9/11 killed 1, injured 2 if US was a city of 100,000. US wars: CRIMINAL response

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An analogy to understand US wars after 9/11 are Orwellian unlawful. Americans, especially US military, are under Oath to refuse and end them. The analogy has US, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran all within the US with populations of 100,000 to compare casualties.

You live in United City with a population of 100,000. On September 11, 2001, a “suicide” car driver downtown kills one person and injures two. Media and your mayor, Dick Tator, blame a “terrorist” who resides in Afghan City and demand extradition. The mayor of Afghan City expresses condolences, and agrees upon presentment of due process evidence. The FBI claim jurisdiction, and order cooperation to discover who committed this crime for arrest and prosecution. Dick Tator violates the FBI order with the following actions against Afghan City, nearby Tigres City, and Tehrangeles:
Bombs and invades Afghan City. The bombing and invasion affects everyone, with at least 100 killed and 150 wounded. Poverty kills one in ten children. Dick Tator and his soldiers killed 100 times more Afghan civilians than died from 9/11, and in obvious complete violation of law.
Bombs and invades Tigres City. The bombing and invasion cause ~4,500 deaths and injure over 25,000. Dick Tater targeted and destroyed Tigres City’s water treatment plants, electricity, and key bridges. Tigres City had nothing to do with the one person killed on 9/11.
Threatens to attack Tehrangeles: Dick Tator and his media lie that their mayor is a “threat to peace.” The FBI regularly inspects the alleged threat and finds no evidence. Dick Tator and his media takes a speech by Tehrangeles’ mayor for rule of law in another city, and lies that the mayor is threatening to wipe their neighbors “off the map.” Dick Tator threatens to use a nuclear weapon as a first strike because of Tehrangeles’ “threat to peace.”
If the above acts took place where we took the law seriously, as we would if the populations involved were all within the US, the first attack upon Afghan City would have ignited outrage and immediate FBI arrest of Dick Tator and the murder-enabling lying media.

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