Enhanced Clip

Enhanced segment of a recent FOIA response(10 Jan 2012) at 1/4 speed, zoomed, and contrasted.


It is not just a building.

The poor souls being murdered is never easy to watch or be thankful for.

This video however, and the work you are doing Gerry is wonderful. Thanks for the time and energy.

The other videos on your channel are worth a watch, everyone.

Clearly, this is an explosive event.

Note the single ejection

1. Note the single, isolated, high-speed ejection of almost clear debris (glass only?) at mark ~:09, even with the narrow windows on the dark building on the left.

2. Note the upwards appearing movement of the dust ejections. Does this indicate great heat? Perhaps the demolition is being directed upwards from the floor pans, pulverizing concrete, leaving the window openings on an angle?

3. Note the rapid downward progression that appears to be much faster than gravity or an interior floor collapse.

4. Note the sequences of small violent ejections and then a large ejection. Perhaps this is evidence of a every third floor attack plan to take advantage of structural connection points? If you freeze at :09 it appears they are offset top to bottom as we would expect from the grid pattern of exterior panels.

Now I understand why there are few pieces of concrete floor. Now I understand how 1/2" fragments of bone were discovered atop the Deutsche Bank Building. . Now I understand why much of this debris ended up in the lungs of the poor souls trapped in the advancing cloud.

Let us never forget the human dimension.

Free Fall Explosions

If the "ejections" of material demonstrated in this video occur at a free fall speed, doesn't that eliminate the potential for this to be material extruded by pressure from upper floors? Wouldn't that timing be the equivalent of a smoking gun?

An Inspiration....

As difficult as this footage is to watch and analyse, with the thought of those poor people caught up in the most destructive kind of evil I have seen in my lifetime, I am constantly inspired by the human dimension that exists in 911 researchers. In almost every case I find them to be quite simply people who care, people who are not prepared to just shrug their shoulders and walk away, not having tried. The pattern of destruction that i see in this video, that you describe in your 4th point is something which warrants a frame by frame analysis to help us uncover the mode of systematic destruction of these buildings. Thank you.

Really Good Quality Video


Reposted this video and a couple others at my site, hope it helps....