Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close Trailer Parody

Because it feels good to laugh…check this out


This has been up for 24 hours and not a single comment? Wow.

Not sure why no one's commented.

I find this hilarious. :D


The mentions of no planes and zionism have kept it off my blog and the amount of yelling got really old too.

Otherwise, it was filmed well and the idea was good behind it was good.

Maybe an improved version could be made, one that sticks to FSC questions or data.

There is no mention of "no

There is no mention of "no planes" . What the actor talks about is Shanksville and a hole in the ground.

Humor is a powerful trojan horse against peoples continued defensive stance against any 9/11 talk. If this movement is going to continue, we had better be ready to play with and enjoy new ways of approaching this subject matter as a teaching tool. And no not every point is going to be approved by many who read things here.

It's almost impossible to make the 9/11 events "funny". This comes as close as i've ever seen.

Pentagon, PA, WTC....either way

1 no plane comment is good enough for me to look over it at this point

I failed to see the humor...

I failed to see the humor which is why I hadn't commented. Like my mama said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." And I always to post only positive remarks.


remember this one?

Figure of fun?

I don't know. This made the 911 sceptic out to be an obsessive, loud-mouthed, pitiable figure of fun.

Ok - it was a laugh. It was a funny little skit. But it depends what's funny and what we can joke about. Were Auswitch or the Rwandan geneocide funny for example - would people joke about that?

But 911 scpeticism has been through such an uphill battle to be taken seriously over the last decade, why would we chose to shoot ourselves in the foot and approve such a stereotyped caricature?

I'm looking for intelligent, witty humour - not loud-mouthed slapstick.

Just my opinion, but

To me, it manages to achieve a balance between three things: satirizing the film and Hollywood's traditional appeals to emotion, while taking an affectionate jab at 9/11 truth, but also communicating the message of 9/11 truth, in a way that, I think, is funnier to truthers than to official story supporters. (Note that this has NOT appeared on any debunker sites yet.)

If it really wanted to make fun of the movement, it could find many wacky theories to parody. It doesn't. And regardless of how boorish he is, the dad is right, and I think that's the assumption inside the parody. Note also that the wife regards him with tolerance and affection. If the video really wanted to insult, they could have made this much, much worse.

The only danger I see it skirting is that, in finding humour in an event that most still view as solemn or horrific, it may appear to some to minimize the human tragedy of that day. But I don't get that from this.


I imagine there are many ruined friendships and wrecked marriages as a result of the truther's obsession.

I also imagine there are a great many people who avoid the issue altogether to avoid the pain that might ensue and keep the peace.

There is some truth in the video, but I saw it as a sad truth and not funny at all.

I think you're right

And I don't think this video is meant to flatter or promote 9/11 Truth.