Bilderberg set, plus the CIA/Bonesmen and Wall Street/Fed/IMF factions. More in detail about this faction can be found in Carroll Quigley's classic "Tragedy and Hope," or his more condensed "The Anglo-American Establishment."