Breakthrough New Book on 9/11?

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As you no doubt know, the drumbeat for war against Iran is partially based on the War on Terror: the new book Mounting Evidence lays bare its flimsy foundations. Endorsed by Sen. Mike Gravel, this popular-audience presentation is receiving very good reviews from readers. You'll see them on Amazon and at the book's website:

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— Paul W. Rea, PhD

Breakthrough New Book on 9/11!

Until now, books on 9/11 have dealt with focused areas—especially the Trade Towers. What Americans have lacked, though, is one that summarizes what’s known about all areas—and that also places the attacks in the context of American history. Now we have this book. It connects the dots to reveal disturbing patterns.

Mounting Evidence: Why We Need a New Investigation into 9/11 is reaching a broad spectrum of conscientious citizens. Accessible and responsibly researched, this book is receiving great reader responses.

The book's website,, offers additional resources—including appendices, the Preface, and the chapter on WTC-Building 7, the third skyscraper which came down even though it was never hit by a plane! Mounting Evidence is also available through and

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• 555 pages • Index • Softcover Only • iUniverse Publishers • ISBN 978-1-4620-0066-1
• Publication Date: September 2011
• $32.95 • Our Discounted Price: $21.00 (Lowest on the internet!)
• eBook/Kindle available from


There’s little doubt the tragic attacks on 9/11 soon became the defining events of our time, shaping much of what has followed. But even now, over a decade later, how well does the public actually understand them?

Other researchers have written about key facets of 9/11 — the fall of World Trade Center buildings, the air-defense failures, the backgrounds of the hijackers, or the role of the Saudi funders. This impressively researched volume, however, is the first comprehensive treatment of the many different angles. It connects the dots to reveal disturbing patterns.

Years after many of us thought the Crime of the Century was solved, “case closed,” additional evidence demands a closer look. These findings, which Dr. Rea presents in a lively, accessible way, call out for a new investigation.

In Mounting Evidence, Dr. Rea shows how, by understanding the shattering events of that dark day, Americans can end seemingly endless wars, take back personal liberties they’ve lost, and restore their democracy.

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“In one volume, Mounting Evidence provides the most important evidence accumulated over many years that calls into question the government's account of 9/11. Any citizen of conscience reading it will demand a new investigation.”

—Mike Gravel, United States Senate, 1969-1981

“With breadth enough to engage readers new to 9/11 issues, yet depth of analysis enough to challenge those with more knowledge, Mounting Evidence has achieved a real coup. Moving beyond facile conspiracy theory and simplistic ‘inside-job’ interpretations, this book puts 9/11 in more complex contexts. Hats off to Dr. Rea for building a case for reexamination.”

—Mickey Huff, Professor of History at Diablo Valley College and Director of Project Censored.

“Mounting Evidence offers a concise and readable analysis of what is concretely known about 9/11 and the inconsistencies in the US government’s 9/11 Commission Report. This is the book that fills in the gaps on ‘why they hate us’ and puts in context the historical and ongoing abuses of the Media Empire. Ten years of lies and deceit are enough; it’s time to demand a complete and through public investigation into 9/11.”

—Peter Phillips, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Sonoma State University and President of the Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored.

“Paul Rea’s book provides us with both meaningful contexts and fresh, detailed analyses of the 9/11 evidence in a compelling, readable package. His work is indispensable for any real understanding of our twenty-first century world.”

—Laurence H. Shoup, Ph.D., author of Imperial Brain Trust and Rulers and Rebels

"Mounting Evidence presents extremely well-sourced facts pertinent to the events of 9/11 and its aftermath, prompting the reader to place each jigsaw piece into the developing big picture in a way that is sure to engage even the most informed among us. For readers new to the information, Mounting Evidence presents this puzzles frame and then walks them through each topic, step by step. Sadly, that puzzle remains incomplete even now, missing pieces necessary to facilitate the accountability and closure required for healing to begin. Fortunately for us, Dr. Paul Rea offers occasional humorous comments in such a way that we find ourselves laughing at the absurdity of it all while at the same time we feel outrage and deep sorrow over the events and subsequent accelerated dismantling of America.

It has truly been an honor to work as editor on this book. Even readers who've become familiar with this information as it's been discovered, bit by bit, over the past ten years will surely feel, as I did, a wallop of emotion upon finishing each chapter. Mounting Evidence presents in each of the chapters a compilation of these many well known 'bits' into what can only be interpreted as a truly stunning revelation of abject failure, appalling deceit and outright treason.

Get this book. Share it, discuss it, ponder it... allow it to generate ideas and courage within you so that you become motivated to join with others as we rise to accept our own personal responsibility to seize the reins of our own power."

—Janice Matthews,, Perry, Kansas


"Since early on the morning of September 11th 2001, I've had a burning question which no one, not even my Congressman, has been able to answer: Where was the Air Force? Having read Chapter 12 of Mounting Evidence, I am confident that the comprehensive evidence presented as a result of Dr. Rea’s painstaking and scholarly research will result in a long-awaited, truly independent, inquiry into the crime of the century."

—Jane Bark, Fremont, CA

"Dr. Rea has put together a classic “Who dun it” mystery. He has coupled the basic information about September 11, 2001 that has been given to the public by various sources with a thorough investigation of the unanswered questions which yet remain. These questions raise serious doubts about the authenticity of that which has been spoon fed to us by the media. In the well recognized pattern of a good “Who dun it,” Dr. Rea leaves the reader with a multitude of suspects in our government who have yet to be called on to explain their actions. And the reader must ask, “How can we get another, this time unbiased, investigation?”"

—Tom Ford, Fremont, CA

"I just finished reading your book, Mounting Evidence. I found the book to be a real page-turner, reading like a mystery."

—Lisa Ryan, Farmington, West Virginia

"In Mounting Evidence Paul W. Rea has done a masterful job not only at dismantling the official explanation of the 9/11 attacks, pointing out the gaps in the story, but also at placing the events of the attacks and subsequent years within a larger historical context that demands an unflinching investigation. The book provides a critical tool for unraveling the tangle of deceit about the attacks and the actions of key policy makers who have never been held accountable for the disastrous course of American policy since 9/11. As the book illustrates, the attacks of 9/11 were used as a pretext for foreign misadventures and as a corrosive element that has undercut democracy and civil liberties at home.

In seeking the truth behind the attacks and subsequent policy decisions, Dr. Rea shines a bright and necessary investigative light on policy deception, image manipulation and a lack of accountability by key policy-makers and institutions. Importantly, Rea brings to light the nefarious connections between American agencies and al-Qaida operatives and sympathizers. Moreover, Rea convincingly makes the case that the attack produced winners, the Pentagon, military contractors, intelligence agencies, and losers, the American people and all those who have lost their lives in the aftermath of 9/11.

This is a necessary and damning treatise that is well researched and compelling in its analysis. Mounting Evidence is a must read for all Americans interested in learning the truth about a pivotal event in modern history, and hopefully righting wrongs committed in the name of national security. On this the tenth anniversary of the dastardly attacks, we can best honor those who died by uncovering the truth. Rea’s tour de force has made a major contribution toward this end."

— Kyle Gardner, PhD Thorton, Colorado.

"Congratulations of your new masterpiece—what it delivers is WTC truth with a humanities sensitivity. This makes for a potential to linkage in the mass of readers which is not present in technical writing or in political polemics. You are reaching people in a subtle level which I believe will be a catalyst in them and install a hunger for their own additional study."

— Mike Daly, San Francisco, Ca.

"I started reading slowly to absorb the info. It is very well written, very well documented from a myriad of sources. I am astonished by the revelations. It looks like we are run by a gang of dishonest people if not outright criminals, camouflaged as patriots. . . . An alternative subtitle could be 'A Brief History of Deception.' Hope the author is not going to be hounded by the powers that be."

— Glauco Romeo, Fremont, Ca.

Mounting Evidence accomplishes what no other book on 9/11 has even attempted. While other books have focused on various and individual aspects concerning the attack--the collapse of three buildings, the terrorists, or the air defense failures—Dr. Paul W. Rea has written a comprehensive lively treatment of ALL the many angles of this momentous attack. He connects the dots and demonstrates with impeccable documentation of the disturbing patterns. The bibliography is also extensive. Mounting Evidence certainly helped me understand that tragic day. It's truly a page turner that reads like a detective story.

—Sandra Pardini Cashmark, Newark, Ca. __________

WOW! You sure invested some hours. I was taken by the finite attention to the after-the-fact RE scheduling Cheney prior to his hours in the bunker. And, as someone who has waved at Russian pilots identifying our recon birds, I was fascinated by Rumsfeld’s new intercept regs instituted for just beforehand. Maybe if they DO begin a real investigation, you'll be called as an expert researcher witness.

—Lee Schultz, PhD, Calsbad, Texas

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